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Show Of Hands November 26th, 2011 12:00am

Desert Island choice: razor blades or nail clippers?

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jwr053 Kentucky
12/02/11 12:35 am

Ok blades hat and toothbrush.....

11/30/11 8:10 pm

A long one-sided blade could prove useful.

11/30/11 8:09 pm

I'm saying straight edge razor... Not for the shaving, but I've worn toenails down on stone before, nature's emery board.

11/30/11 6:31 am

clippers definitely! also, those of you saying you'll bite your nails..who's gonna bite your toe nails? either way disgusting..yuck! :-)

iVoteMe The long and Short
11/29/11 2:22 pm

I'll just file my nails to a point and like my food with my hands

kst8r Iowa
11/28/11 10:17 pm

You can do so much more with razor blades than with nail clippers!

flip Michigan
11/28/11 2:10 pm straight razor does a good job at cutting

Flooded Virginia
11/27/11 11:44 pm

razor blades, assuming we're talking bout the actual blade, not like a shaving razor with all that plastic crap around it.

dangercat Washington
11/27/11 4:16 pm

You can always bite and pick your nails! Razor blade FTW

11/27/11 5:25 am

I always bring lil nail clippers camping, hang nails drive me nuts :P

Rhymez Alaska
11/27/11 5:05 am

Razor blades, so when I've had enough I can kill myself.

BadBadger Georgia
11/27/11 1:26 am

Lot you do with nail clippers, but since there wouldn't be any planes to hijack, razor blades would be far more useful.

BadBadger Georgia
11/27/11 1:25 am

BenG, you are right. Good thing America is connected to Canada and Mexico.

swimguy Illinois
11/27/11 1:22 am

I already have an issue with always bitting my nails, so shaving would be more important

Topgun California
11/27/11 1:18 am

I don't see the question as what is more important, shaving or nail clipping, people are stupid if they think they can't cut anything with the little blades.

Topgun California
11/27/11 1:16 am

You can't use razor blades like a knife because it is not a straight razor, it would just act as a crappy apple peeler. Nail clippers have a knife like thing attached to the back.

11/27/11 12:32 am

I can use razor blade as a knife.

11/26/11 11:45 pm

This must be tougher for women.

11/26/11 10:49 pm

Razor blades. I can bite my nails.

11/26/11 10:48 pm

America would die on an island

burnsey89 Louisiana
11/26/11 8:55 pm

Clippers. Blades would only be used for shaving. Clippers could have many uses, including clipping the nails.

11/26/11 8:45 pm

WTH are you gonna do with nail clippers?

11/26/11 8:10 pm

These are really stupid questions

11/26/11 8:07 pm

I can night my (toe) nails.

MrNarwhal1 Naperville
11/26/11 7:40 pm

Lol I love how more men chose clippers and more women chose blades. But yeah, I would choose blades. Much more things you can do with them.

homeagain NWA
11/26/11 7:09 pm

Just noticed, that should have been not safety blades. The not dropped into the great blue nowhere.

cup0pizza .
11/26/11 6:44 pm

Nail clippers. This was very easy.

AdamT Boston, MA
11/26/11 6:19 pm

What are you going to kill for good with nail clippers?

11/26/11 6:01 pm

ever heard of biting your nails

11/26/11 5:33 pm

Razors! They have multiple purposes and my nails are week enough I can just tear them.

steelcity Pittsburgh
11/26/11 5:01 pm

Razor for sure. Don't need clippers, that's what teeth are for, and yes that could include feet too

11/26/11 4:01 pm

Razor if only for tanning hides

11/26/11 3:02 pm

I bite my nails soo...

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
11/26/11 2:40 pm

Clippers. Razors for shaving are pointless cuz they'd just dull out. (Maybe an old fashioned straight razor for cutting) but I'd pick clippers for cutting stuff. Wouldn't matter if I was hairy. Can file your nails with rocks if need be. Swiss army knife is what yu really need :) lol

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/26/11 2:33 pm

Well… This is probably different, but if I'm left with one tool, the one I'd want is a good knife. It is REALLY hard to make a reasonable knife out of natural materials…


DaKernal Colorado
11/26/11 2:30 pm


11/26/11 2:03 pm

Good to know that if society ever ends about a quarter of the population will be gone because they were more worried about hygiene than to survive. More resources for me to survive on then.

11/26/11 1:55 pm a plastic, disposable razor, like a Gillette? If thats the case I choose nail clippers. But I originally chose razor cause I was confused, and apparently everyone else is too.

leftocentr Oregon
11/26/11 1:48 pm

Blades could be used as a knife. Can bite your damn nails if they get too long.

nismokitty California
11/26/11 1:45 pm

Well I'm assuming there are no hot guys to impress.....

11/26/11 1:45 pm

What I'd really like is one big ass machete. Very versatile tool but that's not a choice so I'd have to stick with the razor.