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Do you use a stock broker / financial advisor? (UQ)

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11/08/12 2:51 am

The advantage of a GOOD adviser, someone you trust, is the time they save.

ProfDG I Want Truth
11/07/12 4:42 am

I was a financial advisor for many years. So, I do it myself and use Schwab.

11/07/12 1:05 am

yes. everyone should have a financil plan.

Ilsadan New Jersey
11/07/12 12:51 am

I should add that were it not for that relationship I would do it myself. There has to be a reason for them to make your portfolio grow by closely watching.

11/07/12 12:50 am

Paying a broker would make me broke.

Ilsadan New Jersey
11/07/12 12:46 am

Our son is our guy at UBS. His incentive? When we croak, if the funds have done well, the more for him!

11/06/12 10:10 pm

My guy has done a great job for me!

11/06/12 9:55 pm

Never pay someone to think for you.

11/06/12 7:51 pm

I worked at an investment firm for years and saw the idiots who were "advising" others' finances... Plus many of them were scandalous and vindictive... Always looking for the biggest commission, not what was best... I know they're not all like that, but it left an awful lasting impression

FollowYourBliss Never Happy, Ever After
11/06/12 7:33 pm

Of course! I'm so rich my financial advisors need financial advisors! Whatcha know about being rich son?!

EarlyBird Portland
11/06/12 4:55 pm

Catman - my grandmother had a very large amount of money with a well known brokerage. I can't recall the details but when she died, we found that the guy managing her account was constantly buying and selling. He wasn't making her money but he made a killing. We got the guy suspended.

MadCow True GOP
11/06/12 4:30 pm

its all about who has $$$ to begin with. guess I'm out.

suppressedID That is my secret Cap
11/06/12 3:59 pm

At least in Vegas you KNOW they're trying to screw you for your money. You never see the pit boss making "recommendations".

11/06/12 3:55 pm

Churning occurs on transactional accounts. Fee based accounts, where a broker receives a percentage based on account's value, rewards the broker when the client makes money because the fees increase with an increase in the value of the account. Likewise, if the account decreases, so too the fee.

dflem Arizona
11/06/12 2:28 pm

Dave Ramsey is my financial advisor =)

11/06/12 2:21 pm

It is never too early to sit down with a for-fee financial planner. Social Security is now on an unsustainable path. Unlikely Obama will try to fix it if he gets reelected...did nothing 1st term.

cwbaran Massachusetts
11/06/12 2:18 pm

I use my own method and are getting good returns.

CLP43 Connecticut
11/06/12 2:08 pm

My adviser is awesome! Make sure you use an independent one and not someone who is paid kickbacks to push a certain brokerage's product!

blockfisher Clinton, CT
11/06/12 1:42 pm

I have money now because when I didn't I found ways to save and invest. Now that I make good money I still maintain a frugal lifestyle and all the extra is invested.

blockfisher Clinton, CT
11/06/12 1:39 pm

Everyone has the money to do it. If you can't afford a fee only advisor you can get one that works on commission (although pony up for the fee only advisor if you can). Then find a way to cut back on spending and allocate that money to investing. And yes you can find lots of ways to cut back.

blockfisher Clinton, CT
11/06/12 1:31 pm

Go see a financial advisor!!! Their job is to help you set and attain your financial goals. They are not there to hand pick stocks for you. They are not there forecast what will happen with the markets. They are there to help guide you in making prudent financial decisions.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
11/06/12 1:31 pm

Hmm. Age filter and income filter go together...

sal10851 Eastern Tennessee
11/06/12 1:08 pm

Financial advisor: SoCo Mini-Mart.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
11/06/12 12:23 pm

my dad is my stockbroker..well he talks to the financial market..He should've been a stockbroker instead of a engineer lol

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
11/06/12 12:18 pm

you don't have to be rich to have a stockbroker. I worked in a kitchen In a nursing home, and I had invested my 401k until it got killed in the last recession. I have a few IRAS, a couple stocks.. I'm saving for retirement that's all..

11/06/12 11:54 am

The income filter speaks volumes!

gonzoboy Arizona
11/06/12 11:16 am

I use them to wash my PorShuh.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/06/12 10:06 am

Learning the market does take several years of proper practice with proper education, but I would be very suspicious of broker advice personally.

EarlyBird Portland
11/06/12 9:53 am

I think stockbrokers should only make money when the client makes money. I've seen too many cases of "churning".

11/06/12 9:50 am

This poll question should read "Are you so rich you can't handle it by yourself?"

11/06/12 9:39 am

We have a financial advisor. He's an old family friend with great advise. we see him twice a year, sometimes more often.

lmurder MDK
11/06/12 9:32 am

Everyone cries foul about the economy yet 80% don't do anything to help their own future or pockets.
Gotta pay to play.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/06/12 9:24 am

No, I do my own research, and make my own plan and decisions. I use a discount broker for the inexpensive trades, rather than a more expensive full-service broker for the questionable advice and more costly trades.

Pragmaniac Hipsterville
11/06/12 8:41 am

I'd have better odds in Vegas. At least the gaming industry is actually policed.

commonsense America isnt racist
11/06/12 8:36 am

Just because you are successful at your job doesn't mean you'll be able to learn the market. ALWAYS use a broker if you're investing.


11/06/12 8:32 am

Who has the money to
do that?

davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
11/06/12 8:25 am

Having another pair of eyes looking at your portfolio once or twice a year is a good idea.
I invest in my own but I am sure there are things I miss, so having a professional look through my financials as well saves dollars and mistakes.

cato Santa Barbara, California
11/06/12 8:17 am

Discount broker for 20 years. Stock brokers are con men.

11/06/12 8:11 am

I don't have enough money for it to be necessary. Lmfao.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
11/06/12 8:10 am

A computer does my investing. It calculates my age, income, and projected state of retirement to decide where my money goes.

11/06/12 7:52 am

1st no