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03/10/12 12:20 pm

I'm having a gay old time

03/08/12 5:39 pm

not with humanity look how mean just for fun sick nasty excuse of life

HolyBabble Mississippi
03/07/12 9:15 pm

I have a little over 2.75 million in off shore banks. Of course I'm happy.

03/07/12 5:37 pm

as long as I'm vertical I'm happy

03/07/12 5:13 am

Plenty to eat. Wi-fi. Friends. Marriage. Few worries. Yes, I'm happy (and despite much going on that most people would be unhappy about). Chinese Fortune Sticks (first and only cast) #57... I was floored by its accuracy.

03/04/12 7:29 am

People Make "gay" mean homosexual so it isn't "offensive.". It is not asking if you are gay. I am a very happy person.

03/03/12 6:44 pm

Does that mean gay cuz I clicked no

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
03/03/12 6:38 pm

I'm blessed, happy and enjoying life! It doesn't get any better than that!

silvershir Texas
03/02/12 10:45 pm

so despite Obama as President people are happy, go figure - maybe he doing a great job and Fox news sucks!

03/02/12 1:27 pm

fascinating.. even though the democrats have the white house, congress, main stream media, and most of the judicial branch.. they are still not as happy as republicans.. that speaks volumes

lewisbyu Ohio
03/01/12 7:56 pm

Not with this president that's for sure.

PresidentDonald Washington D.C.
03/01/12 5:19 pm

Money CAN buy feelings, its just temorary

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/01/12 4:48 am

Your state of mind will affect your health. Get on top of it

JamesMadison La Palma
02/29/12 11:08 pm

So i was trying to look for cowboys comment and then i remembered that i blocked him because he always says dumb things

02/29/12 9:39 pm

@munich if you were in Alabama wouldn't you be sad? It's like a third world county.

02/29/12 9:22 pm

@av...check out grief share. so very sorry for your loss. though 40 yrs of great is really really -a blessing

02/29/12 8:35 pm

Sorry for your loss AV

02/29/12 8:33 pm

Will be happier in Nov when this election crap is over

bazinga719 Illinois
02/29/12 5:06 pm

have u never heard the Beatles song in ur lifetime? cant buy me love and love is pretty much happiness for some. another example is price tag, a more recent song, which has the specific lyrics " money can't buy u happiness" what is there to argue?

02/29/12 11:32 am

I'm a farmer and I'm happy till it comes to democrats and Obama

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
02/29/12 11:15 am

@elleck I do!

@cowboy what are some examples you have of their problems?

av58 Massachusetts
02/29/12 7:57 am

I'm heartbroken because I lost my beloved wife and best friend of 40 years last month but I'm happy because of her. Miss you.

cowboy Doors of Perception
02/29/12 7:22 am

@Rosebud Money doesn't buy happiness, but it makes doing what you love easier? Sounds like happiness to me.

cowboy Doors of Perception
02/29/12 7:19 am

@EarlyBird You mean it was one of the truest comments you've ever read.

Rosebud Ohio
02/28/12 11:57 pm

Money can't buy happiness. But it makes it easier to do what you love. I was lucky growing up, I've been to 21 countries and 4 continents because my parents could afford it. We all loved it. But $ doesn't buy true love or a happy family. I'm happier now with those two, though I still wanna travel!

02/28/12 11:18 pm

Lol I read this question in the middle of finals week

EarlyBird Portland
02/28/12 10:05 pm

Cowboy- that is one of the stupidest comments I've ever read on SOH

Rhymez Alaska
02/28/12 9:42 pm

@munich They're in the Bible Belt.

02/28/12 9:42 pm

Why are people in Alabama so unhappy?

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
02/28/12 9:33 pm

Worked on my taxes tonight. Changed my vote to "no".

02/28/12 9:28 pm

Caleb, not if you consider a margin of error.

02/28/12 9:23 pm

republicans are happier than democrats :)

Segrid New Mexico
02/28/12 9:21 pm

looks like money can by at least some happiness...

02/28/12 8:58 pm

Finally just got a girl to go out with me. So yeah- I'd say I was pretty happy!!! :)

huff97 New York
02/28/12 8:47 pm

im happy because Satan allows me to be

02/28/12 8:43 pm

@Hoosier95. You've obviously never been to Seattle. It's an absolutely beautiful city. I love it here and I am extremely happy. Love my job, my family, my friends and my neighbors! Happy happy happy!

Comet? Tennessee
02/28/12 8:43 pm

I am happy cuz Jesus is in my heart forever. I received the salvation from Jesus the Christ. Amen!

watermelon Minnesota
02/28/12 8:37 pm

Heck yeah I'm happy! Im going to Mexico tomorrow!!!!

02/28/12 8:20 pm

Well then come on with it.

02/28/12 7:55 pm

another 100,000 and you get 9 percent happier. I would say the income results indicate that money isn't the key to happiness.

02/28/12 7:39 pm

@cowboy I hate listening to anybody whine and moan, rich or poor. I just got a kick out of the income results. No deep philosophical meaning.

02/28/12 7:20 pm

neutral as in not either, that is

cowboy Doors of Perception
02/28/12 7:19 pm

@MrMc2 That is one of the biggest lies ever told. Rich people make up events to get angry about. I hate listening to rich people's problems. It makes me want to smack them silly. And the saddest thing is that they really think their problems are important.

02/28/12 7:19 pm

I honestly don't know. I'm the type of person that is usually very neutral. I rounded down and chose no.

02/28/12 7:10 pm

They say money can't buy happiness. Take a look at the income results.