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SammyTheCat July 7th, 2013 2:20am

Have you ever had a "run in" with TSA agents while going through airport security (from exceeding a 3 oz bottle to being pulled to the side to have a pat down)?

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techkak north coast
07/07/13 9:54 am

Just returned from airplane trip. I had to carry on the machine that I do dialysis with. It was in a case resembles a soft side suitcase. TSA officials had to do additional examination of it.

bioarchnomad Michigan
07/07/13 5:34 am

My first time flying was last year, and I went through the checkpoint at 5 AM, so I was already tired, and the TSA guy thought my camera bag was a bomb because of the extra batteries and chargers in the bag...

07/07/13 3:37 am

I left some stuff in my pocket. Time for a search.
I also once sarcastically said in an airport security line that "I was so devoted to a cause that I was going to blow my hands up" for some reason, and fortunately only the people next to me heard.

Jayseph Wasatch Front
07/07/13 12:55 am

So emberassing. I got a cavity search for having an E-Cig in my bag.

broncomark often, not what I seem
07/07/13 7:35 am

No, you did not. TSA does not do those.

kspells TheOtherOtherside
07/06/13 11:15 pm

Years ago my room mate worked for an airline & so did 2 of her sisters before 911. They thought they would play a joke on me & had me RED FLAGGED so I would be search. It's permanent. Every time I fly I get searched.+ I kept quiet so they kept jobs.

jmz1202 Sacramento
07/06/13 9:50 pm

Leaving Vegas, my underwire bra set off the metal detector. I was patted down by a male agent dressed as a woman. He offered to get a female agent if I was too uncomfortable.

Jayseph Wasatch Front
07/07/13 12:56 am

This may be a silly question but, why was he dressed as a woman???

broncomark often, not what I seem
07/07/13 7:38 am

Ask an LGBT person, but from what I know, transgender folks have to live as the gender they want to become for a full year before the operation.

broncomark often, not what I seem
07/07/13 7:38 am

Ask an LGBT person, but from what I know, transgender folks have to live as the gender they want to become for a full year before the operation.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
07/06/13 9:27 pm

I travel a lot and have had my share of personal attention over the years, before and after 9-11.

Daniel17LU Virginia
07/06/13 9:21 pm

I brought back a stick/came that is about 4 feet high from Haiti, and the agent called me over. He just told me that he admired it, but I was so afraid they were thinking I might smuggle something across the border.

not_even Boston, MA
07/06/13 8:02 pm

Last week, yes. They thought I had something in my pants and my hair, and checked both. Last year they found a bottle in my bag, and the year before they had to inspect my toothbrush because it "looked like pepper spray".

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
07/06/13 7:35 pm

Yes - I was asked to step aside for a pat down once by a male employee because - and I quote - my dress was too poofy. The female agent rolled her eyes but did a cursory pay down. Also - FYI ladies - the new scanners can not see through girdle

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
07/06/13 7:36 pm

Material - so more pat downs - LOL - I'm pretty used to them by now

funkytownchic Fort Worth
07/06/13 7:24 pm

Back in 2004 the folks at Little Rock Nat'l made me almost miss my flight because there was a suspicious substance on my curling iron. (Hair spray). Took them 45 mins to figure that out.

susanr Colorado
07/06/13 7:23 pm

No, I've never had any kind of run-in with them.

The last time I flew, a couple of agents were *exceedingly* friendly & helpful when I realized I'd dropped my ID in the TSA area I'd already left.

SammyTheCat Meowville, USA
07/06/13 7:22 pm

When I was in first grade my family and I were flying somewhere and I packed toy handcuffs (they were metal and from a first glance didn't look like a toy) and some magnetic toys. They saw the handcuffs in my bag and my parents got to have a long...

SammyTheCat Meowville, USA
07/06/13 7:22 pm

... and fun chat with airport security.