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Show Of Hands February 15th, 2012 12:00am

Free admission for life to all live events like concerts, sports, stage shows, etc. or free digital entertainment content for life like music, movies, & games. Choose.

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thedani New Jersey
02/26/12 5:02 am

@blkmamba For real!! People rather sit at home playing games than going out to the games! Crazy

thedani New Jersey
02/26/12 4:59 am

Watching all the events on tv won't be half as fun as going to all of them

nyc93xo New York
02/21/12 1:39 am

gimme free front row Knicks tickets!!!

hermione Indiana
02/19/12 5:38 pm

free concerts would be amaaaazing

02/19/12 4:14 pm

I would love the tix but no major sports teams in my city :(

02/18/12 8:51 am

Wow people are getting lazy. Not wanting to get out of the house for fun.

FearToFall what is this for
02/18/12 8:42 am

I would have picked the tickets. ...then I realized I'm so busy and wouldn't be able to do anything /sob

leadfoot Illinois
02/17/12 3:17 pm

neither should be free. if you receive something you should pay for it. Only time it should be free is if the owner freely gives it.

trailready Maryland
02/17/12 8:18 am

With SOPA and PIPA free bits could be a thing of the past, don't let them take that from us. Tix will always be around free on censorship and incarceration

02/17/12 8:03 am

@polarized I know right ever heard of BitTorrent people? who wrote this question, my grandmama?

02/16/12 9:42 pm

Computer screens forever. I will be like JP from Grandma's Boy!

02/16/12 8:42 pm

this was really surprising

Melon No Ducklips
02/16/12 5:48 pm

Tickets all the way. Live events can be fun as hell.

02/16/12 4:30 pm

its called pirating stuff. google it. tix

seeker7 Pennsylvania
02/16/12 9:19 am

Just because people don't want to go to sporting events and concerts doesn't mean they sit at home all day not having a life. Maybe they enjoy things like camping and hiking. To me that's living, more than just sitting in the stands watching.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
02/16/12 7:47 am

Sporting events, concerts, movies, plays, awards......the free tickets list is almost endless. I can buy new movies every Tuesday when released, if I want them, but Super Bowl tickets and NBA championships tickets are hard to come by.

hacim Michigan
02/16/12 5:42 am

man free tickets all the way. Experiences are always greater than physical things

02/16/12 4:51 am

Tickets! Stuff on the Internet is still there and affordable. Tickets? Not affordable.

snowg Tx
02/16/12 2:59 am

how lazy has this country gotten where you wouldn't go out for free?? stuff on the Internet is already free.

02/16/12 12:55 am

Even though its categorized as entertainment, i gain more knowledge by accepting the free bits.

02/16/12 12:54 am

The choices of free bits are limitless and you have access to it within your finger tips.

Zack100 Tatooine
02/15/12 9:54 pm

Not a fan of sports but will watch a movie anytime!

02/15/12 9:49 pm

Definitely the tickets. I'd much rather have the experience.

kris55 Alabama
02/15/12 9:37 pm

If i could get good seats to concerts and sporting events i would choose the tickets.

02/15/12 6:23 pm

I would much more enjoy actually going out and living than to sit in home and watch movies all day.

dmob Earth
02/15/12 6:11 pm

If i could get free tix to anything I would go to every single Boston game!!!

Nerdz Texas
02/15/12 4:35 pm

tickets because I've never had any

02/15/12 4:31 pm

This is a no brainer... Compare the actual cost of all my digital purchases with the actual cost of my event purchases and I'd save way more by getting all my digital purchases for free.

02/15/12 4:21 pm

You can sell the tix and retire!!

02/15/12 3:31 pm

By looking at the map, you can tell where all the entertainment is..

cherubrial San Francisco
02/15/12 3:03 pm

Free tix forever! I like my music, movies, and games as much as anyone else, but I would rather be out and about DOING something with my life.

dispatcher Tennessee
02/15/12 12:36 pm

Not enough good acts come through Memphis so I go for bits. Although Beale street music festival is coming up in May but that's only $65 for all three days.

02/15/12 11:35 am

Waaaay too infrequent that I go out and entertain myself. Bring the entertainment to me!

seeker7 Pennsylvania
02/15/12 11:29 am

I chose bits. I'm a home body. Don't like large groups of people and hate sports. I'm always wanting new music for my iPod and I love watching movies with my man. I can't afford to take off work to go to events far away even if I wanted. Easy answer for me.

02/15/12 10:53 am

Would love the Tix. Cowboys Mavs rangers all the stars that come to tex. by would I want DVDs for free? They're cheap anyways

cabooseftw Illinois
02/15/12 10:25 am

I take bits. The movie will eventually be on demand/DVD/blueray, the game is on tv usually, and I can get the bands cd on iTunes.

On the other hand, I would love free games, as I am an avid gamer.

tcadez Minnesnowta
02/15/12 10:20 am

This includes theatre tickets, right? :)

02/15/12 9:15 am

The last time we had a concert in North Dakota, must have been 10 years ago.