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Show Of Hands July 6th, 2013 3:09pm

You hear people say it all the time: "the book was better". Have you ever read the book, then seen the movie, and actually thought the *movie* was better?

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chiceaux Boring, OR
07/12/13 6:48 pm

This is gonna get hate, but the new Gatsby movie surpassed the book.

07/11/13 10:43 pm

Lord of the Rings! Holy duck what a relief when they made those movies

dramatic13 Tennessee
07/11/13 5:06 pm

Harry Potter book 5. The book was a snore, the movie was more interesting. But, that's the only example I have.

penelope USA
07/10/13 3:42 pm

Better? No. Most often the movies butcher the stories. I try not to watch movies based on books I've read.

But Memoirs of a Geisha was really well done. I think it did the book justice.

07/10/13 11:13 am

Forrest Gump was a good movie, but the book was pretty terrible.

sred9 iloVermont
07/10/13 10:04 am

The Notebook movie was way better than the book by far

07/10/13 10:03 am

The HBO mini-series "Band of Brothers" was better than the book. The book read more like a field report than a novel. Still a good read though.

07/10/13 7:05 am

Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon. The book is amazing but the movie is perfectly executed.

tmp25 Ohio
07/09/13 7:12 pm

I thought The Notebook movie was waaaay better than the book. I couldn't stand the book but love the movie!!!:)

07/09/13 6:58 pm

Count of Monte Cristo. Book was good, but movie was much better

jennabunnyy Arkansas
07/09/13 10:03 am

Red Riding Hood (the one with Amanda Seyfred or whatever her name is), but I think the movie was made before the book was written so..

07/09/13 12:58 am

Basically any original Disney princess books...

jo9407 Massachusetts
07/08/13 9:17 pm

everyone is going to hate this but breaking dawn 2 from the twilight saga was great better then the book ending.

07/08/13 8:44 pm

Shawshank Redemption. Loved the novella by Stephen King, but the movie is one of my all time favorites

sosdios livin la vida papa
07/08/13 4:16 pm

World war z: the book borders on the absurd.

musicnerd RHIT
07/08/13 2:52 pm

The hobbit. I liked both a lot, but I liked the scenes they added in the movie.

07/08/13 11:35 am

Fight club, lord or the rings, Scott pilgrim vs the world

07/08/13 11:01 am

Lord of the Rings. Couldn't get through the book. Loved the movies.

heyyjude NC
07/08/13 9:36 am

Just once. The Fantastic Mr. Fox. As a short kids book it didn't have a whole lot going on. The movie added cousin Kristofferson who I love and the dry humor that really makes the movie awesome.

07/08/13 5:03 am

Sleeping with the enemy the movie was better then the book

DoctorWu at the great hill
07/08/13 4:39 am

The Godfather and Jaws were solid potboilers as books. The films are two of the greatest works of American art ever made.

goodquestion CA
07/08/13 3:31 pm

GF I and II, yeah baby!!

ganelcecile Reno, Nv
07/07/13 10:54 pm

Because it said EVER I voted yes, but generally no, the exception is Fight Club and Jurassic Park

kubu1218 Texas
07/07/13 8:04 pm

Message in a Bottle. Thought the book was blah. Movie was way better.

mcroles Austin, Texas
07/07/13 6:36 pm

The Shining (Kubrick version). Kubrick did an excellent job omitting content from the book, making the story even creepier and more mysterious

emsies Seattle
07/07/13 6:23 pm

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, actually. It's a great book but I adored the movie.

pjn0524 Pacific Northwest
07/07/13 6:06 pm

The Time Traveler's Wife. Hated the book. I couldn't finish it. But the movie was $5 so I figured I would try it. Much better!

07/07/13 5:36 pm

The World According to Garp

07/07/13 5:32 pm

Sadly most will disagree but ...Harry Potter. Sorry guys.

07/08/13 11:10 am

Can I ask why?

07/07/13 4:22 pm

The Great Gatsby (2013) was much better than the book

07/08/13 7:06 am

You're insane.

07/08/13 11:08 am

Wow?! You take one of the greatest novels in Americas history and said the movie was better? To each his own I guess.

amor4roma A Galaxy Far, Far Away
07/07/13 3:34 pm

I thought the ending of "The Firm" movie was better than the book.

07/07/13 2:58 pm

The Five People you Meet in Heaven is a great book, but the movie captured the colors and excitement of the scenes in Heaven and the horoes of war on earth.

07/07/13 12:34 pm

The lorax!

07/07/13 11:25 am

Fight club. Loved the movie but the book is only so-so

dreamitliveit IDLH
07/07/13 12:29 pm

This is exactly what I was gonna say!

jmudie Live Free or Die
07/07/13 2:02 pm

I liked the book. But the ending in the movie as better

heyyjude NC
07/08/13 9:41 am

Whattttttt? I think the book is much better although the movie adaption is one of the best adaptions I've seen. But the book is amazing.

tdaddy Kentucky
07/07/13 10:29 am

Yes!!! The Shawshank Redemption was one of the best movies I ever saw, but the work of fiction it was based on wasn't half as good.

tdaddy Kentucky
07/07/13 10:34 am

Oops, scratch that. I was thinking of a different movie. (Duh)

sarah1911 Poolesville MD
07/09/13 6:17 am

Thinking of a different one? Which one? Just curious. :)

fredd TrumpLand
07/07/13 10:27 am

I think the Bourne movies are better than the book. Usually I think the book is better though. The book Black Hawk Down is superb but the movie was ordinary and conveyed little of what made the book special.

07/07/13 3:29 pm

Black Hawk Down was so much better as a book

nadelg Springfield, VA
07/07/13 10:15 am

My Sister's Keeper. They changed the ending to something more realistic while making the theme still relevant.

07/07/13 9:57 am

Yes, EVERY movie is better than the book.

07/07/13 10:00 am

Watch the movie first and then read the book. Ppl always read first, get the details and then wonder why the movie sucks? Hmm maybe cuz it's a spoiler alert kinda thing...

sims3man68 California
07/07/13 1:00 pm

Counter-example: Harry Potter series

146787456777 .......
07/07/13 9:37 pm Harry Potter is a good counter example in and of itself, but we could probably make a mile long list of other good ones. Books are excellent and I really pity those who think movies make better substitutes, they are truly missing out.

07/08/13 3:34 am

Absolutely not. Frank McCourt was an excellent writer. Teacher Man is my favorite.

07/07/13 8:22 am

I read World War Z and saw the movie. I thought the movie was better, not just because of the amazing filming, but the story changes were excellent.

svenalexander Land of the Ents
07/07/13 8:04 am

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship Of the Ring.

I mean, it took Frodo 70 fuckin pages to leave the Shire! COME ON!!