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Do you donate money to a church or a favorite charitable cause on a regular basis?

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sellerl North Carolina
06/21/12 8:57 pm

Wow! This is disheartening!! People should find something they love and DONATE!!!!! Your local churches support so many world-wide causes, local animal shelter, or even local elementary schools are ALL always happy to accept anything and everything (time, money,etc)!!

06/21/12 8:12 am

People who donate should donate to other options instead of church Like feed homeless or animals or children with illnesses such make a wish church sorry some of them don't trust going to someone's pocket not for true goid

06/19/12 7:26 am

Party line results are so interesting. Those hateful republicans just want everybody to starve.

06/18/12 7:15 pm

I don't have a job so I can't donate money but I donate my time every week to my church.

tardis! Colorado
06/16/12 9:09 pm

all of us colorodains are do generous!

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
06/16/12 8:08 pm

Generous conservatives. Not only give tax dollars but also give to churches and charities.

monkeyy Ohio
06/16/12 7:35 pm

Kinda. We pay 1/10th of income (tithing) to the church. But it's not required so I guess it is kind of donating. I don't mind though. I believe it's right. Our savior did and does so much for us and thats all he asks (material-wise) from us.
I pay it gladly. :)

geoag02 Dallas, TX
06/16/12 7:17 am

Democrats do donate more to campaigns though. I find that kinda interesting. Guess giving money to someone who promises you a handout is more important than giving money to someone who actually needs it.

06/16/12 2:32 am

Veritas… Again you focus on the irelevant instead of the important. The fact is that Democrats do not donate to charity -- whatever charity that might be -- at the same rate as Republicans.

The fact is Democrats talk big when it's someone else's money! Ask crazy uncle Joe Biden.

PetePuma Oregon
06/15/12 9:52 pm

@Trav: No, they need to remain non-taxed. No matter the grandiosity of SOME organizations, the Government has proven absolutely inept at managing finances. More for Gov, means more for them to squander. Gov never learns.

PetePuma Oregon
06/15/12 9:37 pm

Interesting. This asks about churches OR charities. Apparently, the atheistic Dems are all for getting it, but not giving it. Makes sense.

06/15/12 6:16 am

FaceMoose ... so being a good liberal, you donate 20% of your after tax income to Planned Parenthood and the Woman's Shelter, right?

06/15/12 5:17 am

As a member of a pastoral family, I can accurately report that most don't line their pockets. My spouse makes about a quarter of what was made in private industry, for more difficult work.

hazel Tennessee
06/15/12 3:37 am

I donate weekly to rescued bear cubbies in Tenn.

06/14/12 10:54 pm

Charity... For dogs. Not churches.

O13 Alabama
06/14/12 9:54 pm

*disagree with those actions and took no part...

O13 Alabama
06/14/12 8:31 pm

@praetorian: so by your rationale; We should hold all white people responsible for slavery here in the US because society largely "condoned" it? We should hold the family members of murderers responsible for the actions of said individual if they agree with those actions but took no part in them?

Leffler Kentucky
06/14/12 7:05 pm

I bearly make it myself but I sponsor a child in Ethiopia($40 a month), donate to my church which helps teens with addictive problems, and I volunteer with urban kids with crack parents. I'm also a republican. How else can I offend you today?

06/14/12 7:04 pm

Money and time!
Pilots and Paws for animals about to be put down.
Veteran's Airlift Command for injured Vets.
And Angel Flight.

Leffler Kentucky
06/14/12 6:59 pm

Democrats don't donate anything. They'd rather the government do it for them.

r3VOLution not of this world
06/14/12 6:08 pm

Interesting how we say the rich are so greedy yet they give more regularly than the poor...

kubu1218 Texas
06/14/12 5:07 pm

My Christmas presents every year are donations to Heifer International. Our family doesn't really do gifts anymore besides stocking stuffers. We're all old enough to appreciate giving more than getting.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
06/14/12 5:00 pm

I don't to churches who oppose gay rights anymore.

trav Instagram, travisdover
06/14/12 4:50 pm

I wish donations weren't tax write offs. We have rich non-profits and churches and a deeply indebted government.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
06/14/12 4:44 pm

What happened here? This question is not a judgement of where you donate. It is a question of if you believe in something enough to do something about it. Is it possible that most don't and feel judged or shame or something negative? This can fuel the fires. We all have our seasons and reasons.

06/14/12 1:49 pm

But we cannot blame *all* members of course - I blame the body of the church - its ordained members minus those who delayed and were reluctant but didn't dare to protest publicly for fear of becoming accused of heresy themselves.

06/14/12 1:47 pm

The Protestants are less hierarchical I think but the catholic church needed the ok from the Pope. Besides, witch hunts in general and the burning of heretics had the church's blessing or order. Protestants also, Luther was for it and it was accepted.

06/14/12 1:36 pm

Praetorian - the Spanish Inquisition was started and controlled by the Spanish Monarchy. Care to discuss the Protestant inquisitions? Can we blame all Protestants for those inquisitions the way you want to blame Catholics for the actions of the Spanish monarchy?

06/14/12 12:55 pm

@O13: because the church as a whole body has acted badly in some cases: the Spanish inquisition wasn't a few individuals and it's not like a police officer who does racial profiling against the policy, as an individual.

06/14/12 12:47 pm

Special Olympics and the Salvation Army Angel Tree.

FaceMoose Over There
06/14/12 12:18 pm

I would NEVER donate ANYTHING to a church or any other religious organization.


KommsWife Indiana
06/14/12 11:27 am

This poll is so revealing on political alignment age and income.

06/14/12 8:16 am

Jassy, if you are referring to me, I was not rude at all. I stated a fact. I never used fool, etc. just a perfectly appropriate word to describe someone DID brake the rules by not staying on topic and who was rude. I am tired of people trash my faith when it has nothing to do with the question!

06/14/12 8:05 am

WOW, it's amazing how SOH has "Commenting Rules" that most people choose to completely ignore!
Stop calling other people "fool", "stupid", "suckers"!!
What has this app turned into???

06/14/12 8:05 am

MiddlOroad - also the question was about donations, not your bigoted view of the catholic church. Why not give your bigotry a rest and stick to the question.

O13 Alabama
06/14/12 8:04 am

@praetorian: the "church", as a whole, paying penance for individuals past sins is a moronic argument. Why don't we ask all police officers to pay for every crime ever committed by other officers. How about holding individuals responsible for their actions. I thought you were smarter than that.

06/14/12 8:03 am

MiddlOroad- you are a bigot. The church is not defined by what a tiny fraction of mis-guided priests did over the last 50 years. The Catholic Church does much good, and your bigoted view does not change that. I doubt your church, if you have one, could stand up to intense scrutiny either.

06/14/12 7:41 am

Wouldn't call it donating because I pay offering but I definitely do donate my time!

06/14/12 6:59 am

I donate both time and money...especially in this tough economy.
These folks are really hurting now and need us more than ever.

06/14/12 6:46 am

When our economy becomes a little more stable and my business begins to recover from this 4 year mess then I will share with my favorite charities

06/14/12 6:44 am

Everyone has a right to share/donate their personal funds. This whole topic became about the church. I donate to things I believe in. Being self-employed and the current condition of our economy, my family is my charity and I feel I need to help my children and grandchildren.

06/14/12 6:32 am

Alison- that is very comendable. Not many ppl would do that for a friend. High five to you for being awesome.

BriD Illinois
06/14/12 6:21 am

BuckHunter - Democrats?! You forgot Independents, too...! Dumb A$$