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Show Of Hands March 5th, 2012 12:00am

Do you think that more than 50% of your Federal tax dollars are spent the way that you want them to be?

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03/15/12 9:19 pm

Too bad there isn't a choice in at least 10% of taxes. Talk about participating in a democracy.

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
03/15/12 8:59 pm

Wait, how'd my answer to the other question get on here??? Stupid iPhone lol

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
03/15/12 8:57 pm

It amuses me how simple questions become major political bs debates. To answer the poll question, Yes, I've filed my taxes
Straight forward, to the point. That's the way, uh huh-uh huh, I like it

Mythic California
03/12/12 11:41 pm

@chikignome In actuality I believe you should have a say, but mimicking you word-for-word was funnier.

Mythic California
03/12/12 11:35 pm

Well Chikignome, considering the gov't spends a smaller amount on the military than SS or Medicare, then if you approve of either of these then you shouldn't have a say in it, since that's what our money is actually going towards.

03/12/12 8:47 pm

Well CWexile, considering the government spends a much smaller amount on financial aid then this war were in, id say that if you approve of this war you don't have a say in it, since that's what our money is going towards.

sabymong New Mexico
03/12/12 1:47 am

CWExcile that's really rude it could be true that it is put to good use republicans are the real problem always boo obama when he is doing good after the mess he's fixing

03/11/12 11:44 am

@CWExile you speak the truth

03/10/12 8:00 am

Agree, Mythic. Who are the people who think their taxes are being spent correctly?!

Mythic California
03/09/12 1:47 pm

Let me get this straight. We are being enslaved and our property extorted at an alarming rate by our "servant gov't" for things we don't even want, and yet there are still people clamoring for more taxes.

Think Lovin Life
03/08/12 9:50 am

This question should only be answered by those of us paying taxes. If you are a recipient of government aid, you don't deserve to answer the question.

Think Lovin Life
03/08/12 9:48 am

I'm surprised that only 25% of Dems are ignorant enough to believe that the government is spending our money wisely.

Think Lovin Life
03/08/12 9:47 am

This lottery winner probably used a welfare check to buy the winning ticket, so to add insult to injury, she didn't share the winnings with those of us who are paying for her ignorant carcus.

Think Lovin Life
03/08/12 9:46 am

Ignorant half millionaires who are on food stamps ... this is EXACTLY what we deserve when we let mindless dispassionate union government process wonks spend our money.

03/08/12 1:19 am

Anyone want to bet on whether or not that is her first experience paying federal income taxes?

03/08/12 1:18 am

@zello: She won 1 million and took the cash option for just 700k. After taxes, she only got to pocket 1/2 million. She said they didn't stop the food stamp payments and that she deserves food stamps since she has no income and has two homes.

zello Pennsylvania
03/07/12 7:21 pm

@camoflauge. thank you. I just heard tht a women who won $700,000 in lottery cash(after taxes) used a welfare card to buy sodas, chips, and more junk food ....

03/07/12 6:57 pm

Preatorian ... The question was not about the allocation of funds! Are you happy about the fraud in medical and military spending? When we trust irresponsible nimwhits like Princess Nancy with our money it is spent unwisely.

03/07/12 6:53 pm

Try the question again, but with 5%.

Camoflauge Florida
03/07/12 8:54 am

I don't want to pay for welfare!

03/06/12 10:29 pm

Food subsides on meat and unhealthy stuff, oil subsidise, and largely DoD. No.

RJ1969 SoCal
03/06/12 10:11 pm

yeah Typpet! you tell 'em! The first time ever in American history when the president had control of expenditures and not congress! it's all his fault!

03/06/12 9:45 pm

This is a problem!!!

03/06/12 8:27 pm

fucking Obama has run up the debt beyond imagination. he promised to cut the deficit in half. fuck him

03/06/12 8:08 pm

Because 50% of the money goes to the politicians.....we need new people in Washington!

03/06/12 5:56 pm

@eradicator: 62% to medical and military, fiscal budget see here:

03/06/12 5:51 pm

@eradicator: yes, the social safety net and the military are the biggest part of the budget.

03/06/12 5:50 pm

@RogueMom: Hi again ;)
I had a situation in a strategical online game where a player claimed he's in the "Marine Core".
I somehow seriously doubt he's either of age or in the Marine Corps :)

eradicator JC
03/06/12 5:13 pm

This is a trick question. 2/3 of the federal budget is military, social security, and Medicare.

03/06/12 5:10 pm

@Fresh1: Let's see what super Tuesday will do.
Yes, Ron Paul is fine with me though I prefer Gingrich for the sole reason that I'm a space aficionado - but unless he scores big tonight, he's out of the race.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/06/12 1:09 pm

HolyBabble: The way you interact with people made me think you weren't 18 yet. Where I've interacted with teens on this app that have far more respectful and intelligent things to say than you.

Think Lovin Life
03/06/12 12:36 pm

So this proves that over 20% of Democrats are either completely clueless or illiterate!

03/06/12 11:41 am

... Is this a trick question?

HolyBabble Mississippi
03/06/12 11:10 am

Too many kids on this app. There should be a way for the owner to block them. Maybe requiring everyone to register with a credit card could weed-out a bunch.
Nobody under 18 should be allowed on here. They need to go play with their Tonka trucks and Barbie dolls.

03/06/12 6:40 am

Ron Paul gradually reduce the income tax to zero by bringing the federal government back to histidine core constitutional jobs.

Ron Paul 2012

03/06/12 6:38 am

Ron Paul is fiscally conservative and morally liberal.
Ron Paul is the only candidate who wants to truly cut the size of government and return power to the states. His plan calls for saving 1 trillion first year and a balanced budget year 3.

He has been consistent and honest for over 30 years.

03/06/12 12:49 am

What bugs me most is that in voting for a party you get the whole package - if you are e.g. fiscally conservative but morally liberal you have a hard time. Short of introducing ballots on every single issue - grassroot democracy - you'll have to eat a side dish of crap with the main course.

03/06/12 12:45 am

Hell's no! they waste it all on pork together re-elected

03/05/12 11:58 pm

The same can be said for politicians... They will govern with principles until they discover they can get re-elected by using the treasury to bribe their constituents.

03/05/12 11:47 pm

@Rosebud: You hit the nail on the head... "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until a majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury."

Caulfield Utah
03/05/12 11:29 pm

I voted no because we need to cut inefficiency and consolidate government agencies..

Rosebud Ohio
03/05/12 11:29 pm

Doctors visit.
And taxes were originally only in wartime. Now they're massive and regardless of what's going on, because the federal branches have no problem spending like drunk trust fund babies with a prostitute addiction.

Rosebud Ohio
03/05/12 11:28 pm

As soon as people figured out they could vote themselves benefits they didn't have to pay for, it should have been nipped in the bud... Now it's a horrid mess. They do need to phase out SS. And take medical programs to the state. Before, people saved for retirement. And paid for their own affordable

03/05/12 11:20 pm

The people that whine about unemployment benefits expiring after 99 weeks would likely squeal if it were rolled back to 26.

03/05/12 11:16 pm

@Fresh1: The entire US does not agree on what needs to be cut. The nearly half the country that pays NO federal income tax don't want to have to start paying their fair share and those on govt assistance don't want to get off the gravy gain.

RJ1969 SoCal
03/05/12 11:05 pm

INDPNDT, the math does work out like that. most of our debt is held by us.china and Japan hold about the same amount of our debt, but we also own some of theirs. the interest rate on what they do hold comes no where close to 50%.

Wes28 CBus
03/05/12 10:56 pm

Over 50% of every Federal tax dollar is being payed to interest to the $ we borrowed from China, and military. So, no.

03/05/12 10:37 pm

Watched the bill thing. Yea like I said it starts with an idea from the ppl. If the people want stuff ppl have to start acting in congress. And Paul can veto d bull.

Ron Paul 2012