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Should elected officials receive a pension?

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07/09/13 10:45 am

Yes. It is a real job after all.

Apex swimming in the sky
07/08/13 10:27 pm

back room deals with lobbyist should be more than enough.

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
07/08/13 8:03 pm

401k only! Including teachers! Taxpayers should not have to foot guaranteed retirement.

Sundance State of Confusion
07/08/13 4:24 am

Term limits! No pension! Citizen politicians only. It was never meant to be a career. That is a huge problem. NO

tdaddy Kentucky
07/07/13 1:28 pm

It should depend on the length of their terms in office. If they spent four years in office they deserve a pension as much as I do if I spent four years on my job. If they spent 30 years on the job that's an entirely different story.

clearthinking Nevada
07/07/13 9:01 am

But only based on their term and how much they've paid in. Like teachers and the rest of 401k and 403b contributors. I even think a full match would be fine just not a life long retirement for 4 or 6 years of service.

07/07/13 8:26 am

Reflecting the amount of public service is correct, in my opinion. Regardless of what party you like there are a lot of rich people in politics. Add a pension and you may get less wealthy citizens to run and this is a good thing.

hapiotter2 Utah
07/06/13 9:49 pm

Yes, but it should reflect the amount of public work they have done.

07/06/13 8:56 pm

What idiot thinks the rich should receive even more free money? Apparently here it's the democrats/liberals.

politikos Texas
07/07/13 12:07 am

Obviously every elected official is wealthy, right?

ProfDG I Want Truth
07/07/13 6:18 am

Not all are, but 47% of Congress are millionaires (ABC News).

07/06/13 6:24 pm

Not only no, HELL NO!!! They should also be limited to 2 terms in office. From POTUS down to city council members. No more career politicians!

minnema Minneapolis MN
07/06/13 5:26 pm

Any pension should be commensurate with years of service and salary.

corino Utah
07/06/13 5:15 pm

Do we have a shortage of elected officials?

ScrewU Gone
07/06/13 3:47 pm

They shouldn't receive a salary.

07/06/13 9:05 pm

So you want the companies to be more in control great thinking...

07/06/13 3:31 pm

they receive power and experience that will make them money in the future, but if they are attacked and incapacitated, they should receive benefits for the length of their incapacitation

wingman646 Jacksonville
07/06/13 1:58 pm

I say they should ONLY if they serve 20 years like everyone else. So...good luck with that one professional liars and sandbaggers. Most people can't tolerate their crap for four years, much less 5x that!!!

makem Chinese Xinjiang Camp
07/06/13 1:43 pm

yes! as much as I hate to say it, its ehat our founding fathers wanted to employ

ladyniner81 I hate people
07/06/13 12:12 pm

quite a few of them become lobbyists, why do they need a pension?

07/06/13 11:41 am

No, most should receive prison.

chloelauren96 Oklahoma
07/06/13 10:41 am

Politicians should just make the minimum wage in their state. That way people can't make a career out of it. My dad has said this and I think it's not a bad idea.

07/06/13 9:34 am

Elected positions should only have temporary benefits.
This should always be the rule.

07/06/13 9:18 am

We should give them a pension if they work for more than 20 years in office, but then we, as the voters, should make sure they don't serve more than 4 years each...

07/06/13 8:57 pm

So no term limits for the Libby's I take it.

ProbablyEug Oakland
07/06/13 9:08 am

It wouldn't make sense. They are in office for three years or so, and we pay for their retirement? Nope. Not happening.

07/06/13 8:45 am

After retirement, the people should vote on whether or not they deserve one......that would be fun

07/06/13 8:41 am

Appointed yes. Elected...HELL NAW!!

07/06/13 8:18 am

Some jobs society wants to encourage people to make lifelong careers of. Politics is not one of those. Come, represent, go back to a real job.

dogsaver new Jersey
07/06/13 7:17 am

No pension, also the candidates should not be able to spend more than the annual salary of the position trying to be elected for.

Think about it. Who in their right mind would spend 100 million dollars to get a job that pays $300,000?

getupbaby South City
07/06/13 6:28 am

Who voted 'yes'? Seriously??

ThePhlegm The Lone Star State
07/06/13 4:44 am

No, they can put $ into a 401K like everyone else.

hoosierwisdom inner voice
07/06/13 4:11 am

Never understood why they do and why so large

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
07/06/13 3:43 am

I said no because it should not be a career.

07/06/13 3:36 am

I picked no, because they make whatever they want to make... Now, let the people start voting on salary, then they can get a pension.

07/06/13 2:12 am

No pension, no life long health care benefits. Also, anything with pay or benefits should have to be up for a popular vote and not voted on by the officials.salaries should be set by the state or district they represent.

TheTrashman Savannah, Georgia
07/06/13 12:15 am

There shall be no career politicians, it should be something done to benefit ones country, not to get money out of.

07/06/13 12:08 am

Not until they balance the fucking budget!

ScrewU Gone
07/06/13 4:05 am

Not any more. Dems almost twice a high as the other 3 in supporting govt. No surprise.

07/05/13 11:50 pm

In Illinois out 'elected' officials vote to raise their pension benefits all the while they vote to diminish state worker know the ones that have to work 30 years to receive a pension

Marksmithdawg California
07/05/13 11:20 pm

We should see how what they're in charge of is doing, and pay accordingly

07/05/13 11:11 pm

Why should they get it when the average person doesn't? They really don't do anything all that special or difficult.

07/05/13 11:04 pm

If they do 20 then yea. 4...he'll no!

satiricalnick meh
07/05/13 11:41 pm

He will know, he will know...

XercesBlue ...
07/07/13 4:53 pm

Sat.. I adore you right now

debob texas
07/05/13 11:03 pm

If there was no pension, they would term limit themselves. Also, maybe people who are less self-serving would run. Corruption does not even start to describe what's going on in Washington!

satiricalnick meh
07/05/13 10:58 pm

95% of um are already millionaires by the time theyre elected.

shemmes dc
07/05/13 10:46 pm

I don't know what a pension is but all Americans should be eligible for the same things, regardless of occupation or anything else.

07/05/13 11:51 pm

Mmm. Socialism.

Jaxsue new Jersey
07/06/13 6:03 am

You don't know what a pension is? Even though they are becoming less common, I find that difficult to imagine.

Pragmaniac Hipsterville
07/06/13 6:48 am

Mmmm. Equality.

07/06/13 7:15 pm

Heh socialism. F that's what you call equality.

07/05/13 10:37 pm

I think at the end of their term we should cote on how much of a pension they should recieve