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GetEduc8d July 5th, 2013 4:38pm

Monsanto - an innovative company or evil corporation?

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logophile Florida
07/05/13 1:08 pm

I want everyone who sees this to watch Food Inc. It presents the good and bad of Monsanto.

GetEduc8d learning more everyday
07/05/13 10:51 am

I see them as misguided. They seem to only care about what will make them profits & don't really care about the broader implications of their products. I chose the two descriptors because those are the ones I commonly hear people use.

07/05/13 11:13 am

Does that mean you voted evil? If so please explain. A company is in business to make money. That's what they do. They invented round up, which has helped us reduce use of other pesticides and increased our food supply.

GetEduc8d learning more everyday
07/05/13 12:30 pm

It's actually a herbicide & like with the overuse of antibiotics leading to super bugs, overuse of roundup has lead to super weeds. Food supply has never been an issue, it's been the distribution. We tend to over produce.

GetEduc8d learning more everyday
07/05/13 12:33 pm

But yes I do see them as being more evil. I believe companies can make money while being socially responsible.

07/05/13 12:35 pm

Corn production is higher than ever but prices are higher than ever due to ever increasing demand from China. Millions of people are still starving but we feed more and more with the ever increasing productivity.
Herbicide of course, thanks.

07/05/13 12:41 pm

I still don't see what is evil? There are guidelines for how to use roundup, they don't make farmers overuse.

GetEduc8d learning more everyday
07/05/13 1:28 pm

One thing that comes to mind as being somewhat evil is suing farmers who don't use their products when there's cross pollination with GMO plants. Like someone below said they're more like bullies than evil. I'm going to do a follow up poll tomorrow.

07/05/13 2:08 pm

I don't know of any cases of cross pollination where they have sued a farmer. There has been sabotage. Recently there was a case where some locals complained about Monsanto, I think it was in WA or OR. Monsanto shot back it was not them.

07/05/13 2:09 pm

... Now the FBI is investigating the case and it was revealed that they believe it was sabotage.

Kay41 the Midwest
07/05/13 10:16 am

I actually see them more as a bully than anything else.

susanr Colorado
07/05/13 10:36 am

I don't seem them as exactly evil, but as Kay says, as bullying. But they're definitely innovative also. I'm not nearly as concerned about GMOs as many people (cautious, & wishing I were more up-to-date on the actual science, though).

Cruz2016 Rum Bum Beach City
07/05/13 10:05 am

I voted innovative. I would like to have an easy to read label on whether or not a product contains GMO's though

07/05/13 10:27 am

I think you can pretty much expect it's everything. Even if it says it doesn't, I'm not sure you can trust it. GMO is not allowed in Europe, but products with traces of GMO are found all the time.

07/05/13 9:42 am

Anyone voting evil, please explain. I'm honestly interested.

KudosToYou California
07/05/13 11:43 am

For me, there's a point where you're doing too much to turn profit. "Leasing" seeds, using GMOs and being strongly against GMO labeling (I trust corporations less than the government) is past that point.

07/05/13 11:51 am

The leasing is to protect from patent violations which is a big problem with any live organism.
GMO are allowed. If you're against that you should complain to the government.
Thanks for voicing your opinion. Too many vote and won't comment.

07/05/13 9:42 am

Fierce competitor of my company but I still cannot in any way vote evil.