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Show Of Hands November 22nd, 2011 12:00am

Are you white? (or "Caucasian," if you prefer)

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11/22/11 11:36 am

Polotik, jut throwing it out there... You are just now questioning the validity of this app as a legitimate poll? Come on man, how many people over 40 (% wise) do you think use iPhones or androids now (grats Tony)? This app provides a good mental exercise and a decent place to try exchanging views

palindrome California
11/22/11 10:42 am

It seems now that this app doesn't accurately represent America. And some of you may not like that. It seems that now there's proof that this all mainly represents the views and opinions of the white population, and the right wing in particular (look at the filter).

palindrome California
11/22/11 10:39 am

I think this is an important question to ask. One of the most important. This community of users has known many aspect of how votes break down (party, age etc) and have read the comments explaining those votes. With this question, we see another important factor in the way the polls will go.

palindrome California
11/22/11 10:37 am

even offended by a simple question. This is a polling app. It asks many sociological questions about our society, opinions etc. This question shouldn't elicit such a negative response in and of itself unless there were other issues attached to it that would turn it into something negative.

palindrome California
11/22/11 10:34 am

There are so many interesting aspects to this poll. The results aren't suprising tho, at least to non-whites. I may only speak for myself but I could tell by the responses what most of your racial backgrounds were. I also find it interesting how some(mostly on the right) are becoming very uneasy and

dvx1 Montreal
11/22/11 10:09 am

Italian, German and French. Show of Hands: Home of the Fight'n Whiteys!

11/22/11 9:52 am

My ancestors were Welsh/French/Dutch/Native Americans. My Son has been in school in Guam for 3+ years & was "adopted" by the Chamorro's. They call him ChamIrish. (his Dad=Irish) & he's usually the only strawberry-blond, pale-skinned person in pictures. ;) he's actually in UK rt now-internship. :)

11/22/11 9:46 am

I'm a Red, (blood), White, (of my eyes), & Blue, (my heat is broken rt now) American "Alien" (Legal). "Alien" a Doctor friend put on my medical chart to tease me-my Son & I have a rare genetic disorder. Other than the "race" I prefer is a Proud red-blooded human mother-who is color-blind. (cont)

11/22/11 9:33 am

90/10 that doesn't accurately reflect the number of minorities in our country. Wonder if its a reflection of the popularity of this app or the overall ownership of smart phones among minorities.

cabooseftw Illinois
11/22/11 9:24 am

I am so white, I blend in with the walls of a swimming pool.

cherubrial San Francisco
11/22/11 9:19 am

90% white - 10% other... wow, that really puts all of the responses on here in perspective.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
11/22/11 9:17 am

I used to say, 'Im White as u can get. Ukrainian and English' :)
-first gen American

Wert A picture of my junk
11/22/11 8:50 am

Define "white". Seriously, there's no such thing, really.

elbow82 Veganland
11/22/11 8:42 am

Half Chinese, quarter German, quarter Polish. People sometimes have a hard time telling what ethnicity I am. When I was little I kind of thought the standard of beauty was blonde hair and blue eyes, but changed that opinion as I grew up. The white = superior comments here are disappointing.

11/22/11 8:42 am

I hate the use of the word Caucasian...I'm white-my skin is white, no need to put fancy names on it!
And for people thinking this is a racist question or about's just asking how many people have this skin color, it'd be no different if it asked hair or eye color.

11/22/11 8:38 am

LuTang please don't go, I've agreed with some of your posts and think you are a good contributor to the app. Tony explained below why he asked this question.

I'm white, European-American actually, with roots back to the Mayflower woot woot.

11/22/11 8:38 am

I'm a 4 way mix, but check the "Caucasian" box because that one is my majority DNA.

jamesmay Tampa
11/22/11 8:27 am

I'm American and I'm the 1%!!!

alaskan sleeping
11/22/11 8:24 am


SoL Ohio
11/22/11 8:21 am

An Irish / Scottish American

monkeyy Ohio
11/22/11 8:18 am

Lol I'm white:) German, portegeuse, Irish, you name it. Let's just call me

11/22/11 7:59 am

curiosity, does anyone know the %s off the latest census. I'd be interested in seeing & comparing the numbers to what we got here

11/22/11 7:56 am

I'm caucasian. Ancestors are from Russia 3/4 & the other 1/4 Polish. how I managed to come from a Russian & a Pol getting along is a hell of a mystery lol

11/22/11 7:55 am

I'm an American, who cares about the color of my skin

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
11/22/11 7:36 am

White and proud of it,would not have it anyother way.

11/22/11 7:35 am

Anyways, im 1/9 nigerian, 1/5 irish, 1/4 japanese, 1/2 native american.

11/22/11 7:33 am

This is a question of superiority.

11/22/11 7:16 am

@soccer: my mom told me that also. She learned it in a class when getting her masters and we got into a debate and she brought up that. Technically Hispanics are white and native Americans are technically in the Asian category. It's interesting that we all came from three little groups of people

11/22/11 7:05 am

Also, I read somewhere that there are only 3 "pure races" white, black, and east asian. And that everything else is just a mix between the 3. (Now please no Hitler comments I merely found this interesting)

11/22/11 7:01 am

3/4 Irish, 1/4 Hungarian and I'm about as white as they come lol

11/22/11 7:00 am

I'm half n half so I said yes I mean bring Irwin is considered caucasion right?

11/22/11 6:54 am

@huh: you forgot to add "rich" in there too lol

11/22/11 6:33 am

I am native American, German, and Irish. Most people have a hard time guessing my heritage because my looks are an even mix: blonde hair, tan skin, green eyes. I am proud to be an "other" :)

valeriejo ramble on
11/22/11 6:18 am

And I really don't why you felt the need to call my opinion sophomoric, it isn't any more or less so than yours, with your insinuation of political party.

valeriejo ramble on
11/22/11 6:18 am

CWexile, it doesn't matter in the sense that you're trying to convey, but to me it's an interesting topic. I'm studying my genealogy for fun and I find it fascinating.

Chopper2 Georgia
11/22/11 5:59 am

as a race if majority of your decent is south Asian then you are Indian, if majority of your decent is majority Native Australian then your aborigines

Chopper2 Georgia
11/22/11 5:59 am

@db1984 your white, if majority of your family decent is from east europe and west Europe, as a race, I'm black since majority of my decent is african, if majority of your decent is east asian you are oriental

Think Lovin Life
11/22/11 5:56 am

ValerieJo ... your premise is about as sophomoric as this question. I'm certainly proud of my heritage, but the real question is ... why should it matter? Why it worth focusing on this for a nanosecond? The answer is ... without this wedge issue, the Dems have nothing to talk about.

NYevo NY
11/22/11 5:49 am

Whoa. These may be the most interesting and telling poll results yet

valeriejo ramble on
11/22/11 5:45 am

.. ancestors came from and stopped learning about other cultures besides "American". What makes us all so beautiful, IMO opinion is that we are all human and so all the same, and yet we're all different too :)

ok my little speech is over. Carry on.