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fixitlater July 2nd, 2013 10:26pm

Have you ever been hell bent on doing something then chickened out last minute? Was it a good choice or a regret in comments.

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america95 Georgia
07/02/13 8:17 pm

If I commit to something I always follow through on it 100%. No matter how terrible it is, how tired it makes me, or how much sanity I lose. Guess I was just raised that way, by my biological parents and my social parents a.k.a the South

kilgoretrout my toes are cold.
07/02/13 4:31 pm

I was going to zip line in Costa Rica, but after seeing their water slide, I didn't really trust the safety.

dramaschick All ways in my head
07/02/13 4:26 pm

If I decide to do something I really do everything I can to make it happen even if its scary. It's the stuff I should do that I don't follow thru on