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Show Of Hands August 8th, 2011 12:00am

Would you support an across-the-board Federal spending freeze (elimination of currently scheduled automatic annual increases) until the budget is balanced?

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08/19/11 11:50 am

great idea: no more military funding, schooling, healthcare, road services, FAA, FDA, FBI, CIA, NASA, and just about everything else. we spend more money than every other country combined on the military. time to cut back on them!

08/13/11 1:21 pm

I think this is a bad idea, short term yes it might help the people but longterm it will damage the economy. This is suicide, imagine this, all the stocks will never rise. So what would happen? This is the same thing with interest. Long term this will literally kill the economy.

08/09/11 8:58 pm

Perot some people need to be cut off of welfare. The abusers. It is a great program to help people get off of their feet but they just take and don't give anything.

08/09/11 8:38 pm

if you have ever been in business an actual 5 to 10 percent cut is doable across the board. what's different with the government? this thing about not getting as much next year as you did this year and calling it a cut is seriously flawed....

08/09/11 5:34 pm

remember these people have had two and one half years with no budget and no accountability.

08/09/11 5:32 pm

it's unabated spending, of course we have an obligation to protect the people that through no fault of their own need it. if you are talking about drug addicts or alcoholics another deal. I find it obscene to spend other people's money with no accountability. cont

08/09/11 4:50 pm

@jopat: what or who is the gangrene in your analogy? Does it include the people on public assistance that cannot (or will not) fend for themselves? Are you in favor of cutting them off like a cancerous tumor?

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
08/09/11 3:11 pm

Just like companies project profits to come and they don't reach it it is considered a lose.

08/09/11 10:35 am

Oh! K. Thank u for clearing it up Tony!

08/09/11 8:14 am

my analogy goes something like arm is severely damaged gangrene is setting in do I cut the arm off so that I can survive? if you give these people more money they will spend it. like all addictions cold turkey is the answer.

modernrock Ohio
08/09/11 12:11 am

Depends on the severity of the cuts. Here's an analogy: Losing weight is a lengthy process. If you want to lose weight fast, just cut off your arm. But then baaaad things could happen.

08/09/11 12:11 am

wow every state actually agrees on this one thing...... kinda makes you think... I think that the government might want to take note of this....

O13 Alabama
08/08/11 10:46 pm

(cont) reassurance that their taxes aren't going to skyrocket, or some new regulation isn't going to cost big $. Right now companies don't know which way the federal "winds" are going to blow. If the assault on them would let up, they may be able to project what they would need in the future.

O13 Alabama
08/08/11 10:41 pm

@redebbm: IMHO I think you are incorrect. While those are worthwhile goals they would not help the economic environment we are in. The economy needs stability, now! Companies were/are saving their $ for a "rainy day" (which is right now) that's why they aren't hiring. The Fed needs to provide (cont)

08/08/11 9:57 pm

the way things work currently, most departments in the Federal government assume that the money they have to spend will automatically increase by 5-8% each year. Any smaller increase is considered a "cut"

08/08/11 9:55 pm

the question is asking whether you think the Federal government should stop automatically increasing the amount of money that it spends every year - at least until we get our budget balanced

08/08/11 8:33 pm

If someone could help me out here...what does this exactly mean? Thanks 

08/08/11 8:14 pm

I dnt want anyone to say anything mean bc I'm on an island where we dnt hve the news but wat is this talking about? The only ppl tht need to respond to this r the ones tht can answer my question nicely. Thanks a bunch : )

08/08/11 8:06 pm

while we were looking at his debt issues he was busy getting the EPA to enforce his version of cap and tax.. we still can't drill for oil anywhere how you like $3.50 gas?

08/08/11 8:04 pm

in the last couple of weeks the POTUS has backdoored us with many(hundreds) of executive orders adding 9 billion to businesses already huge regulatory burden.

08/08/11 7:53 pm

I love when dems come here to remind us of their talking points (red) nowhere in the suggestion of how to make the economy better do they mention manufacturing, which is by far more important than healthcare when it comes to the economy.

08/08/11 7:52 pm

I think the do the WPA in Cuba, we had a chance early ONI for Obama to form his socialist work program but he choose to create jobs that cost us $2000,000 a piece and lasted a year.

dlyliny1 New York
08/08/11 7:51 pm

Def no one in govt s/b getting raises until this is fixed. Many ppl in Corp America have not rec'd raises in yrs b/c of the economy. Gov't workers shd be treated the same as the private sector folks. Plus any raises Congress has rec'd over the past 5 yrs sb taken back. Let them share this pain, too!

redebbm 91709
08/08/11 7:10 pm

Attacking the wrong area. It's infrastructure, living wages, and healthcare that improve our economy. With taxes at the lowest levels. A freeze will only freeze the economy as well.

O13 Alabama
08/08/11 6:52 pm

@Lutang: actually there was no surplus in reality. There was a "projected" surplus if the economy and the gov't kept their, then, current pace. I will not argue the fact that Bush spent a truckload. However, Obama turned that truckload, into an entire trainload.... with no brakes.

dotnetdev Georgia
08/08/11 5:55 pm

this is typical liberalism. of course everyone else is just too dumb to understand my "sophisticated" investment strategy. we pay around $100BILLION per month JUST IN INTEREST PAYMENTS!! There's yor $1.2 Trillion deficit.... in one year.

dotnetdev Georgia
08/08/11 5:47 pm

I'm going to the bank tomorrow and ask for a $10Million loan. When they refuse, I'll just call them incredibly ignorant for not understanding how my finances work. Obviously, coming from the tax cheat's perspective!!

08/08/11 4:50 pm

let's at least keep it real the debt vote shows 95 democrats in the house voted no, 68 republicans said no, 10 of those were tea party people. in the senate there were 26 democrats that voted no. are these democrats terrorists and racist!

08/08/11 4:45 pm

I agree about failure to lead. Congress has totally dropped the ball. Their failure to work together has been cited as a reason for the credit downgrade.

08/08/11 4:00 pm

no leadership the guy can't inspire anyone or anything like they say he leads from behind!

08/08/11 3:40 pm

the majority support this and returning to 90's tax rates. Why can't Congress do their job?

08/08/11 3:20 pm

Worst POTUS ever! but I mean it in a way that doesn't offend anyone else!

08/08/11 2:56 pm

I LOLed when Obama said, "we will always be a triple A nation"

That's like the parents who tell the kids on the losing side, "don't worry at least you tried"

China doesnt care, they just want their money

08/08/11 2:50 pm

"I'm an American. I will always have good credit! I'm not going to listen to what some agency says about me!" wow. Seems a bit over-the-top with denial and unrealistic. (btw, I personally have very little debt...just some student loans. That's it. Just making a statement).

08/08/11 2:47 pm

A direct quote from President Obama: "But this is the United States of America. No matter what some agency may say, we've always been and always will be a triple-A country." So if my credit score gets lowered because I'm so far in debt that i can't get ahead, I can just say....

08/08/11 1:26 pm

@MegaDildos: if you try to use the "Obama inherited a AAA credit rating and tanked it" then you have to admit the failure of Bush from the "surplus to record deficit/recession" argument. I'm ok with that...but you HAVE to be consistent or you'll be a hypocrite.

08/08/11 1:22 pm

I wish it was automatically assumed that I would get an 8% raise every year.

It is no wonder that government employees get paid more then their private sector counterparts

08/08/11 1:07 pm

@LuTang- That's all the conservatives want. Just stop growing... that's all. If we did that, the CBO would count it as a 9 trillion cut over 10 years, and the Dems would tell us we want our grandparents to eat dog food.

08/08/11 1:00 pm

The title of Obama's memoirs could be:

Barackalypse Now
Debt Man Walking

08/08/11 12:53 pm

Obama inherited a triple AAA credit rating...

08/08/11 12:18 pm

Here is where both parties have it wrong. You should freeze ADDITIONAL spending, and trim the spending fat (but NOT workers). Cutting just to cut is a bad idea because you're cutting hundreds of thousands of jobs. What good is saving a few billion dollars if you have 300,000 new unemployed workers?

08/08/11 12:16 pm

Yes sounds lime a good idea, but freezing spending in a recession is just as bad as raising taxes. You can't get the economy going again by not spending money. You also can't get the economy going again by taking more money out of people's pockets.

Long term, though, we have to make serious cuts.

08/08/11 12:12 pm

teneyesee; you told me everything I need to know when you said "we print the standard of value for the rest of the world"

08/08/11 11:48 am

...on a problem that is way down theroad! If your house was on fire right now would you want the fire department to worry about the supply of water before they come save you and your home? Then before they agree over that stupid issue your neighbors house has caught fire