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Knox45 July 8th, 2013 5:12pm

My best friend has been dating for a couple months and she is pregnant! I understand that hanging out with his girl is very important but he is terrible at managing his time because he is over 99% of the time with her and I never see him. What to do?

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pcox104 Florida
07/10/13 5:14 am

Let them be together and they'll need space eventually and come back to you.

pcox104 Florida
07/10/13 5:19 am

Best friends are like that... They'll go long periods, sometimes years, without seeing each other and then hang out like it was just yesterday. That's how people grow and be friends at the same time.

thutchings7 Florida
07/09/13 3:10 pm

I think theyll get tired of being with each other all the time..

Wert A picture of my junk
07/09/13 9:47 am

Compensate. Roll with it. Be a friend.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/09/13 7:01 am

He is in love with her and now they're going to be a family you could be a friend to both of them.

CBunny Oakland, CA
07/09/13 6:03 am

He is fresh in love & has a baby on the way. Give him lots of time & space to do what he needs to do, and most importantly - if the relationship seems positive, give him lots of support on his new family. Don't be selfish.

07/08/13 11:43 pm

Only you will know what is right for you. Today may be hard, but think big picture. You could be uncle Knox45, ya know? Listen to all the options you think you may have and go from there. Best of luck and stay positive :)

07/08/13 7:18 pm

Be there when he needs you...which may not be for a while, but the time will come. In the mean time enjoy life.

susanr Colorado
07/08/13 5:43 pm

Love. It's a disease, an addiction, something that takes over your brain. You become a parasite of the other person. And I mean that all in good ways. I'm not sure from your description if love is the culprit; I'm not that experienced with people...

susanr Colorado
07/08/13 5:45 pm

..who get pregnant that soon into a relationship. But I imagine love is involved. I've been close friends with two couples (well, one couple, and the female part of the other couple) at the beginning of the love part of their relationship, & there...

susanr Colorado
07/08/13 5:46 pm

..was almost no way to be with either person alone, and barely the couple itself - not really BE with them - for a few months, until they got over that "only-have-eyes-for-you" part. Hormones. And I was *living* with one of the couples. It passes.

MarciS Formerly mjs83
07/08/13 5:23 pm

Pregnancy is really hard. I was so sick that even with a lot of meds I couldn't go to work for three weeks. All I could do was sit at home. I couldn't even watch tv bc the motion made me sick. So I was bored and eventually depressed.

MarciS Formerly mjs83
07/08/13 5:27 pm

I needed my husband as often as he was available. Sounds like this girl isn't your idea of a great woman for your friend. If she's not too sick you can offer to bring pizza and hang out. The more she likes you the better chance you have of guy time.

gcoopdogg In a Mansion in My Head
07/08/13 11:55 am

I realize that you miss your friend, but as a man and father, this time is SO important for a father to be with the mother of his child. So many men neglect this time, but he's where he needs to be. Your relationship, while incredibly important, has

gcoopdogg In a Mansion in My Head
07/08/13 11:55 am

to be considered second priority to time spent with the mother of his baby. HE'LL be a better, more involved father for it. Just wait in the wings, let him know you miss him, encourage all 3 of you to hang out.

gcoopdogg In a Mansion in My Head
07/08/13 11:56 am

Just remember that his responsibilities are changing, and you have to change with them. You may feel neglected for a while, but good friends can pick up EXACTLY where they left off.

dramaschick All ways in my head
07/08/13 11:32 am

Let him know you miss him. But understand that he is starting his own family and will need you for support and love.

maxwell1 North Carolina
07/08/13 11:26 am

He is your best friend just tell him you are doing something as bros! You are just as important now as you where before and you and his girl play completely different roles in his life so don't stress I have been there it blows over...

07/08/13 11:18 am

Support and friendship. They both will need lots of it!

kellyjellyfish In Between States
07/08/13 10:35 am

Just be there for him when he does need you. If the baby's his, he'll want your support. If it isn't, he'll definitely NEED support. People will make their own mistakes and telling them so will only cause resentment. Just be patient and supportive.

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
07/08/13 10:18 am

Give him some time - it is a new relationship and he is going through a HUGE change. He will need you and will seek you out when he is ready to expand his circle of friends again

Knox45 Yellow Brick Road
07/08/13 10:22 am

I hope so. They have been dating for 8 months now! This is only the second girl he has dated also. Before they knew about the baby it was difficult to hang out as well and to make matters worse she cheated on him once and did another guy but he...

Knox45 Yellow Brick Road
07/08/13 10:24 am

...kind of just talked to her about it and shrugged it off and say that he will stay with her and everything. The bad part is that myself and a couple oters believe the baby isn't his and he says that it doesn't matter. She is an ok friend I think...

Knox45 Yellow Brick Road
07/08/13 10:26 am

...just not the dating type. I just want to try and to lead him the right direction without him thinking that I want to control him.

07/08/13 7:21 pm

Now the other shoe drops.

inge MIA
07/08/13 10:16 am

Well, after the baby comes, you won't see him again.

Knox45 Yellow Brick Road
07/08/13 10:29 am

That's what i'm thinking and have been told. :( Life sucks sometimes!

inge MIA
07/08/13 10:40 am

Nah, it's not so bad. Just show up with a case of beer and help them out with the baby. He doesn't realize it yet, but his friends will be his sanity when that baby gets here. Just give him time.

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
07/08/13 10:14 am

Talk to him about it.
Reach out and become friends with her as well.

Knox45 Yellow Brick Road
07/08/13 10:20 am

Well we have all hung out a couple times but there is very rarely just a guys time to hang out.