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Show Of Hands July 8th, 2013 11:46am

Did you attend any years of private school during your K-12 education, or was it public school all the way?

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07/22/13 7:20 pm

Public but the public schools where I live are the top in the state

07/19/13 12:41 am

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MoonFireDancer New Jersey
07/15/13 7:41 pm

Private art's school for my
Entire high school years.

badattitude no place like home
07/13/13 11:20 pm

Catholic boys high school. I survived without being abused.

craig2 Connecticut
07/13/13 11:43 am

Private school K-12. That's why I just graduated MIT with a 4.0, going to buy a Mercedes and make more money than you.

07/13/13 10:48 am

Funny how LA & MS are purple. They have some of the worst public education systems in the nation! People will take 2-3 jobs just to pay for their kids to go to private schools. Also, the. Teachers take a $10,000 pay cut to teach in a private setting also.

Tarvisimo Ohio
07/11/13 9:37 pm

I was in a private school for pre-k and kindergarten but then went to public school.

HPNerd Hogwarts
07/11/13 5:25 pm

Private Jewish all-girls school the entire time.

dramatic13 Tennessee
07/11/13 5:03 pm

I have been in private school sonce pre-k and I assume I will be going to a private college.

07/11/13 12:28 am

Private day school from k-9 and boarding school for grades 10th through 12th.

07/10/13 3:56 pm

I was in private for kindergarten but that's it

cayenne Texas
07/09/13 9:22 pm

Kindergarten wasn't as ubiquitous when I was a child. If you wanted your kid to attend it, you had to do so privately. So I did attend a private kindergarten, but then attended public school from first grade to twelfth.

07/09/13 5:54 pm

Private from 1st-5th. I hated it.

07/09/13 4:32 pm

I was homeschooled through elementary and middle school, then for high school I went to public school

lesil Colorado
07/09/13 3:40 pm

Public, but I had to test into my middle school.

bnnt Los Angeles
07/09/13 3:28 pm

Private then public.

With my own kids, definitely prefer private.

07/09/13 2:17 pm

Unfortunately public. Would never put my child through such a bias incoherent learning experience again.

snozwaffer Dove Canyon, CA
07/09/13 12:09 pm

I was homeschooled from 6th on; so i said private

escapist xoxo
07/09/13 11:18 am

I had one horrible year of traditional private school and I was the only gothy kid there. They LITERALLY called me their "little class pet" ????

hippiedude fields of green
07/09/13 9:21 am

Private all the way and i hated every minute.

07/09/13 2:46 am

Private school 2nd, 5th and 6th. Hated it.

ozgirl not down under
07/09/13 1:20 am

Public k-8, private for high school. St. Johnsbury Academy (in Vermont) class of 1994.

flyonthewall Oklahoma
07/09/13 1:09 am

I went to private school starting in 4th grade and through high school.

opptop Michigan
07/08/13 9:34 pm

I've gone to Catholic school my whole life. I'm at an all-girls high school now and I love it! I hope to attend Catholic college if I can afford it.

opptop Michigan
07/08/13 9:34 pm

I've gone to Catholic school my whole life. I'm at an all-girls high school now and I love it! I hope to attend Catholic college if I can afford it.

samlissie California
07/08/13 9:12 pm

Does home school count as private?

rcgrant south carolina
07/08/13 8:58 pm

public back in my day it was very few around an expensive and my folks had a hard enough time making ends meet

07/08/13 8:46 pm

Private during the formative years pre-k thru 2nd grade

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
07/08/13 8:43 pm

Private high school was my only option

07/08/13 8:37 pm

I attended a charter school in the fourth grade (which did nothing for me except introduce me to smoking pot) so ill go with public.

ZestOfClementine Ye Olde 802
07/08/13 8:28 pm

I went to a private fundamentalist christian school for k-6. Made a stone cold atheist out of me.

07/08/13 8:27 pm

Private for pre school and kindergarten only

emmbeedee Arkansas
07/08/13 8:10 pm

Back when I was young public schools didn't provide kindergarten so I went to a private 1/2 day one. My daughter attended our local public school system & was Valedictorian. My son attended public, private & Christian schools before getting his GED.

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
07/08/13 7:59 pm

Public school for me, but private school all the way for my kids!

singkitty In the cloud
07/08/13 7:01 pm

Went to a coed Catholic school 1st through 8th. Then a Catholic all girl school for high school.

tguff7 Kentucky
07/08/13 6:58 pm

Private from 2nd-grad. Best decision my parents could have made. Graduated with a class of 16:all were (and still are) like family.

icailyn Ravenclaw House
07/08/13 6:43 pm

6 years of public, and this year and the rest of my k-12 education will be at a charter school

dancestar8 Pennsylvania
07/08/13 6:12 pm

I went to public school from k-6 (elementary school) and then private 7-12. I was weary about switching schools but looking back, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Definitely sending my kids to a private school.

kjs Minnesota
07/08/13 5:36 pm

Fantastic Catholic school all the way thru college.

MarciS Formerly mjs83
07/08/13 5:17 pm

Does homeschool count as private? I did 5 years of that. The rest were public school.

dabrat East Coast
07/08/13 5:04 pm

First couple years were private then public schools