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Were you ever in an organized scouting group as a kid? (UserQ)

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jkg Missouri
07/13/11 10:54 pm

Learning skills that last a life time.

07/12/11 11:47 pm

Yeah. Than I found out my dad just wanted the cookies we sold.

06/30/11 8:20 pm

still involved as Scoutmaster!!

06/29/11 5:03 pm

I was in girl scouts and i loved it! Now, our troup kinda grew apart...

06/28/11 7:26 pm

Good luck on your project, epicscout. There are very few distinctions that you can earn that compare with becoming an Eagle. Very respected thing to have on a resume, too.

06/27/11 11:46 pm

Btw I'm 14 yr old almost eagle project In progress

trenton Tennessee
06/27/11 2:51 pm

That's how it was for me. Except for me it was in an abandoned High School gym. We mostly just sat around talking while the "leaders" smoked outside.

06/27/11 12:30 pm

Yes, made Eagle Scout. Great experience for me, especially since about 50% of my time was in a troop overseas. Built a trail for my project.

runswimgal California
06/27/11 8:56 am

Girl scout. Brownie to ambassador. Bronze, silver, gold. All available awards and co-leader for my younger sisters troop. I loved it!

06/27/11 2:47 am

Eagle scout.. Great experience. Worth it. Project took like 7 months. Straight. What?

06/27/11 12:19 am

Eagle Scout & arrow of light inducted.

takashi Colorado
06/26/11 9:01 pm

I was but we never got anything done and we all screwed around at the meetings. That's why I quit

06/26/11 8:29 am

Scouts was awesome! We had gay people in our troop, and it was no big deal. It never came up really. I learned a lot about how to be a man in scouts. One of the bigger lessons was to treat people with respect and not to rush to judgement. 8)

06/26/11 12:43 am

I was but my troop had no idea what it was doing and they were all immature shitheads

06/25/11 11:17 pm

seriously. why are so many people completely oblivious of the boy scouts anit homosexual policies? the worst thing is that they recieve public funding and are still allowed to discriminate.

Mingler Ohio
06/25/11 9:05 pm

@mayhem you realize the boy scouts are incredibly anti-gay right?

06/25/11 8:03 pm

Actually, it's between fifth and sixth grade, usually around the age of 12.

06/25/11 7:06 pm

when does a cub scout become a boy scout?

when he eats his first brownie!!!!

06/25/11 6:39 pm

Losers. Scouts is for homosexuals (gays)

06/25/11 6:39 pm

In Brownies, then Girl Scouts...and was a Scout Leader as an adult. excellent organization!

06/25/11 3:42 pm

It would be great except for their discriminatory policies. They do have a philosophy that discriminates against homosexuals (gay).

06/25/11 2:43 pm

Loved Brownies. Hated Girl Scouts - mainly because we had two troop leaders who disliked one another. We didn't have meetings, we had war.

06/25/11 12:59 pm

You can't get kicked out for being gay. That's ridiculous. They were saying gay as in stupid. Which, come on people, be a little more creative. Stop saying gay meaning stupid. You sound ignorant.

EnginE3r Texas
06/25/11 11:04 am

I was in Royal Rangers, which is basically boy scouts but with a focus on God

06/25/11 11:01 am

You'll get a badge for that!

06/25/11 8:58 am

The people that say it's gay are mad because they were kicked out of it FOR being gay. Ha!! Life scout

06/25/11 8:34 am

I was in girl scouts for five years but I later applied to be a boy scouts. They denied me.

06/25/11 7:37 am

Girl scouts 18 years ago when I was 8. I hated it. Creepy. Only did it for like half a year. Just didn't like it

06/25/11 12:55 am

Brownie and girl scouts!!

06/24/11 11:13 pm

A boy scout of one year, boring

06/24/11 9:43 pm

I promise boy scouts is gay.... Scouts honor

charlie17 Nevada
06/24/11 9:31 pm

@ co-d: that's messed up, they discriminated against you?

capplik Florida
06/24/11 8:23 pm

nope, the boy scouts dont like "faggots"

06/24/11 7:56 pm

I also know a 14 year old workin on his Eagle Project! OVER ACHIEVER!!!!!

06/24/11 7:52 pm

Still am! BSA!

Boys scouts is awesome!

06/24/11 7:13 pm

I was in boy scouts for a year before I quit. I almost regret it b/c it seemed like they had alot of fun.

06/24/11 6:57 pm

Workin on my eagle scout

06/24/11 6:32 pm

@ Gracie you just made a good point that all troops are not alike. As a leader I tried to point that out to our scouting families. There are lots of cub packs and BSA troops. Each one has a different flavor, look around and find the one that you like best.

06/24/11 6:19 pm

you can't get kicked out because your gay or cannot join because your black. the scout leader made that decision. it was their lose and your gain.

06/24/11 6:03 pm

We weren't allowed to join, it was only for whites back then!

06/24/11 5:53 pm

I just remember going through some type of "hazing" because I wouldn't jump in the water...good times! btw that was girl scouts:)

06/24/11 5:18 pm

I learned knots in GS. I only used glitter to make Christmas ornaments for our adopted nursing home patients at Christmas time. We camped A LOT and learned fun campfire songs. We learned to prepare meals over the fire and to administer first aid. We sold cookies, but BS sell popcorn, so...