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Kris July 3rd, 2013 5:31am

Do you ever feel like one day you're just going to snap and go off the deep end for a while?

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Jayseph Wasatch Front
07/05/13 3:23 am

I think if I was going to I would have already.

Marley17 or is it just me...
07/04/13 10:12 am

I'm surprised I haven't yet, I think everyone is waiting though.

07/03/13 1:22 pm

All the time. That's why I have to get so much done before it all goes down.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
07/03/13 12:40 pm

I have before.
I am sorry if that's how you're feeling at the moment. Stay strong, it gets better, sweetheart. Keep your head held high, Kris.

JollyMan93 Big Sky Guy
07/03/13 9:44 am

My names Ricky roony and I've gone completely insane!

juiceman1601 Alton Il.
07/03/13 6:37 am

It's unhealthy to be like that for too long but you wouldn't cover boiling water without the steam release would you?

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
07/03/13 6:11 am

I used to. Doesn't help being an emotional woman. Just have to keep in mind that Sht Will Get Better. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but it will. Just gotta think happy thoughts and work to get yourself where you want to be. It wont happen without u.

JollyMan93 Big Sky Guy
07/03/13 5:32 am

All the stuff I've been through I've learned to control myself and my emotions better. Sure I get down once and awhile or mad like yesterday when I had to pay 60 dollars on something my insurance wouldn't cover. Grrr still lol

comppete Las Vegas
07/03/13 12:11 am

Hold on tight, it will get better.

susanr Colorado
07/02/13 11:34 pm

I've been there in the past, yes, but not any time recently.

mtbRIDER Gone riding...
07/02/13 11:27 pm

Tough days, yep... Snap, nope. Everything always works out if you do the right thing. :)

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
07/02/13 11:25 pm

I'm a bologna sandwich away from going totally nuts.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
07/03/13 6:12 am

What?! No Mustard?!?! F•k it All!!! Im out!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/02/13 10:39 pm

No, I'm pretty mellow, but I have gotten to where I just say FTS, pack up my stuff, and move on. More than once. I'd be getting close to that point if I was in your situation for sure.

Jungle in the dog house
07/02/13 10:36 pm

I always stay in control, but that said I know where you're coming from Kris, and I really feel sorry for the situation you're in. I pray for you.