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wego July 5th, 2013 6:46am

Is anyone else getting the same polls multiple times?

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kubu1218 Texas
07/07/13 8:08 pm

I hate it and the OCD in me has to answer them both times (but its not OCD enough to want to make sure I answer them the same way both times)!

stephie4 Shockadelica
07/05/13 9:50 am

Same polls. Sometimes polls are showing up until I refresh a couple times. Everything moving at a snail's pace. I assume it's just growing pains on the new server.

jenks76 Western Kentucky
07/05/13 9:25 am

I did yesterday. I answered all the new polls then when I went back to the home page 3 of the polls I just answered showed up as new polls.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
07/05/13 8:04 am

When the update first came out, I was getting double and sometimes triple polls! I haven't seen any double polls lately though.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/05/13 7:58 am

Don't anyone do it unless you remember your username and password, but I'm wondering if the double polls are still there first after closing the app and restarting it, and if so after uninstalling the app and reinstalling/upgrading it?

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/05/13 7:59 am

Also if when you see the double polls in the app if you switch over to the web version if you see them there too? You can have the app and web versions running at the same time.

Tony SOH Founder
07/05/13 8:18 am

I don't think that's it. We're still trying to recreate it consistently so we can squash it...

wego Utah
07/06/13 12:52 am

Hey Tony come read this...I just posted a few polls and for the last two I got multiple pop ups that said my poll would be posted, etc. Does that info help at all?

aurealis the sky
07/05/13 12:32 am

Um no? Only a few when the update first came out but that's it.

comppete Las Vegas
07/05/13 12:28 am

I have seen them since the update, but today it didn't happen at all.

MrsOH Washington state
07/05/13 12:26 am

What's funny is you can answer them differently.

susanr Colorado
07/04/13 11:52 pm

Yeah, it's been a known issue with the update. I think Tony posted a poll or a message about it a couple of days ago. You might be able to find it if you look back through your polls. (My list is way too long...) Do they go away when you...

susanr Colorado
07/04/13 11:53 pm

...refresh polls? Many of them do. I've been seeing a lot like that, and it seems like more tonight than usual.

There are others that seem to stick & not go away. I know it's being looked into; not sure what the status is.

wego Utah
07/04/13 11:58 pm

Nope, they stick. I haven't been around much...sorry if I created a redundancy. Thanks for the info!!

susanr Colorado
07/05/13 12:01 am

No problem, wego. That notice or poll is probably pretty far back, no surprise that you might not have seen it. I know Tony was asking for screen shots but he might have plenty by now. I can ask, though, although he may see this poll & stop by.

wego Utah
07/05/13 12:11 am

A screenshot probably wouldn't help from here. I'm getting six or seven polls, a few more, then the same six or seven again, a few more new ones, the six or seven again... I thought my list was jumping back to the top, but in each set

wego Utah
07/05/13 12:12 am

The new set is unanswered, and my little scroll indicator s further down. Just some info for Tony in case he happens by...

susanr Colorado
07/05/13 12:40 am

Thanks, I passed this information on, too.