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jamjay Atlanta, Ga
07/19/13 6:34 pm

Cake w/ candles and All.
My wife does it but I enjoy as well.

AMercer1 South Carolina
07/18/13 12:46 am

One if my cats was born on the 4th of July, so in a way yes.

Brianna29 Houston
07/15/13 6:10 pm

I say I will but I don't. I write my pet a little card and then let them do whatever for the rest of the day. I wish, one time I did take my dog to the dog park on his birthday, but he doesn't like touching the ground. Spoiled animal.

XercesBlue ...
07/13/13 2:03 am

I don't celebrate my own birthday, not exactly going to celebrate a pets.

XercesBlue ...
07/13/13 2:03 am

I get occasional treats and such.

Futurama St. Thomas Estate Fortuna
07/12/13 10:07 am

Freyja my black lab is going to have one hell of a b day present this year. I'm going to buy my best dog buddy ever a steak!! Mans best friend deserves a special day:)

sarah1911 Poolesville MD
07/10/13 4:37 am

I said yes but I don't know if celebrate is the right word. There's no cake or party but I do tell people it's her birthday if they see her and sometimes I remember and get her a new little cat toy.

jennabunnyy Arkansas
07/09/13 9:49 am

All my pets have been rescue pets and we don't know their birthdays. When I have a Golden Retriever that we bought from a breeder, though, we celebrated all 14 of his birthdays before he passed away.

tchance2 32218
07/08/13 2:11 pm

Dang recession for those >50k families....

Injectable Trump Killed Babbitt
07/08/13 11:41 am

I know the month I adopted my dog and I might get her a rawhide or beef knuckle but there are no hats balloons singing or commas.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
07/08/13 9:46 am

I might give the cat some extra treats and stuff, but we don't even know when her birthday is. She was a rescue kitten.

DagGomIt12 Mississippi
07/08/13 8:32 am

one day a year my dog gets to eat a McDonald's hamburger. it takes about two seconds.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
07/08/13 9:45 am

That's funny! I guess everything's fine in moderation.

creolechick NOLA Original
07/08/13 6:26 am

Happy Birthday to Beau! My cat just turned 6. I usually say Happy Birthday & give him a new treat or toy. He promptly replies by going back to cleaning himself. :c)

CBunny Oakland, CA
07/08/13 12:57 am

Both my pets just had their 3rd birthday! I would have celebrated if I'd had time.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/08/13 12:56 am

No. My wife does. Weirdo.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
07/08/13 12:31 am

Sort of..his adoption/rescue day, but nothing huge, just a special treat & a heart to heart.

jtopo Istrouma
07/07/13 10:15 pm

When my pup turned one, we had a party with his parents and his litter at the dog park. The dogs got new toys and shared a carob cake. Every year since, I got him a new toy or some treats. He's gone now, but he was a special one.

MoonFireDancer New Jersey
07/07/13 9:33 pm

Mr.Fishy may have been dead for years but I still celebrate with a round of Vodka in honor of his...gills... or something. It may just be an excuse to drink...

kailac VFL
07/07/13 9:21 pm

Yep! We get her a new bag of those chewy sticks. They usually last her the year. She's special to us, so why wouldn't we celebrate it?

zebbiezoo true blue
07/07/13 8:43 pm

We have shelter pets whose birthdays (and age) are unknown. They just get spoiled on a daily basis instead.

07/07/13 7:51 pm

My dogs birthday is on july 4th! So she gets fireworks...

deathvalley Chicago native
07/07/13 7:26 pm

We only know the month (ish) they were born!

dilbert The Dakotas
07/07/13 6:52 pm

I look for any excuse to eat cake. Even if my cat can't have any.

oneopinion Idaho
07/07/13 5:58 pm

I don't have children, so yes!

flyberg Northern Kentucky
07/07/13 5:57 pm

August 14 for my boy and June 26 for my little girl.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
07/07/13 5:53 pm

My dog's birthday is like a week before my dad's. We just celebrate them both on his bday. Get her a new toy or collar, some special treats, etc. We show her how much we love her.

07/07/13 5:09 pm

I grew up in a family that had pets and we understood that they were pets not people. I loved them all dearly but we never saw the need to celebrate their birthdays. Even now my pets don't get frivolous presents.

sukiemac Michigan
07/07/13 4:56 pm

Celebrate every month. She's only 5 months old:)

s4mm1 MD SLP
07/07/13 4:31 pm

Kinda. We give her a new bone in January for her "birthday". We know she was born in January that's it.

07/07/13 3:29 pm

You gotta atheist get them a big bone or something. Pets are only pets if included with Family. Each dog usually gets a small steak or bone for Christmas too.

07/07/13 3:29 pm

atheist = at least

07/07/13 3:31 pm

Celebrate should be more like acknowledge.

peacehippo New Jersey
07/07/13 3:19 pm

We give the dog presents on Christmas but I don't even know when her birthday is...

07/07/13 3:14 pm

My dog has the same birthday as me, so it's a dual celebration. I just give him an extra treat or a new ball or something.

07/07/13 2:44 pm

that's just fucking weird

rons Thanks America
07/07/13 2:30 pm

I always remember every race horses birthday!

07/07/13 2:30 pm

Not but when I was 7 we got a cat and my mom threw a party for it. Like we had cake and people came and brought cat toys for her. It was awesome, thanks mom!

taurus98 in the TARDIS
07/07/13 2:04 pm

Recently celebrated my friend's dog's birthday with my friend

Torfin Never Behind
07/07/13 1:38 pm

but they do get included in other holidays

peacenskis Alaska
07/07/13 1:27 pm

Yes! I rented out a ball-field and a pavilion, made invitations, and we had about 50 friends and their dogs show up for my Old English Sheepdog's 1st Bday party last summer. It was a lot of fun. Her 2nd is on 8/1, just a small celebration this year.

peacenskis Alaska
07/07/13 1:39 pm

Sorry, this was meant to be a reply for Scotty down below.

suppressedID suck it Kyle
07/07/13 1:18 pm

Not since the d@mn dog stopped celebrating mine.

Not even a card...

Screw him.

07/07/13 12:55 pm

Does butchering a pig one year after it is born count? If so, then yes.

07/07/13 3:30 pm

That's livestock not a pet.

DamageInc California
07/07/13 12:49 pm

I think it's ridiculous, but I would go to one if I was invited (I mean if my pet were invited).

carmpit San Diego
07/07/13 12:36 pm

I never remember their birthdays .-.

sims3man68 California
07/07/13 12:36 pm

Sort of. Since we don't know when their real birthdays are, we set them all as May 1st (it's easy to remember). We acknowledge it, and we might get them a present, but we don't throw any parties.

07/07/13 12:18 pm

Love my pets but no

dreamitliveit IDLH
07/07/13 12:00 pm

My dog's birthday is May 23, and she accepts anything edible, tennis balls, squeaky toys etc. Just in case y'all were wondering. ;)
For her 3rd/21st birthday, we took her to the bar for a beer float.

07/07/13 11:23 am

Wouldn't you have to celebrate every 52 days, as dogs age 7 years to one human year??? Just wondering...

rlc63 North Carolina
07/07/13 11:12 am

I don't but my kids know their pets bdays and bug me to get them some treat or toy.

elianastar FreeSpeech
07/07/13 11:07 am

Yes! We get kid-size plain cheeseburgers for them on their birthday. It's for *us*, not them, to celebrate the joy they bring to our life everyday of the year.

elianastar FreeSpeech
07/07/13 11:09 am

Our 2 Pomeranians are rescues that we brought home on same day. We celebrate the day we brought them into our lives the same way.