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ladybug0 July 3rd, 2013 11:56am

Do you believe aliens have visited the planet earth?

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Jayseph Wasatch Front
07/05/13 3:07 am

I'm curious why they only visit white trailer trash hillbillies who live on a liquid diet.

DavesNotHere where am I
07/03/13 3:11 pm

Most of them come from Mexico & Guatemala

FrozenPhoton Behind the Shadows
07/03/13 8:28 am

I have seen all the UFO on tape videos, and I do not know exactly what to think...
I am just neutral right now...

JollyMan93 Big Sky Guy
07/03/13 6:33 am

I love how my phones ring tone is set to the Sci-fi ring lol! When it goes off ppl look all around! It's hilarious

07/03/13 5:05 am

I do because of The Lines of Nazca Peru, why else would these drawings be there