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Wink July 3rd, 2013 12:08pm

Are you craving anything right now? Please share in the comments.

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Charence East Tennessee
07/03/13 8:58 pm

It's some kind of white chocolate with cream cheese & pudding pie that my daughter makes. Not sure i got all of the ingredients, but it is amazing. Gonna have to sweet talk her into making one for the old man.

Gingerred primum non nocere
07/03/13 12:42 pm


Or stir fry with a generous splash of soy sauce.

I'm hungry. :o

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
07/03/13 12:33 pm

Something really sweet and rich, like a cheesecake! My sweet tooth has been out of control here lately! I've been wanting everything and anything sweet! :-)

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
07/03/13 9:19 am

The sequel is never as good as the original!!

07/03/13 8:20 am

Chocolate banana milkshake

velosarahptor Wisconsin
07/03/13 7:04 am

My best friend back from camp.
Also funfetti cake with pink frosting.

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
07/03/13 6:49 am

To have my grand kids snuggled up in bed, laying like bunch of laundry, raining outside.. So it's just right

fairness a coward dies 1000 deaths
07/03/13 6:36 am

Yea Friday off work. But I'm not gonna get it.

MrsLizT South Louisiana
07/03/13 5:55 am

Blueberry pancakes and sausage.

dawl adulting
07/03/13 6:18 am

Change sausage to bacon and hell yeah

07/03/13 5:10 am

Strawberry shortcake with lots and lots and LOTS of whipped cream. Oh hell, maybe just a can of whipped cream and a few berries.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/03/13 9:08 am

Sounds better all the time.

dawl adulting
07/03/13 6:17 am

Me too- having green juice instead.

dawl adulting
07/03/13 8:29 am

F*ck it having coffee now at work :P

Emily33 North Carolina
07/03/13 8:30 am

Don't blame you. I'm two cups in