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Cruz2016 July 7th, 2013 9:29am

Have you ever shot a firearm? (In comments, let us know if you enjoy recreational shooting!)

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PrinceBlake Bama Born
07/08/13 9:37 pm

LOVE SHOOTING!!! && I'm VERY good with a handgun!!!

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
07/08/13 1:36 am

I have a 1911 that I carry and a Mossberg 500 that is on standby for things that break in in the night

fernando1999 Texas
07/07/13 8:04 pm

In my short few months of having it, I have only gotten my ar-15 out only once to test it. I guess I can thank obama. If it wasn't for his dumb gun control attempt, I would have never bought an assault rifle.

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
07/08/13 1:36 am

He was the best firearms salesman in history

Jungle in the dog house
07/07/13 3:23 pm

At the minimum I'm shooting at least once a week, either at the range or in the desert practicing tactical skills.

PrinceBlake Bama Born
07/08/13 9:38 pm

We have an indoor shooting range we built in our shop. So we shoot almost every day. && if you ask, ain't that expensive? Nope. We reload:)

koalapanda The Universe
07/07/13 12:06 pm

I enjoy shooting with my dad. Whenever I see him that's usually what we do

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
07/07/13 10:47 am

Rand - I was surprised by the high percentage of people who had shot a firearm in your poll so I hope you don't mind - I asked my follower the same question. I still got I pretty high percentage - currently 69% - I'm surprised

Cruz2016 Rum Bum Beach City
07/07/13 11:20 am

Can I get a shutout from your poll? I would like to have a few more followers from across the aisle.

EagleOK Oklahoma
07/07/13 10:02 am

Yes, but not as much recently. Stupid ammo shortage...

inge MIA
07/07/13 9:29 am

Yes. I love guns

comppete Las Vegas
07/07/13 8:26 am

I have a few weapons (45's and 12ga), like to shoot. Have to preserve the ammo for the Zombies. ;-)

theavgguy I.E.
07/07/13 8:04 am

Heck yea. But the costs have become prohibitive for anything other than the .22.

Processing On a journey to oneness.
07/07/13 7:10 am

Well I have a Ruger 77/44,Sr40, 10/22, p89, a jc Higgins .22, mosin nagant, norinco sks, Turkish k kale Mauser. Wish list for this year will be 5.7, ar15, garand, pmr 30, and a shotty I haven't chosen yet.

fernando1999 Texas
07/07/13 8:06 pm

Dang. Thats quite the home defense.

Processing On a journey to oneness.
07/07/13 8:09 pm

Yea I've recently sold my Glock and sr9 too.

fernando1999 Texas
07/07/13 8:15 pm

And I thought I was big and bad with an ar-15. I guess I will have to go shopping for more toys!

07/07/13 7:05 am

Military service and shooting range. I've never really enjoyed it, I guess because it reminds me of military which I didn't enjoy.

TalkPolitics Chevy Chase, MD
07/07/13 6:17 am

Automatics are fun. Thank you redneck friends.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
07/07/13 5:52 am

Been shooting since I was 5. I love shooting but not so much hunting anymore. Problem now is you can't find ammo to keep in practice due to the DHS' 2 billion round Lay-a-way plan. Makes weapons very nice paperweights.
'Murica ????????

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
07/07/13 5:39 am

I have fired a 12-gauge and a snub-nosed .38, and have done a lot of target shooting with pellrt guns. I took an NRA marksman course the one summer I went to camp, and made it almost to Sharpshooter in two weeks with a .22 - but now I'm legallyt

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
07/07/13 5:42 am

blind and haven't got the balance to stand on my own. My daughter married a hunter and they both got their concealed carry permits, so the next generation takes up the torch!

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
07/07/13 9:17 am

@theavguy1 - thanks for your kind words. Life is still good, but I miss many things. Yet I get to concentrate now on thoughts ideas, books, God's Word, and music. :-)

theavgguy I.E.
07/07/13 11:17 pm

The things that make you grow. God bless.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
07/07/13 11:21 pm

And you, too. Following you now!

Cruz2016 Rum Bum Beach City
07/07/13 2:31 am

My family and I love shooting all types of firearms. Here is a link to my oldest son's first time shooting an M4 :)

Processing On a journey to oneness.
07/07/13 7:06 am

Awesome. Love fathers teaching their sons to shoot. Can't wait for my 22 month old to grow up.