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Angela12 July 2nd, 2013 6:37pm

If you had the chance to talk to an important historical figure (MLK, Lincoln, etc.) would you ask them more about their life/experiences, or ask them how to solve today's problems?

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comppete Las Vegas
07/03/13 9:32 pm

I would ask; Did you seek the fame or importance you had or was it bestowed on you? Meaning, how did you get to where you were at your peak?

MissN The Experiment
07/02/13 8:43 pm

..ask them how to solve today's problems using their life experiences.

Wert A picture of my junk
07/02/13 2:26 pm

I wouldn't expect them to grasp modern issues, so I wouldn't waste either of our time on it. I'd go for the historical perspective and, just maybe from that we could glean a solution to our modern dilemmas.

longhorn1 Kindocologist Hater
07/02/13 11:46 am

I'd question Osama bin Laden to see how surprised he was when he heard helicopters in his backyard.

07/02/13 11:45 am

Hearing about their life experiences might give perspective on how they were able to solve problems. Combine that with our knowledge of current problems and who knows what we might be able to fix or improve.

Zimmeress Make Me Laugh
07/02/13 11:42 am

It would take ages to explain what we have going on now to them, but I would like to hear their thoughts about present time.

Angela12 Anyang, South Korea
07/02/13 11:59 am

I know, right? So we have this thing called the Internet, and this thing called the NSA is monitoring all of our activity on it and listening to all of our portable telephone calls.

Angela12 Anyang, South Korea
07/02/13 12:00 pm

That's right, a phone can fit in the palm of your hand! It's like a mini-computer now! You don't know what a computer is? Well...