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fire4life July 7th, 2013 3:57pm

When it comes to spending time with your extended family (or close family), does it cause more stress for you or is it easier to relax knowing you've got your family with you?

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fire4life Narnia
07/07/13 8:50 pm

Urg. Sorry for the double post. Is anyone else having problems with comments not wanting to load?

aurealis the sky
07/07/13 6:00 pm

It tends to be stressful, I'm like a black sheep. I love my close family though.

fire4life Narnia
07/07/13 8:47 pm

My family is full of uptight-schedule-keepers who are wound so tight they don't know how to handle change haha. But they're the best

fire4life Narnia
07/07/13 8:48 pm

My family is full of uptight schedule-keepers who are wound so tight they don't know how to handle change. But I love them :) they're the best crazies I know

fire4life Narnia
07/07/13 1:28 pm

Oh I love my family to death but a few of them are more strong willed than the rest of us. My aunt and my grandma can get a little overbearing more often than not haha.

stickman46 NJ
07/07/13 10:25 am

I have chosen my friends so it is stress free; my family was by birth and I did not choose them, thus I tolerate some of the more extreme members.

JoshPope Greeley
07/07/13 10:00 am

It can tend to be a bit stressful at times, but I love my family, so I try to handle it!