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Show Of Hands August 2nd, 2011 12:00am

Hyundai: poser or legit? (i.e. cheap and crummy or up and comer)

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LicensedNe North Carolina
08/13/11 10:39 pm

Have them come back with a wider variety of cars then we'll talk.

Misstails Iowa
08/12/11 8:03 pm

I love my 2007 Hyundai Sonata :)

08/07/11 11:13 pm

I own a 2010 Elantra and I regret my choice. It's a piece of crap. I had unintended acceleration issues. Finally discovered it was the Eco Mode malfunctioning. Its also an extremely bumpy ride and after 1.5 yrs it is already showing age. Not a quality vehicle.

08/07/11 10:58 pm

found out they make the Santa Fe in Alabama now! i'm considering buying.

08/07/11 2:46 am

I wish Show of Hands would give a third gender option,"other". Not for me, but for the trans/queer/questioning folks out there. Sorry I'm off topic, but there's no other way to suggest this and it's an important issue.

08/05/11 2:49 pm

Over the years that company has revamped there outlook on their cars, so Hyundai now; yes. Hyundai past; no.

08/05/11 12:50 pm

Screw Asian cars. I like mine American!

cancerx Alabama
08/04/11 11:05 pm

Hyundai has worked hard to provide reliability and was the first car company to provide a 10 year warranty. Now their new model year looks great as well. Too bad they cost as much as other Asian imports now.

08/04/11 9:50 pm

I love my Hyundai. I just bought it brand new in the spring for $8900. It drives as nice as any car I've ever driven.

08/04/11 10:42 am

I love how Hyundai owners are bragging about 100,000 miles. My friend's Chevy Silverado is pushing 300,000 with no problems.

LeannMumle Mississippi
08/04/11 7:42 am

I was trying to replace my wiper blades. It is so hard. I need a man to come help XD

08/04/11 7:01 am

@netonw I never thought about that. That's pretty weird. Maybe we felt bad for them so we buy cars from them.

08/04/11 2:27 am

Like everything else out of Asia: copy/ripoff of everyone else's good ideas.

hapiotter2 Utah
08/04/11 1:37 am

These cars have been around for more than 25 years. Surely they are more than losers by now!

08/04/11 12:56 am

ooops..... not slot cars, A LOT of cars

08/04/11 12:55 am

ever notice we import slot of cars from countries that had their asses handed to them by us at one point in time. Japan, Germany, England, Italy, Korea. I'd say France, but we only invaded the land to take on Germans, therefore, we don't like French cars.

08/03/11 10:13 pm

Alright to the people saying there car has no problems and it's only got 80k miles on it, there should be nothing wrong with it then, drive it to 200k mile and then see if there is any thing wrong with it

08/03/11 10:08 pm

Anarchy an the other guy from SC( sorry I can't remember your name) have either of y'all done that test track thing they let you do up there?

08/03/11 8:59 pm

When they can't keep them on the lots and are selling them at list or higher that pretty much qualifies them as not only legit but ahead of the pack.

dotnetdev Georgia
08/03/11 7:43 pm

It used to be a joke car, but its gaining ground fast. I think the Santa Fe is ranked #1 in its category

08/03/11 7:27 pm

Up and coming fo sho. Check out the Genesis.

08/03/11 6:41 pm

@IBnj2sc: and autoblog just posted an article saying 100 new jobs are being added to that BMW plant!! Awesome employment opportunities...

notthemomm Florida
08/03/11 6:04 pm

My aunts Hyundai has been the car about 10 of us have learned how to drive stick in and drove for a while my 17yr cousin has it now the paint isn't great but it's a 98 and has 210k miles on it last I checked still runs min work done on it. I'd sell it for $1k lol

IBnj2sc South Carolina
08/03/11 12:58 pm

@Anarchy I'm in Spartanburg, what's up neighbor? That BMW plant is amazing!!! Bigger than people may think....Great employment opportunity.

jqadams Ohio
08/03/11 12:52 pm

Cues pulled directly from Mercedes and saab. Hyundai needs to design their own car.

jqadams Ohio
08/03/11 12:50 pm

American car companies can lure car buyers by lowering their price. Unions and company execs have priced themselves out of a chunk of the market. Build a quality product at a good price and there won't be foreign competition. I'm shocked that Hyundai doesn't get sued from their design....,

08/03/11 12:14 pm

I'm a Hyundai owner. Legit.

08/03/11 10:40 am

...foreign or not, it has helped our town's employment enormously!

08/03/11 10:40 am

fin: true, but I can get a lot more care for the money by buying foreign....and it's only foreign corporate. when you buy a Toyota it was build by Americans, sold by Americans, in America. I'm in Greer sc about 10 miles from a huge BMW facility...

08/03/11 10:11 am

America needs to bring industry back! The best way to do that is for Americans to demand it ie. buy American. This does NOT mean foreign companies on our soil. Remember, when you buy something, your voting for that product.

08/03/11 10:00 am

The Hyundai cars are now produced in Montgomery with tensin krup steel. They use the same parts as the mercedes plant in tuscalusa. That's why the eqquos is a cheaper E class. It's more American made than other cars on the market now

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
08/03/11 9:25 am

p.s. when I typed the word "posers" auto correct wanted me to change it to "losers". I almost left it that way. lol

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
08/03/11 9:24 am

they have come a long way and are much better than even 5 years ago. but they are still posers and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

08/03/11 8:47 am

Do the old people here even know what poser and legit means? Anyways I say legit

08/03/11 6:32 am

KIA Korean imitation automobile...

08/03/11 6:11 am

Kut19: my point is if you look back 5-10 years ago compared to now, Hyundai has improved so much and it shows in numerous magazine\website reviews and in their US sales. I'm not saying Hyundai is the best brand ever, but I think most people can recognize Hyundai's great successes over the years

08/03/11 3:17 am

As an avid driver, I have to say they are a little better, but that's not saying much. If they showed actual innovation rather than copying other carmakers' designs then they may get a 5/10 from me. The next time you see a Hyundai, ask yourself, "doesn't it look like another popular car?"

Wes28 CBus
08/03/11 1:37 am

steveht- Yeah but a lot of the money goes overseas. Ever taken an economics course? I will admit I was wrong on the fact that they aren't actually a Japanese company, but they're still foreign so it doesn't affect my point.

08/03/11 1:26 am

Used to be a poser, bur now they're much much better since they changed where the parts are designed and manufactured.

08/03/11 12:55 am

Kia/Hyundai/GMC is to car as Gold Digger is to shallow.

08/03/11 12:02 am

glamgeek, the Equus is the epitome of the phrase "there's a sucker born every minute". Who would buy a $60k Hyundai? In that price range, you're buying for social status, not bargain prices.

08/02/11 11:59 pm

I don't care what country it's from -HYUNDAI makes horrible cars. don't let the marketing trick you.

08/02/11 11:58 pm

I had a new one ----engine blew at 900 miles. catalytic convertor went out around 3,000 miles. roof material glue came undone around 1year. Tires:from left always wore out at 3times the others. car radio had a hum depending if you were pushing the gas pedal. HYUNDAI still makes BAD CARS!

08/02/11 11:38 pm

I bought my 06 elantra before the big gas price hike in 07 and 08 and my car appreciated in value for two months. Take that mother truckers

08/02/11 10:55 pm

It's just a normal car company...although, many of Honda's models seem to be going in unfortunate directions, sadly enough....

RJ1969 SoCal
08/02/11 10:44 pm

what makes a company "American" or "Japanese"? these are public ally traded multi-national corporations with offices and plants all over the world. The era of the "American" car disappeared long ago ( but their marketing depts. will try and convince you otherwise).

08/02/11 10:30 pm

They are a huge threat to Japanese and American car companies and I have respect for them. With that being said, I will probably wait about 5 years before considering one to see how well they really do and how the competition reacts.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/02/11 9:47 pm

Consumer Reports took the Honda Civic off of their recommended list. they had nothing bad to say about Hyundai's!

08/02/11 9:37 pm

@jopat driving a screw drive, strap truck.