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Have you ever worked for an unethical boss?

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PetePuma Oregon
07/15/13 4:54 pm

I have not, and will not. If the boss turns out to be unethical, I would not only exit my job – sacrificing my "best interest" – but I would do whatever I could to expose, and get rid of them. No questions about it.

nratt13head A Headbanging Man
07/14/13 8:48 am

The CEO of the company was pretty unethical, however MY boss was one of the nicest, most patient and understanding ladies I have ever met in my life. I answered no.

XercesBlue ...
07/13/13 1:58 am

I had a boss who just didnt care about their job (understandable) and then when they quit, the next boss thought everything she did was right. Which is fine, but numbers don't lie. Also, she was constantly trying to get me to do the math her way

XercesBlue ...
07/13/13 1:59 am

But in math, the end result should be the same regardless of how you got there.. I didn't enjoy that.

penelope USA
07/10/13 3:35 pm

Oh and a boss who used the company debit card like it was his own. Things like vet bills for his dog, paying his home electric bill, groceries etc. After an SEC audit it came to light and he had to answer for it.

penelope USA
07/10/13 3:33 pm

Yep. The company did water/fire damage repairs. I'm a computer whizz so he had me falsifying/modifying the contractors invoices to justify the charges to the insurance companies. I was young (21), but when I realized the illegality I quit the job.

wingman646 Jacksonville
07/09/13 9:32 am

I used to work for the DoD so yeah...Yeah, I have.

MadCow True GOP
07/08/13 10:56 pm

Yes. I worked for an oil company.

07/08/13 8:41 pm

not unethical just socially challenged

07/08/13 8:16 pm

My boss hired a woman and kept hanging out with her then she got promoted to his assistant (they share an office) she had no skills but was suddenly able to sign checks and boss people around they were both married

07/08/13 8:18 pm

After several years of pretending nothing was going on they both got divorced and now they live together but no ones allowed to talk about that. There is some rumors of company money being misused

sarah1911 Poolesville MD
07/10/13 6:28 am

Sounds like there needs to be a formal investigation.

07/08/13 3:13 pm

Anyone whose worked for someone that is paid by someone that makes and keeps millions of dollars per year may want to reconsider answering "no".

07/08/13 1:50 pm

four words: my eigth grade principal

steel-jack Utah
07/08/13 11:28 am

I love talking crap about my boss it makes me feel better

porkchop New Jersey
07/08/13 11:12 am

Nolan, a black guy now in his 50s. A meat manager in New Jersey. Would use old hamburger mixed with fresh. Would soak old slimy legs of lamb in bleach water. He was the worst I have ever worked with!!

07/08/13 10:36 am

As a CEO of a company, I never really have had a boss. I try to be fair to my employees and motivate them to treat each other fairly

sailrealvty Downtown
07/08/13 4:48 pm

Wake up...CEO split your bonus between your employees

wingman646 Jacksonville
07/09/13 9:35 am

Never really have had a boss? You started as a CEO? Why is that so hard to believe....

s4mm1 MD SLP
07/10/13 5:18 am

Wow. How dare you be successful! I forgot you're not allowed to keep your bonuses as success is and evil thing!

But really great job. Wish more Americans were like you

venator Michigan
07/08/13 9:55 am

Yeah my job was rough. I had to wake up every day at 5:30, work until 4:30 , work overtime at home, large projects were common, and our only payment was a piece if paper with letters on it. Yeah, school was tough.

BCKR Onward and upward
07/08/13 9:25 am

Yes, but I didn't realize it until he fired all the black employees (including me).

07/08/13 8:19 am

Mine is on CEO douchebags.

NimitzMom8 Pittsburgh, PA
07/08/13 8:08 am

Was mother effed the first night. Had food thrown at me. I was told that's just the way he is. When I received third degree burns ( there was No first aid kit) and was told I had to finish my shift I knew it was time to go.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/08/13 6:51 am

Yes. He was absolutely craptastic. Lied to me from the first day that we met. Lied about me to corporate. Screwed me over when I got injured on the job. Dickhole, first class.

dabrumz94 Massachusetts
07/08/13 6:46 am

Worked for my aunt, taking care of my cousin and she told me to do his homework for him...

dahawwl Texas
07/08/13 5:22 am

Yes, but not for long!

snacks East Bumfart
07/08/13 5:20 am

I work at FedEx which is full of racists, bigots, & homophobes. Especially my boss. He made it easy to walk away from a great job to become a stay at home Dad. FU former boss. I know the place is not the same without me.

rlc63 North Carolina
07/08/13 5:19 am

My Mom and I both worked for same company at different locations. I worked 50 hour weeks. Mom worked about 25. Boss asked us to put my overtime in moms pay so that she didn't have to pay OT. We both told her no and got new jobs

07/08/13 5:18 am

Does my union boss count?

I was fired when I started asking why the union boss made 6 figures and nobody else made even half.
On top of this, everyone had to buy into bloated health insurance that he got a kickback from.

snacks East Bumfart
07/08/13 5:25 am

And people think unions are necessary. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
07/08/13 4:32 am

Lazy & indecisive, but not unethical

slytherin Los Angeles
07/08/13 4:17 am

My GM was asking me to sleep with him at 17; He was 23. I said no, but he kept pushing and saying that if I didn't consider it, I'd be fired. I started saying maybe and was able to hold on to the job I desperately needed. Never did sleep with him.

slytherin Los Angeles
07/08/13 4:20 am

Note: I was too scared to tell anyone. Luckily, I kept all the messages, and got him fired based on them once I got the courage. I have a new wonderful manager now, and I'm very happy that the old one is gone.

Scrazzle Winter is Coming
07/08/13 4:52 am

Wow what a dirt bag! Glad you were able to win out on that one!

slytherin Los Angeles
07/10/13 2:27 am

Thanks :) I'm glad I did, too.

hoosierwisdom inner voice
07/08/13 4:13 am

Ethical boss is an oxymoron, like jumbo shrimp

GrandmaALiCE For a better 2021
07/08/13 4:50 am

No, I mostly had good bosses (retired now). I voted yes, because of one exception - a nasty, manipulative woman.

The term "boss" has become negative, but they are people, just like the rest of us.

07/08/13 4:10 am

On two occasions: Dept Mgrs. who both ended up getting fired & 'blackballed' from the industries. One was actually fired by the owner of the corporation who was visiting the plant; the other by Regional Mgr.

greeneyes616 RDH
07/08/13 4:03 am

I am a dental hygienist and had a working interview at an office that appalled me. I was shocked at how dirty and unkempt their office was. As a patient, we should ALWAYS ask for a tour of any medical office we are members of!!

andymadnote Nodak
07/08/13 3:54 am

Had one that made me drive a roustabout 2 ton truck w/ no CDL for a year

07/08/13 3:23 am

I had one pay me in cash to avoid taxes.

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
07/08/13 4:31 am

The Tea Partiers wouldn't call that unethical. They'd call him a Patriot!!!

07/08/13 5:03 am

Hmmm that's funny because the guy was an Obama fundraiser during the '08 election. Nice attempt to take a political swipe though.

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
07/08/13 5:57 am

That's funny that a big time Obama supporter would be avoiding taxes. Gotta love it

07/08/13 6:35 am

Yea this was on top if the fact that he was verbally abusive to his employees. Not a fun boss

07/07/13 11:09 pm

As much as I hate my boss, I wouldn't call her unethical. Just bad.

07/07/13 10:54 pm

Stupid and illogical yes, unethical no

07/07/13 10:36 pm

My boss at the bank was lazy but charismatic so he got promotion after promotion. He would go to lunch and wouldn't come back for hours, if at all. He bragged to the bankers that he would take naps in his car. He's regional mgr. now.

Leahlene ohio
07/07/13 10:28 pm

Great clips, they keep bad employees bc they can give a haircut (very bad ones) in 8 minutes. Fast food of hair salons, ya never know what you're going to end up with.

146787456777 .......
07/07/13 9:13 pm

I guess that would depend on the definition of unethical. I've worked for bosses who care more about their bottom line than the people working for them, which can lead to unethical decisions in regards to company policy.

146787456777 .......
07/07/13 9:17 pm

My dad's most recent ex-boss immediately comes to mind though. the man owned an auto body shop and would cut corners wherever he could to save money, even if it put the mechanics in danger. Glad the family finally convinced him to find a new job.

carleyvo Anywhere But Here
07/07/13 9:13 pm

If you consider openly cheating on your wife with several subordinates while being a deacon at a local church unethical, then yes. Yes I have worked for such.

gcoopdogg In a Mansion in My Head
07/07/13 8:53 pm

Yup... One who embezzled over $9 million (just that they KNOW of!) in federal funds and grants, created shell corporations for his online charter school.
Coincidentally I was "laid off" only 2 days after discovering this fact & asking my supervisor

gcoopdogg In a Mansion in My Head
07/07/13 8:54 pm

... about the diverted funds. They're in jail now, in large part due to the deposition I gave to the FBI. Shouldn'ta fired me dude.. (Or embezzled, for that matter!)

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/07/13 11:57 pm

Good for you. I became a whistleblower couple weeks ago there's something very unsafe where I work. So I turned it in.

camlop San Diego, CA
07/07/13 8:39 pm

Does my mother count?

jmav Beach
07/07/13 8:28 pm

I work for the Federal Government. 'Nuff said.

broncomark often, not what I seem
07/08/13 7:54 am

Ditto. The 'Peter Principle' in action!

cocoawhoa Milwaukee, WI
07/07/13 8:18 pm

Do my parents qualify as a sort of "boss"?

07/07/13 8:29 pm

If you know what's best for you :)

continue Texas
07/07/13 7:54 pm

Aren't they all. Haven't met a good one yet.

07/07/13 8:28 pm

That's unfortunate bc there are some really good ones out there! While I've had my share of unethical managers I've also had some very ethical strong managers that I enjoyed working for.