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Should it be illegal to make death threats toward another person on Twitter?

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02/06/12 12:56 am

How would making death threats on Twitter actually protect anyone or make them more secure? If anything, if an actual would-be killer posts a death threat on Twitter, it would help investigators track them down.

tuvwxyz New York
02/04/12 7:01 pm

Ppl like to joke around and are almost never serious!

02/02/12 4:47 am

Its just Twitter guys...not like its Facebook or anything. Sheesh.

02/01/12 3:57 pm

wouldnt it be easier to nail a murder if he/she threatened it publicly first?

01/31/12 7:55 pm

freedom of speech. I should be allowed to say that I'm going to kill my neighbors.

david suburban DC
01/30/12 4:55 pm

A death threat IS illegal, period.

key3 Indiana
01/30/12 3:13 pm

How did anyone answer no to this?

littelboy Illinois
01/29/12 11:24 pm

How about we don't say death threats on twitter

01/29/12 9:22 am

@newsview ah yes... Let's investigate a death threat on the Internet. Never mind all the real crime they could be investigating instead. This would be a waste of resources.

mellnok Massachusetts
01/29/12 3:55 am

Reminds me of the scene in "12 Angry Men" when they're debating whether the defendant was guilty of murder because he said he was gonna kill his father, and then one juror shouts to Henry Fonda, "I'm gonna kill you!" to which he replies, " you don't really mean that, do you?" Freedom of speech can b

marls Ohio
01/28/12 7:47 pm

No. Now they shall be tracked. (lol)

01/28/12 7:11 pm

How many times has a kid at a school make known death threats, and the eventual victims protected that sick person because they did not take the threat seriously? This type of threat should be taken at face value, and not a joke. It is illegal to libel someone and this should be no different.

01/28/12 6:53 pm

Apparently I am in the minority but I think the reason to make death threats on Twitter illegal is because it gives law enforcement a reason to investigate, which would not be possible if it were legal. You would have a chance to stop crime rather than prosecute after the fact, when it is too late.

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
01/28/12 5:09 am

Where is the cut off? How many of us have said "I'm gonna kill that guy!" and NEVER did anything? You make a law against hyperbole, you're just going to waste a lot of time and resources that could go to arrest ACTUAL dangerous people.

01/28/12 1:32 am

Any death threat that the receiver feels is genuine should not be tolerated regardless of how it is delivered

01/28/12 12:00 am

isn't it already illegal?

sbakh1012 New York
01/27/12 9:09 pm

What is wrong with Americans? You guys don't mind death threats. It shouldn't matter if it is on twitter, someone's wall. It should be illegal

live2shop Florida
01/27/12 7:44 pm

I'd rather someone tell me in person than online, than I would know what they look like rather than not knowing the creep who wants to kill me.....nobody should want to kill anyone!!!:(

01/27/12 6:54 pm

It already is illegal

01/27/12 3:03 pm

Anyone who kills themselves over what someone posts online has deep psychological issues. Tweets and other social media postings are like vampires... You have to invite them in. You have the power to NOT read them.

EternalSprg global
01/27/12 12:55 pm

I much rather someone vent stupid ideas on line than bottle up the pressure inside and blow up unexpected without any warning!!

EnginE3r Texas
01/27/12 9:44 am

It should not be illegal and is not likely to happen. But if it does happen and is reported to the police, then they can try to locate the individual and detain them for questioning.

01/27/12 5:26 am

Unless its joking, yes. There HAVE been suicides over death threats and hatemail.

01/26/12 4:14 pm

@bbk45 & TopsQueen: Standard wedding vows are a death threat..."'till death do us part".

01/26/12 11:41 am

What happen to freedom of speech niggas?

01/26/12 8:55 am

You better send a text message to 911 to tell them about it. lol

lilipad Tennessee
01/26/12 5:00 am

That would be kinda stupid! Like hey I'm gonna kill you but I don't have enough time and effort to write or call... So here's a tweet!

01/26/12 4:09 am

It is not the act of yelling fire that is illegal it is the act of being a public nuisance. And causing a riot. Saying you want to kill someone dose not cause that unless you harass them remember freedom of speech is one of the things the government should never have control over for any reason!

01/26/12 1:12 am

Why though? Just out of curiosity?

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/25/12 11:46 pm

Death threats should be illegal period.

01/25/12 10:50 pm

it should be illegal to make death threats by any means.......and if you disagree I'll blow yur freekin head off....(just joking) lol

01/25/12 9:32 pm

A problem with the Internet: there is no realistic way to prove who actually sent the threat. How many of you have had someone else "hack" your Facebook or twitter? What if you went to jail because someone made a death threat from you? Impossible to convict, impossible to enforce.

01/25/12 7:06 pm

What are you trying to protect heterosexual marriages from? There isn't a limited amount of love in Iowa. It isn't a non-renewable resource. If Amy and Barbara or Mike and Steve love each other, it doesn't mean that John and Mary can't

01/25/12 6:22 pm

A death threat in any form of communication should be illegal.

Dr.Paulste Illinois
01/25/12 6:06 pm

So you want the government to regulate the internet? Goodbye Internet.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
01/25/12 5:53 pm

Agree with Florida below. Twitter needs to handle that stuff. No Law.

01/25/12 1:33 pm

No, it shouldn't be illegal, but it should not be allowed by Twitter. It doesn't need a law, just a terms of service adjustment.

01/25/12 9:35 am

And possibly get a (forgot the actual name.. Non harassment something lol)... Let me get your phone number"... Btw the cops knew this guy had been in trouble for violence before... Still couldn't do a thing with words

01/25/12 9:33 am

You also realize that even verbal threats to your life are not illegal unless they're repeated (harassment). I've had my life threatened over the phone when I was younger. Called the cops... "is he there right now?" nope "ok well all we can do is get you in contact with a sergeant...

01/25/12 9:25 am

@gunny that is a commonly used argument. There is actually nothing illegal about yelling fire in a crowded place... As long as you can prove you felt there was a fire lol

yepnope Maryland
01/25/12 9:10 am

Well if someone threatens your life on twitter and then you end up dead, at least the authorities won't have a hard case to solve compared to if noone hinted at wanting you dead.

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/25/12 8:39 am

@blessed, I'm trying to correlate your comments with twitter death threats.

BLESSED19 North Carolina
01/25/12 8:28 am

Aint nothing in my home worth dying for Might make 8 figures and some1 may want to steal something from me but not gonna happen My house is protected by cameras and guns and gated driveway and fence around the house 15,000 square foot house length of a football field end 2 end needs 2 be protected

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/25/12 7:17 am

Go into a packed movie theater on opening blockbuster night, and repeatedly yell "FIRE". Make sure every sees you.
Later tell the magistrate that it was protected free speech.