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05/31/12 6:46 pm

Adele has a better voice, but I picked Taylor only because of her singwriting skills at such a young age.

HolyBabble Mississippi
05/27/12 12:12 pm

If you picked Adele over Swift..... You're a moron.... seriously!

05/25/12 10:28 am

lol at everyone getting offended by HolyBabble. they're obviously a troll.

05/24/12 5:01 am

yea taylor swift has won entertainer of the year twice

05/24/12 5:00 am

taylor swift has 4 albums micahbaile so take that! plus her concerts have fireworks! top that!!!

Kato Minnesota
05/23/12 4:38 pm

@holybabble are you kidding me? Taylor Swift seriously she needs I sing about something else and make a song that doesn't sound like every single other effing song she's made Jesus Adele is a trillion times better

HolyBabble Mississippi
05/22/12 8:58 am

Taylor Swift has more talent in her pinky finger then Adele has in her whole big fat body.

HolyBabble Mississippi
05/22/12 8:56 am

Really? 62% say Adele?

What a bunch of idiots!!!!!!!!!

jlopez9090 Indiana
05/22/12 1:41 am

If you put Taylor, you don't know music. P.s. don't let the fact that Adele is mainstream cloud the fact that she is incredibly talented

micahbaile Ohio
05/21/12 8:00 pm

Btw, Adele has 2 albums. 19 and 21 are the names. Just saying.

micahbaile Ohio
05/21/12 7:50 pm

Is this really even a question?! Adele is obviously a better singer. I'm speechless..

05/21/12 7:10 pm

Adel is a rude British prick. Taylor all the way.

tardis! Colorado
05/21/12 4:55 pm

the beatles/Elvis/frank Sinatra/dean Martin all the way. I feel bad for adel's xs emmbarasing!

GirlOnFire Ohio
05/20/12 7:15 pm

I love both of them but I think Adele has a better voice.

smiley12 California
05/20/12 6:36 pm

LOVE ADELE and I DESPISE Taylor swift

05/20/12 11:19 am

Adele is doable. But taylor swift can be used all over the place.

valeriejo ramble on
05/20/12 9:26 am

But I do agree with someone else that posted earlier -- if amy winehouse was still around Adele wouldn't have been nearly as successful.. Nothing of this era could match Amy's voice and style.. Wish she could have overcame her problems :(

valeriejo ramble on
05/20/12 9:23 am

@joemo.. Adele may only have 1 album but she won EIGHT grammy's for it -- 4 of them being the "big four" -- the highest grammy awards you can receive.. Taylor swift, with her countless albums has received just 6.. Not too shabby but still doesn't beat Adele.

nerdy Massachusetts
05/20/12 7:56 am

Not even comparable, two totally different singers. Taylor Swift is teeny bopper and Adele is in a league of her own

WhoDat Missouri
05/20/12 7:12 am

Umm.. Taylor Swift isn't just country, she does pop too..

05/20/12 1:34 am

Of course, females relate mor to Adele's lyrics... because most of her lyrics is about women getting butt hurt from a break up.

05/20/12 1:33 am

More talented? Adele. Sexually attractive? Definitely taylor swift.

deosil WA
05/20/12 12:27 am

Taylor is t-ball compared to Adele.

05/20/12 12:15 am

T Swift has been successful for how many years? Adele has what, one CD? No comparison. Swift wins. 2 different sounds too.

05/19/12 10:53 pm

@booknerd what do you mean you grew up with swift? She's like 20 lol

05/19/12 10:00 pm

At least Have people from the same genre as the 2 options. Geez

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
05/19/12 9:04 pm

Taylor Swift is not even in the same league as Adele! How could there even be a comparison? That's like comparing Britney Spears to Beyonce, as far as singing talent goes

05/19/12 8:40 pm

Not a fan of a girl who constantly sings about an ex who has moved on and she hasn't...

Jzz California
05/19/12 7:39 pm

Lazis I am with you. country is not my cup of tea.

Kommandant Indiana
05/19/12 5:57 pm

Tell you what, keep the girls. I will go with a woman like Faith Hill any day over those kids.

Nerdz Texas
05/19/12 3:35 pm

I grew up with swift but right now my taste is Adele

05/19/12 3:24 pm

If for some reason my only 2 choices were one of them I would have to pick Adele. I just can't stand country music at all.

DrReid Ever present.
05/19/12 2:37 pm

Adele is just... Boring, and "Rumor has it" is one of the most annoying songs on the radio. Worst than Nicki Minag.

NiiroK El Taco
05/19/12 2:09 pm

My god they're both just so terrible, had choice

05/19/12 2:00 pm

Who are these people? Never heard of either.

05/19/12 1:45 pm

Is there a comparison?

05/19/12 1:35 pm

...dumped. I'm not fond of either of them but I don't think Taylor's voice sounds as whiney as Adele's so I chose Taylor.

05/19/12 1:35 pm

I'm sorry but Adele is one of those bigger girls that says she's confident in her body but whines about skinny girls. Hypocrisy at its finest. But Taylor Swift also rants about how "strong she is and how she doesn't need a boyfriend to make her complete" yet she writes a song every time she gets...