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bonemedic July 8th, 2013 4:59pm

When taking a test (college level) should there be an answer bank, or on your own?

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fire4life Narnia
07/09/13 8:29 pm

I wish tests would test your KNOWLEDGE and not so much your memory. But sometimes a challenge is nice

susanr Colorado
07/08/13 10:34 am

What's an answer bank? A list of possible answers provided *during* a test?

susanr Colorado
07/08/13 10:41 am

That's kind of a foreign concept to me, except for things like multiple-guess questions, & those sections where you have to match something from column A to something from column B. I haven't been in school for a good while,...

susanr Colorado
07/08/13 10:42 am

..but I was used to having to actually come up with answers from my own head.

bonemedic Texas
07/08/13 10:46 am

The only class that I ever had a word bank in was in art history- and only for 1 test, otherwise I had to just know. This guy was telling me that upper level biology classes just give you word banks- I I had a list I would have made a 100!

bonemedic Texas
07/08/13 10:07 am

I agree Shelly, I think that it gives the professor a better under standing of the general concept. We were taking a test today (anatomy & physiology) and one o my classmates was griping about not having a word bank, when the professor made the

bonemedic Texas
07/08/13 10:09 am

Statement that there would not be any word banks at the beginning of the class. Then he griped that with the word bank he had in previous classes he had to spell the word right- my response was that I could understand that if a bank was provided!

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
07/08/13 10:01 am

I actually prefer an essay style test at the college level. I would rather explain what I know rather than just regurgitate facts.