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RedneckDriggers July 8th, 2013 12:49am

If the Confederacy fails there should be written on its tombstone: died of a therory. -Jefferson Davis

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skinner Jersey City
07/07/13 7:04 pm

No the CSA was hate not heritage.

RedneckDriggers Confederacy
07/07/13 7:31 pm

Well that was the stupidest thing I've ever heard

RedneckDriggers Confederacy
07/08/13 6:40 am

The union was more racist then the CSA. The union army was segregated in the civil war the Confederate army was not. The black soldiers fighting for the union were paid less than white soldiers, every body got paid the same in the Confederate army

RedneckDriggers Confederacy
07/08/13 6:44 am

Jefferson Davis's slaves sent letters to his family telling them that they're prayers are with them when Davis died. Jefferson Davis also had a black orphaned son which lived in the the CSA White House.

RedneckDriggers Confederacy
07/08/13 6:48 am

The southern people thoughts were "I'm gonna house this person, feed this person, and he will work on my farm" not saying that all slave owners were angels but 75% of family's in the south didn't have slaves Robert E. Lee was against slavery

RedneckDriggers Confederacy
07/08/13 6:52 am

The Confederate Constitution made it possible for confederate government to ban slavery 80% of slave owners worked along side there slaves and we never hear the civil war from the souths point if view the northern media was northern biased

skinner Jersey City
07/08/13 7:36 am

At least the union army had blacks in the army, that's more than the confederates could claim. Most families didn't have slaves because they were poor yeomen and slaves were an expensive commodity used almost exclusively by the planter elite.

RedneckDriggers Confederacy
07/08/13 7:40 am

You still think its hate tell me why

skinner Jersey City
07/08/13 7:49 am

Lets see slavery, abject hatred toward immigrants, secessionist attitude, view women as inferior, terrorism, etc. yes the confederacy was a hate group

RedneckDriggers Confederacy
07/08/13 7:51 am

Well obviously you listened to nothing I said you know what they say you can never inform a fool

skinner Jersey City
07/08/13 7:56 am

I did read and I pointed out the flaw in your argument, the North did treat blacks poorly, the South just happened to treat them far worse. Insults are the weakest of arguments.

RedneckDriggers Confederacy
07/08/13 8:05 am

Well the north would only recognize the bad in the CSA that's why it is lost in history I in courage you to read the book the south was right by Ronald keenedy it is a real eye opener