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dkspartan July 3rd, 2013 12:12am

The government has a duty to protect certain people from themselves

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wego Utah
07/06/13 12:14 am

Do you ever wonder what the world would look like if "survival of the fittest" was still reality?

DCsocialite model actress stylist
07/03/13 2:22 pm

A mentally sick person may be threatening to themselves and potentially others (speculation) and in that case; sure let's protect us by providing help. However. Thug on the street hurts himself daily with heroin--survival of the fittest.

Happy Hong Kong
07/02/13 6:48 pm

"I'm from the Government; and I'm here to help" is probably the most feared phrase in the English language.

dkspartan Bay Area
07/02/13 7:27 pm

Really? Bc I think I'm going to fucking murder you and your family is a little scarier

Nukimo NC Dreaming of Far Away
07/03/13 4:59 am

Dkspartan, your comment goes to, protect "you from someone else" & not as in your poll question/scenario which is the govnm't protecting "you from yourself" or "certain people from themselves."

rolltribe Ohio
07/02/13 5:35 pm

This is a great question! Tony should promote it