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Have you ever used an online dating site? (UserQ)

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optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/04/12 7:59 pm

...aren't the most pleasant of people. Smart or not.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/04/12 7:58 pm

FaceMoose- So you say nerds match your interest, huh? There are PLENTY of people smarter than nerds. If you haven't noticed, nerds don't get out much. Nerds probably don't want to be married. They seem to be single. If you find the perfect person for you, then good for you. I'm just saying nerds...

06/30/12 2:13 pm

Yes- but never dated any of the fat chicks that want to meet!

06/28/12 6:59 pm

Just got married and we met online.

06/28/12 10:42 am

One I tried matched me up with my sister (even though I put heterosexual)!

But I tried others, and eventually met my future husband on yahoo personals! We will be celebrating 7 years in August and have a beautiful 2 year old.

I recommend ya'll to keep trying!!! He / She is out there!!! :D

FaceMoose Over There
06/28/12 6:03 am

@optimist6 No, I like nerds because their interests and brains match my own, and they are more often than not A LOT nicer than non-nerds.

To everyone complaining about the cost of online dating: OkCupid is free is amazing. Very in depth, fun, and easy to use. No decline in quality at all!

06/28/12 3:19 am

Online dating is just the 21st century version of the classified paper ads.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
06/27/12 11:47 pm

Match was anti gay. If I were single they'd not get a dime.

IMO atoms, space, opinion
06/27/12 11:00 pm

Yep, I met my wife on We just had our first son; I couldn't be happier!

katerina13 stuck in the middle
06/27/12 10:45 pm

Met my husband of 11 years on one. Best thing I ever did. :))

06/27/12 9:43 pm

Yup, one time.. On it for two weeks and met my Husband..

06/27/12 8:31 pm

Just once... I married her 14 years ago. I was an early adopter.

06/27/12 8:08 pm

Met my husband 10 years ago in

GiantRobot Pennsylvania
06/27/12 6:49 pm

Works for some. Not for others. It's a hard road either way. Good luck to all!

06/27/12 6:37 pm

Met my wife. She found me within 30 min of signing up for match.

jopperm2 Iowa
06/27/12 5:50 pm

Met my wife on a free site. You have to know what you're doing though.

06/27/12 4:48 pm

Met my wonderful husband online. It was a pay site, and worth every penny.

BigUgly Texas
06/27/12 1:49 pm

I prefer the old fashioned way. But I know several people that donut. Don't know if any successful relationships though.

06/27/12 11:59 am

Met my husband online. We will have our 10 year anniversary this year.

peacenskis Alaska
06/27/12 9:53 am

@Harvard2014 my girlfriend and I were just talking about paying for the dating sites. Neither of us will use the free sites. Our philosophy is that if you're to cheap to spend a few bucks to possibly meet your soulmate than you are too cheap for us. The more expensive sites have better odds.

06/27/12 5:52 am

I voted yes bc my bf & I DID meet online but not on a dating site. We met through an online game 4 years ago. 2 years ago, I moved from AL to WI to live with him, & it was the hardest+best decision I've ever made. People criticize e-dating, but if you're smart about it & careful, it can work :)

06/27/12 2:13 am

I tried signing in but it asked me for money, no thank you.

06/27/12 12:15 am

Met my wife of 3 years online.

BadBadger Georgia
06/26/12 11:48 pm

If watching women do "interesting" things to themselves in front of webcams for $2.95/minute counts, then yes.

06/26/12 11:24 pm

...I keep my abs to myself...

It's also hereditary -for ppl harpen on my lifestyle.

06/26/12 11:21 pm

Ew Texas.

Old ppl.. Jeesh.. :P

06/26/12 11:19 pm

Yes It's crap. A waste of my money. I'd rather be alone playing my video games.

..they are simulation's more for science :)

and AMERICA!!!!!! >:D

MarciS Formerly mjs83
06/26/12 11:05 pm

Met my husband on eharmony. Six years later still going strong.

offbeat California
06/26/12 10:22 pm

Met my fiancé over 8 years ago on She's the coolest, would have never met her otherwise. Lucky me.

RRStephens Tennessee
06/26/12 10:15 pm

I met my wife on, free site, so this is not a commercial... It's a warning... Don't ever send someone money that you've never met, that's a common scam. I had people tell me they were in car accidents, needed surgery, etc. it took over 3 years to find the right girl.

06/26/12 10:03 pm

I met my hubby long before Internet was mainstream.

peacenskis Alaska
06/26/12 9:49 pm

Currently on Match now. Kind of fun. Can meet a lot more people that way. Haven't had a truly successful match yet, but I have had a couple of nice dinners.

arborfamilia on top of the hill
06/26/12 9:41 pm

(best thing about meeting people online: you can weed out the ones who can't spell!)

06/26/12 9:04 pm

Met my fiancée online.

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
06/26/12 8:58 pm

My family think it's crazy to meet guys online, that they're all weirdo's n killers. Honestly, I think I've met more weirdo's in real life than I ever had online. I'd been on a couple dating sites, but I met my current bf at my job a few months ago. Nothing wrong with it

06/26/12 8:39 pm

Met my future hubby on okcupid :) I've met two other guys on that site - one was a complete jerk, the other I dated for 3 years.

06/26/12 8:36 pm

Yes, I met my husband online and we've been married almost 7 years! We took it reeeally slow and didn't meet in person until almost a month later. I love him more every day!

06/26/12 8:03 pm

It's not how I met my wife, but it was a great way to meet easy chicks back in the day!

06/26/12 7:50 pm

Yes.. But just to see if I liked it for when I am older

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/26/12 7:38 pm

*love=live, but of you really REALLY want it that way, then yes, love

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/26/12 7:37 pm

Dept by selling the rest of our clothes. Now we have 2 kids, (technically, 3, one killed the other, idk what was up with him, but I think it may have run through the genes...) A nice trash can to love in, and are running from the gov for the dept. All in all, she was sorry and that's ok.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/26/12 7:34 pm

I met my wife on this. We married 8 years ago, she stole my credit card, my car, sold my house, burned my clothes, then we finally got divorced. She was very sorry, so we got remarried, worked up and re-earned the money, then she told me she burned the credit card, and I was going to have to pay the

MDB Texas
06/26/12 7:21 pm

WOAH... Optimist... You met someone on SOH??

kristea Denton, TX
06/26/12 7:15 pm

Yes but with no luck. I needed up meeting my husband through Twitter. :)

06/26/12 7:01 pm

All web communication boards and chat rooms count in a way.