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Show Of Hands December 3rd, 2011 12:00am

Do you sleep in beyond 9am on your average day off?

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i.Annie Ohio
12/17/11 8:56 pm


Precisely, lol. If it's a day off, it's likely a day for people to catch up on sleep bc of all the other days that require us to wake up earlier.

12/15/11 3:57 pm

Every weekend, until 11:00 about. If I stayed up late, past noon.

12/11/11 9:01 pm

Even if hubby & I sleep late we still wake up early.

12/10/11 9:01 pm

What kind of day off would it be if I woke up prior to 9am???

tytygirl79 Indiana
12/08/11 5:24 pm

On most days off it's between 8-9:15

12/07/11 2:55 am

I don't know the last time I actually managed to wake up before 9AM. Probably last year? Haha.

runamok NoVa
12/06/11 6:29 pm

I'm a stay at home wife...who also is a night owl. I don't wake up before 9am most days. (but I'm up later to accommodate husbands schedule)

12/05/11 10:34 pm

not during hunting season at least

moosey Texas
12/05/11 9:44 pm

I used to be able to, but nowadays I get up so early on days I work that I'be trained myself to be up by 8 at the latest.

FearToFall what is this for
12/05/11 8:59 pm

I like to stay up all night, so I'll actually sleep until 2-3 pm, lol.

Skillz New Mexico
12/05/11 8:50 pm

Ever since I have been getting up
Early I cannot sleep past 8:30! Bummer I rember when
I could sleep all day...

12/05/11 8:22 pm

Usually but since my husband has switched to over nights at work I'm up at 7 or 8 when he gets home an I'm up with him untill I go to work at noon

12/05/11 2:20 pm

1. No days off (housewife)
2. Have to get up at 6:30 everyday. :(

Hope Minneapolis
12/05/11 8:12 am

3rd shift here so ya 1-1:30p seems to be the magic # on days off (mons & tues, today & tmrw) gn zzz

12/05/11 4:48 am

I am 13 and I do not have a day off!

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/05/11 4:46 am

The last time I slept past 0900 w
As over 5 years ago.

12/05/11 1:36 am

After working 36 out of 48 hours, I usually sleep for about 14 hours so yes.

Jzz California
12/05/11 12:34 am

Sunday is my only real day off. I work mon- thurs for my job and fri and sat I have parent duty. I slep in or stay in bed and read watch tv till about 11 in the winter in the summer I go outside and swim.

12/05/11 12:18 am

I have three children under 5, of course I get up before 9 everyday!

BadBadger Georgia
12/04/11 11:12 pm

Since I get up at 9:30 am for work, I often sleep until noon+ on days off.

12/04/11 10:06 pm

Mon-Fri up at 4:30 but on weekends I sleep in until 6:30.

12/04/11 9:38 pm

this was a very close one. I'm very mixed on this.

12/04/11 8:41 pm

The income filter on this is pretty interesting....

12/04/11 8:12 pm

Im normally not out of bed until 11:00 am that just shows people how lazy I am lol

giottoblu Connecticut
12/04/11 3:58 pm

6:30 on school days, 8:00-8:30 on weekends. I don't wanna lose the WHOLE morning.

beckham70 Florida
12/04/11 1:04 pm

Yes if my husband is around to get up with our 1 yr old :)

12/04/11 11:51 am

I do but then again I work night shift so I'm usually crashing at 7:15 am :P

kmsexton McLean
12/03/11 11:04 pm

There are no days off - we have small children.

MonAmour Illinois
12/03/11 10:45 pm

I usually do, but I don't like getting up as late as noon or 11 I feel like I've wasted so much time. I try and just aim for the healthy range of 7-9 hours of sleep.

12/03/11 10:34 pm

not surprising though! when I was a kid I would sleep late too. but I've been working since I was 13 so I didn't have a lot of chances too. I'm gonna try tomorrow. I don't work till 11 am

12/03/11 9:45 pm

although I don't have a day off. working 7 days a week. though with my new job I think. can afford to quit my weekend job! so maybe someday I can sleep in past 630

Priceless Kentucky
12/03/11 9:40 pm

yes and it's what keeps me going! I have never been a morning person

O13 Alabama
12/03/11 9:10 pm

Lol@ the filters. You are where you are, because of the choices you make.

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
12/03/11 8:24 pm

My puppy wakes me up at 8 every day. Pretty good for a 14-month old! :D

theflash greater NYC
12/03/11 8:18 pm

Considering I normally wake up a little after 5:30am on a day off I usually wake up only a few hrs later!

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
12/03/11 8:08 pm

No I still get up at 7 or 8 every day even though I am retired

12/03/11 8:01 pm

I work second shift so yeah

12/03/11 6:57 pm

Whoa. Income filters. Yikes!

12/03/11 6:50 pm

sleeping in is a total waste of time...

12/03/11 6:45 pm

I can't sleep in beyond 6AM on days off. That's why I adore naps - had one today!