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r3VOLution July 4th, 2013 3:01am

Have you seen the documentary "Hot Coffee"? (Available on Netflix instant video, trailer in comments)

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PAK the Armpit of Florida
07/04/13 4:25 am

Everyone should watch it. It totally changed my perspective on some of the more famous "frivolous" law suits. That poor woman!

PartyJustin R.O.C.K. in the R.O.C.
07/03/13 8:55 pm

I just saw it on there last night, I'm definitely thinking of checking it out.

PartyJustin R.O.C.K. in the R.O.C.
07/03/13 8:56 pm

(Should have watched it instead of the Cronenberg movie I watched instead. Like I needed that headache...)

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
07/03/13 8:56 pm

You should watch it and you should get everybody you know to watch it, it is a super super important and powerful documentary that will change the way you think about many many things

Kay41 the Midwest
07/03/13 8:19 pm

Looks very interesting. I will have to watch it soon.

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
07/03/13 8:59 pm

Everybody should see this film, if you can get your friends and family to watch it with you then please do. I can't even describe how much of an impact it had on me and everyone who watched it with me, it really effected us all.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
07/03/13 8:15 pm

I cant wait to see. Had a bunch of actresses i like.

r3VOLution not of this world
07/03/13 8:22 pm

Um I don't think you are thinking of the same movie. This is a documentary against tort reform.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
07/04/13 6:46 am

Youre right. Im waayyyyy off. My bad :)

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
07/03/13 8:12 pm

Yes I saw it two years ago and it was extremely informative, I wish more people would watch it, everybody needs to watch it. I was kind of disgusted by humanity afterwards in all honesty

eLucidate writing
07/03/13 8:51 pm

Watching it right now, thanks for the info.

eLucidate writing
07/03/13 10:45 pm

I definitely have a new perspective on tort reform. I liked how the journalist pointed out how journalism in general has failed to research this issue.

susanr Colorado
07/03/13 11:20 pm

This looks wonderful; thanks for posting the poll. I knew so much about the coffee case in the past, & it looks like it will be a pleasure (of sorts) to hear about it more directly. One thing I remember pretty clearly is that she did NOT sue for...

susanr Colorado
07/03/13 11:21 pm

millions of dollars, but basically to recoup her medical expenses. It was the JURY who decided to award her far more than she had asked for, after hearing all the evidence. And as I recall the amount was McD's coffee profits for ONE DAY.