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pizza July 5th, 2013 8:34pm

What would you rather watch on TV: A NASCAR race or a Spelling Bee?

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satiricalnick meh
07/05/13 11:00 pm

Left, left, left, left, left, left.

Can you use left in sentence?

pizza stains
07/05/13 9:14 pm

That's the point! Which is less boring? Which would you rather watch?

Counterpoint Deep in the heart of TX
07/05/13 5:06 pm

Dude no you already ruined one app for me and you're not doing it again

JennaAwesome Book Lover
07/06/13 5:56 am

And besides, it's my opinion to like NASCAR or whatever else I like. I'm not criticizing you for your choice, am I?

Counterpoint Deep in the heart of TX
07/06/13 10:14 am

I keep forgetting you're only halfway through high school. Lol my bad

Counterpoint Deep in the heart of TX
07/06/13 10:22 am

You tell your fans you haven't got time for them then you're on here? Nice work Tanner, really well done. I applaud you

KatG Liberal in Ohio
07/05/13 2:20 pm

I chose spelling, but if those were my choices, I'd read instead.

gwabby am i solids or stripes
07/05/13 1:55 pm

I cannot watch cars go in circles for 3 hours! My hubs can't get enough. This is why we have multiple tvs

07/05/13 1:36 pm

Why was porn not a choice?!

pizza stains
07/05/13 1:41 pm

Haha because porn would get 100% of the votes!

pizza stains
07/05/13 1:50 pm

Well the way it's looking thus far a spelling bee could get 100% of the votes