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Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
07/07/13 9:53 am

Having a life outside soh
I wonder what thats like?

07/07/13 8:06 am

I was out backpacking in New Mexico for two weeks. But I'm back

susanr Colorado
07/06/13 11:06 pm

Hi - Commenters who were using SOH 2.0 for iOS have updated to 2.1. People using Kindles may have switched to using the new web version of SOH. I keep roaming around in 2.0 looking for people who could use some help finding everyone...

susanr Colorado
07/06/13 11:07 pm

If you're using iOS, you should find an update in the App Store. I can't imagine you're using Kindle or Android if you're able to post polls, but since *everyone* can use the web version if they want, you can try that...

susanr Colorado
07/06/13 11:09 pm

You might want to look at two recent blog posts about both options. If you can't get to the blog directly from whatever you're using, use this URL:
You'll have to scroll past some other stuff in the blog to see one of the posts, I think.

susanr Colorado
07/06/13 11:12 pm

The web version itself is here:
Whether you use 2.1 or the web, you'll need your account info (user name & password to enter. If you don't remember your password, you can email Tony at - give him your user name & zip code.

susanr Colorado
07/06/13 11:12 pm

Let me know if you have any problems - I'll try to get back here & check.

comppete Las Vegas
07/06/13 11:04 pm

Maybe some have a life other than SoH? Naw, that can't be it.

Battleaxe Bellinghammered
07/06/13 11:02 pm

I think everyone's still here but we've all followed so many people that its hard to kepp up with polls, let alone ask new ones or comment... I think it comes in waves.

Battleaxe Bellinghammered
07/06/13 11:03 pm

Plus, every time I think of a poll... someone already asked it.

TreeHugs Oregon
07/06/13 10:42 pm