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eLucidate July 2nd, 2013 4:24pm

The top-secret organization that you run from your house has an enemy who needs to be tracked down and dealt with. Who is the man for the job?

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07/04/13 6:26 am

Sherlock Holmes will just talk you to to go with Bond, James Bond on this one

eLucidate writing
07/04/13 8:10 am

But at least you could trust Sherlock with your wife.

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
07/03/13 9:12 pm

How did you know about my top secret organization???

eLucidate writing
07/03/13 12:29 pm

I think Sherlock would win in a fight or in a multi-national chase scene.

dramaschick All ways in my head
07/02/13 11:20 am

I would go with Sherlock because he is brilliant and can make the criminal look stupid

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
07/02/13 9:25 am

Bond... James Bond. He's just so damn awesome. WHY AM I NOT JAMES BOND?!?!?! ):<

BigKennyShow Welcome to the basement
07/02/13 9:33 am

Do you have a license to kill and an Aston Martin? If so you could be with the right shaken drink in your hand.

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
07/02/13 9:38 am

Haha... Give it a few years. (;