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Gill81 July 7th, 2013 4:09pm

If you could switch lives with any fictional character who would you choose?

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Gill81 Burque
07/07/13 12:40 pm

I think I would choose Dean Winchester.

Jeninerd Hoth, AK
07/07/13 11:01 am

Pepper Pots. RDJ.... Mmmmmmmmmm.

Gill81 Burque
07/07/13 12:48 pm

I didn't know who she was so I had to look it up & then the RDJ made sense haha.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
07/07/13 9:28 am

I would be the new companion for Dr Who.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/07/13 9:24 am

I cannot think of anyone at the moment but an excellent question.