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Show Of Hands July 22nd, 2012 12:00am

Who was the better two-sport athlete (in their prime): Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders?

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07/28/12 10:53 am

look neon deion is a BEAST I dont even know who Bo Jackson is

2Bfree New York
07/24/12 12:55 pm

Ronnie Lott was an animal.. I hated the 9ers, (Giant fan) but always liked him. I agree about Barber. The other guys you mentioned are a little before my time.. although I know the names, never watched them play live.

scottstots Georgia
07/24/12 8:31 am

@2BFree If I had to pick the best it's Dick "Nighttrain" Lane for me. I like Blount and Lester Hayes too at CB. I think Ronde Barber is an under rated cover/run CB. My all time favorite Defensive Back is Ronnie Lott though.

Parre56 California
07/24/12 7:05 am

Bo hands down is the best . Only athlete I've ever seen dominate both sports . And the only guy I've ever seen run up the outfield wall to get someone out . Bo knows !!!

07/24/12 6:32 am

Bo was the better two-sport athlete, but Deion was the better football player. Anyone that thinks Sanders was overrated must be on that ready rock. He was "PrimeTime" for a reason. Watch the tapes, FSU, Atlanta, San Fran, Dallas.

2Bfree New York
07/24/12 6:23 am

But you make valid points ScottTots

2Bfree New York
07/24/12 6:22 am

Terrence Newman was mocked repeatedly last year because he whiffed tackle after tackle... If you play defense, you are required to tackle. Not taking anything away from Sanders, except that he couldn't tackle lol... He could get away with it because he was as good as he was at covering receivers.

timeout Boston Strong
07/24/12 5:47 am

Bo rush behind Marcus Allen and still managed to rush for over 2700 yd in four season. Pretty awesome considered.....and still played baseball at an all star level.

scottstots Georgia
07/24/12 3:59 am

I agree as a two sport player, Bo was better. Deion was a sideshow as a baseball player.

However you feel about Deion, it's hard to make a legitimate, logical, or statistical case that Bo was a better FB player than Deion. Based on potential, sure. Based on their best seasons, no.

scottstots Georgia
07/24/12 3:56 am

I'll agree with rod Woodson, maybe on Charles Woodson, champ is great, but not a great tackler. Point still remains, corners aren't required by any good game plan to be primary run support.

Bo never rushed for 1,000 yards in a season. Deion was NFL Defensive POY.

07/24/12 2:34 am

Look, both were awesome on the football field. Any coach would loved to have either or both. Baseball is the true separating factor. Bo was a much better baseball player than Deion. Gotta go with Bo !!!

Taz192 Arizona
07/24/12 12:35 am

U dont think America seen prime time he was beast. You have to love the prime time shuffle

StNik North Carolina
07/23/12 11:30 pm

Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson, Rod Woodson- all great corners. All great tacklers.

And no, Deion didn't play corner as well as Bo ran. He averaged 5.4 yard a carrying! And he was a much better baseball player.

07/23/12 8:44 pm

Deion! He was on the Ravens!

scottstots Georgia
07/23/12 8:26 pm

I've seen revis play. He's a great player. Still doesn't change the fact that Deion is a top 5 all time corner and his lack of open field tackling had no bearing on that. Corners get paid to cover, not tackle and very few covered better than Deion. In fact, he covered much better than Bo ran

07/23/12 8:07 pm

Sanders was a showboat, Bo was a star athlete!

2Bfree New York
07/23/12 8:00 pm

Ever watch Revis play? He can cover and play the run. And he can tackle. Sanders got away with being terrible at it because he was a great cover guy. He was the exception to the rule. Corners are expected to make tackles, unless they are named Primetime.. Then they can just move out of the way.

Quinnipiac Here
07/23/12 7:54 pm

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07/23/12 7:39 pm

As much as I hate showboating, I have to go sanders. I like Bo better but, results speak for themselves. If Bo had stayed healthy, it would have been Bo. Just like IF Mario Lemieux had been healthy he would own half of Gretzky's records. But he didn't.

07/23/12 6:27 pm

Bo Jackson was one of the best natural athletes I've ever seen.
Like Jordan, he was just that much better than everyone else.

CLP43 Connecticut
07/23/12 6:23 pm

This is a no brainier... Bo had more potential, but Deion had more results. Deion is a football Hall of Famer and played on playoff-caliber Braves teams. Bo was a lot of potential limited by in jury. Bo was "what if?"... Deion WAS.

07/23/12 6:13 pm

It pains me to answer this question because Prime Time was my favorite player growing up. But Bo was the greatest athlete I have ever seen.

scottstots Georgia
07/23/12 6:13 pm

Go tell a coach he can have Deion play cornerback for them and see if they're concerned about his tackling ability. Certainly he can tackle a receiver, my point is as a corner, he is not required by any coach that is worth a damn to be a run stopper.

07/23/12 5:30 pm

Deion had better marketing people. Bo left his talking on the field. Both were great but Bo was a better player. I saw them both in person.

If you're not old enough to have seen these guys play please stop commenting. It wasn't a question about who is more well known today.

lmurder MDK
07/23/12 4:28 pm

Love Deion. But he was nothing compared to Bo. Beast on the football field and badass on the baseball field.

07/23/12 4:08 pm

Who?...I mean, who cares?

hvp828 Carolina girl
07/23/12 3:57 pm

I'd say they were both pretty spectacular. Not easy to be a pro in even one sport, let alone two.

2Bfree New York
07/23/12 3:02 pm

Go tell a football coach that his corners are not there to tackle. Just because Sanders and a lot of corners sucked at it, doesn't mean there not supposed to tackle. It is one of the first things you learn to do as a kid playing football, and Sanders was horrible at it.

07/23/12 2:45 pm

Corners don't have to tackle! WOW! That explains why WR can explain rip off huge chunks of yardage. No one needs to tackle them. Good thing Carnell Lake and Mel Blount didn't play that way.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/23/12 1:26 pm

Neon acted like he was something special; Bo didn't have to act, he was the real deal all the way. Jackson was to baseball what Elway was to football - worth watching even if you didn't care about the game.

DavesNotHere where am I
07/23/12 12:45 pm

Sanders was nothing as a baseball player, and he was scared of getting hit in football - one of the most overrated players ever. Bo was real

scottstots Georgia
07/23/12 11:20 am

@stnik name the last corner that was a great tackler. Deion's job was to cover the best receiver. Sure, corners have to tackle sometimes, but that's not why they're out there. Deion was a better FB player. Bo was better as a two sport player.

StNik North Carolina
07/23/12 10:35 am

ScottTotts- what? Every defender on the field must tackle. Deion was a great corner, maybe the best. Bo Jackson was something special. He averaged 5.4 yards a carry, and was an All-Star baseball player.

Bo Jackson- no question.

2Bfree New York
07/23/12 9:28 am

Bo would crush Sanders in an open field situation in football and was an all star baseball player.

This one isn't even close in my opinion.

scottstots Georgia
07/23/12 9:12 am

Deion was arguably the best cornerback and punt returner in NFL history. Cornerbacks don't have to tackle. Overall, when looking at both sports, I think Bo was better in total.

timeout Boston Strong
07/23/12 8:41 am

Bo was a much better baseball player and for the few years he play football he dominated. Gut to go with Bo...

07/23/12 7:55 am

Deion couldn't tackle. Most overrated player ever. Why he's in the HOF is beyond me. When you look at his BB stats he's mediocre. Great, he could run fast. So can Bolt. Should we let him play play FB and BB.