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AnnaRose July 5th, 2013 12:10pm

I'm actually awake and being productive and it's only seven this morning. Do you ever surprise yourself by how early you can wake up or if you are a morning person unlike me, how long you can sleep in?

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jmw7477 Indiana
07/05/13 3:48 pm

I'm a morning person. But sometimes I'll sleep in a bit on Monday mornings. (I work Tues, Thurs, & Sat.) I get up & get my husband off to work. Then I go back to bed.

bonemedic Texas
07/05/13 12:32 pm

I usually get up at 4 when I have to go to school, usually save homework or last min studying to do for in the morning.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
07/05/13 8:01 am

I'm not a morning person, so when I have to wake up super early or when I wake up super early on my own, I am a bit grouchy. I'm normally like, "Why am I up so darn early?!" If I don't HAVE to be up that early, I try to go back to sleep!

AnnaRose Texas
07/05/13 9:03 am

Haha that's exactly how I am too Ariella!

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
07/05/13 9:05 am

Haha, this morning I woke up at eight. I was like, "Why?! WHY AM I AWAKE?!" Lol.

07/05/13 5:39 am

I'm pretty sure I constantly switch from being a morning person to not being one. Sometimes I'll wake up at 6 and just get going, but sometimes I'll sleep in until 11 :) it has to do with the night before, usually

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
07/05/13 5:22 am

Grrawrrrr. Me no like mornings

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
07/05/13 5:12 am

Nope... I'm a morning person and a late night person. I usually stay up until around three and get up around six. :) Once I'm up, I'm out of bed and starting my day.

AnnaRose Texas
07/05/13 5:16 am

Lucky! I usually can't even get myself out of bed until eight or nine..

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
07/05/13 5:18 am

You just need some motivation! ;D
I get up and get everything done as soon as possible, so that I can relax late in the day and just use SoH instead of multitasking.

DavesNotHere where am I
07/05/13 7:38 am

You're gonna pay for 3 hours of sleep later. Believe me, it'll catch up to you.

AnnaRose Texas
07/05/13 8:38 am

No! Don't die Lucchese!!!

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
07/05/13 8:52 am

It's quite alright. How was your fourth?

AnnaRose Texas
07/05/13 8:56 am

It was pretty good. The beach was too busy and closed for entrance around eleven so we just watched chipmunk movies on TV, grilled, then went to fireworks with the apartment manager's family. How was yours?

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
07/05/13 8:59 am

Pretty good... Spent it at my Uncle's and watched them blow through $2500 in fireworks. :) Guess I can't complain.

AnnaRose Texas
07/05/13 9:03 am

Well that's good :)