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Show Of Hands September 12th, 2011 12:00am

Have you ever driven away with something (phone, coffee, etc.) still on your roof or bumper? (UserQ)

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ncbuc Get Over It
09/26/11 9:15 pm

Ha! A pizza that I was delivering way back when. True story.

jrgklovell Illinois
09/26/11 12:58 am

I drove off from the gas station with the nozzle still in the has tank. Oops.

09/23/11 1:18 am

haha yeah my laptop. Drove over 10 miles and finally a lady stopped me. haha was very dumb!

Unicorns California
09/20/11 11:05 pm

it was fertilizer it fell on the road wen I turned when I went back there was dirt everywhere

09/20/11 8:25 am

...and it was still on the roof when I arrived!

09/18/11 3:11 am

@dansde: I haven't.
I actually don't get how you COULD do this...
You should always be aware of all your surroundings at all times possible.
If you can't do as such, you have too much going on.

09/16/11 1:51 pm

what a stupid question....who hasn't

09/15/11 6:31 pm

Does the gas pump count. Yes the gas pump.

jacuzz Arizona
09/15/11 2:08 pm

Liars!!! We all know that a food 90% of you have done this!

09/15/11 5:01 am

OMG. yes, my kid in a car seat! I went about two feet. he didn't fall. thank god.

09/15/11 12:35 am

My daughter's happy meal just last week. She was pissed.

09/14/11 7:09 am

Yup. A screwdriver and pliers left on the back bumper of my SUV. How do I know? 3 days later my husband asked where the screwdriver was. Hmm, last I remember... No way! That Tahoe did have a smooth ride :). They were safe all over town.

09/14/11 3:39 am

I left a library book on the roof of the car

09/14/11 12:24 am

Awesome. Now that I've said "no", I'll probably do it all the time :/

09/14/11 12:19 am

Yep, gas caps. More than once too.

09/14/11 12:17 am

And I was wondering why People were honking.... Lol

lindyj New Hampshire
09/13/11 11:42 pm

When my kids were toddlers, sippy cups very often.

watermelon Minnesota
09/13/11 10:19 pm

Hahaha I love how the majority of everyone said yes! I once drove away with my camera in between the back wing of my car wedged in there.... I went all the way to work and home and some how it didn't fall out or break!

09/13/11 8:55 pm

Ok you got me. I do know a good # of girls my age who would sleep with anyone. Especially if they had $. It's disgusting actually. And young doesn't mean illegal. You win

09/13/11 8:36 pm

@ rosebud I was going to say at first that I roofie club girls but I thought that was going to far. As for @American, his stupidity amuses me.

takashi Colorado
09/13/11 6:39 pm

When I was 6, my dad left his $50 headphones on top of the car when we were at the beach. I was looking out the back window and saw them shatter into a million pieces

09/13/11 1:15 pm

Vanguarde, that one was over the top.
Although I did find it hysterical you stopped you're trolling to comment on American earlier...

09/13/11 12:33 pm

My limo driver looks the other way when I seduce young club girls, so I pay him well ($250 hour)

09/13/11 9:32 am

Anyone making fun of people who do, how long have you been driving?

09/13/11 7:01 am

my mom drove away with the home phone on our roof fell off on the highway i guess what a way to hang up

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
09/13/11 4:59 am

Everyone laughed and Dad had a sheepish look on his face since he now knew how to prevent THAT type of stall from happening. At least it was better than when we first got it, there was at least 1 stall per time the vehicle was on, because of how long ago they had last driven stickshiftsb4.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
09/13/11 4:55 am

We now have 2 Volvos with manual transmissions and something is bound to jerk off on startup/shutdown once in 50 starts/shutdowns due to stalls. An example was yesterday my dad had it in gear, the parking brake was on, and he didn't give it enough gas and WHAM—the whole car jerked…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
09/13/11 4:52 am

I voted yes, although I don't remember if I personally left anything, I just remember being in the vehicle when things would fly off, or setting something on the roof and my dad advising me to remove it if I wanted to see it again :) This was with vehicles with automatic transmissions...

lawstudent Western NC foothills
09/13/11 1:59 am

my textbook the first day of undergraduate school. expensive mistake. :)

Peaceful Minnesota
09/13/11 1:20 am

Wallet a decade ago. Coffee more than once all over the windshield. iPhone recently also down my windshield. Apple gave me a brand-new 1. Thanks to AppleCare!

BadBadger Georgia
09/13/11 12:05 am

Someone should ask this question of those clowns in Raising Arizona. What a classic scene!

cryskull Culpeper, VA
09/12/11 10:47 pm

Just the other day, I left a suspects wallet on the trunk. Lucky for me it was wet so it stuck to my cruiser until I got to the office.

09/12/11 10:19 pm

@yellowmemp eek! that's expensive. I knew someone who placed their French horn behind their suv and her dad backed up over a crushed aluminum can

Theshamwowguy Pittsburgh, PA
09/12/11 10:15 pm

Could back of a dirtbike count cose i cant drive yet

09/12/11 9:51 pm

I don't even have a car!

HappyRat Pennsylvania
09/12/11 8:49 pm

my wife gets so mad at me for this!

09/12/11 7:24 pm

cell phone, sunglasses...