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Show Of Hands April 4th, 2012 12:00am

Against your current peer group, would you finish higher in a spelling bee competition or a talent show?

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hexin Wisconsin
04/11/12 12:11 pm

I enjoy spelling words correctly (though I still fail a lot), and I have no talents, so...

04/10/12 8:47 pm

Can't spell worth ****. Novice pianist. But can I MC the talent show instead plz?? :))

Pre Michigan
04/08/12 9:30 am

I've won talent shows and spelling bees, but I think some of it was luck on the spelling. :P

04/08/12 6:49 am

Ya don't gotta know how to spell to blare a good tune on ya horn. ;)

04/06/12 5:17 pm

Talent: sports which u can't do in a talent show sooooooooo...

04/06/12 4:09 pm

I would embarrass myself in both. Thanks spellcheck for correcting 'embarrass'.

FrostedMin California
04/06/12 3:39 pm

I theenk I wud winn at spelingg! ;)

04/05/12 9:27 pm

Both. Ive won spelling tests and my current peer group only pays to make thier children talented so that people will ignore the fact that they are talentless bitches.

04/05/12 8:45 pm

I would fail at spelling, and I don't have any talents... Well, sh*t.

I answered spelling though...

04/05/12 8:16 pm

I was one round away from the National Spelling Bee last year.. so probably spelling bee! but I am into theater as well. So either way.

04/05/12 7:20 pm

I finished 8th at the Mid-South Spelling Bee this year, so obviously spelling bee.

catey Pennsylvania
04/05/12 7:16 pm

Well I'm pretty smart and can spell well, but I'm also a good singer. So I don't know.

04/05/12 7:11 pm

lol, spelling bee.. doubt it.

Nerdz Texas
04/05/12 6:37 pm

well I have no talent, so spelling bee and I actually placed 2nd in my school.

04/05/12 6:19 pm

IM TERRIBLE AT SPELLING! I will take a talent show any day! im really funny so i will do comedy, DUHH

04/05/12 3:57 pm

Plus I've participated in both and won both. Like I said, it's a toss up.

04/05/12 3:55 pm

I am an honor student and have been playing piano for eight years. I would probably do better in both so I just chose one. I have some pretty smart and talented friends though so it's a toss up.

04/05/12 3:44 pm

Spelling bee. Im not that good at talent things lol

bkelldance Illinois
04/05/12 2:34 pm

I am an honor student and got a lead In the school musical. I had to go with spelling bee because my friends are all awesome singers!

04/05/12 2:00 pm

Well I happen to be a very talented singer and won the talent show at my high school. I'm also an excellent speller but I'd have to go with a talent show.

manlypantss florida
04/05/12 1:51 pm

I'm really smart, but I couldn't spell "onion" until I was 14. Actually, it's still pretty difficult to spell simple words, but I'm more talented and not a great speller.

dancestar8 Pennsylvania
04/05/12 1:44 pm

When I was in elementary school and we had spelling tests I could never get a 100% no matter how hard I tried and studied. I'm not stupid. Just a bad speller. I'm way better at dancing. :)

fossilman Youngstown, Ohio
04/05/12 1:39 pm

2 TIME ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SPELLING BEE CHAMP! Notice how much enthusiasm was expressed. Yes, one my biggest accomplishments. Sad? Yes. Pathetic? Yes. Do I take pride in it? Absolutely.

04/05/12 1:13 pm

depends on what talent you are looking at...I have a great talent for causing trouble

monkxo New York
04/05/12 12:58 pm

I would do well in both, I did talent show because I stumble on my words a lot and i wouldn't be able to spell large words in front of a crowd

taurus98 in the TARDIS
04/05/12 12:54 pm

I would suck at a Spelling Bee because I have a problem with spelling words out verbally, I'm pretty good at spelling when I just have to write the word down. Probably talent show, even though I don't have any major talents.
I'm a fairly good at drawing and artistic type of stuff.

Hestia Vermont
04/05/12 12:06 pm

You're reading the post of a past grade-school spelling bee third place winner. :)

04/05/12 11:38 am

I think I would win both ;)

04/05/12 10:44 am

I can play piano and other instruments but spelling I'm great at I'm in highest spelling group

EarlyBird Portland
04/05/12 10:35 am

I'm so not talented in either one. Um but I'm really nice.

DB1984 Pennsylvania
04/05/12 9:23 am

I can spell quite well but I am also a musician , guitar and vocals .

Kyonkichi Memphis
04/05/12 8:53 am

Really both for me...I can sing and spell pretty well.

04/05/12 8:36 am

What if I would win in both . . . ?

04/05/12 8:22 am

I have terrible punctuation, and my sentence structure is atrocious. Spelling is eh. But when I go on Facebook, It makes me look like a Harvard grad. Do schools or parents even care anymore?