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Could you be happy living life as a farmer?

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rons Thanks America
07/08/13 12:54 pm

Depends if i have to muck poop! No to poop! But orchids would work! A gentleman farmer maybe. No milking anything!

FullMoon probably going to hell
07/07/13 9:59 pm

Just because you enjoy FarmVille does NOT mean you'd enjoy being a farmer

TreeHugs Oregon
07/06/13 10:14 pm

I have such an extensive garden that it seems I'm trying to go back to farming (where I grew up). I'd be happy as a farmer. Probably not as wealthy though.

wego Utah
07/06/13 12:15 am

I probably could be, but I'd rather not.

sarah1911 Poolesville MD
07/05/13 6:47 am

I live on a farm with all the luxuries of modern life. Being a country girl doesn't mean no technology. I have Internet, my phone, HDTV, up to date electronics.

07/05/13 4:43 am

As long as I have Internet and all of my various computers, with just enough free time to use them.

tommyjohn77 New Jersey
07/04/13 6:18 pm

As long as there is cable and cell reception

ZestOfClementine Ye Olde 802
07/04/13 2:27 pm

There should be an urban/rural filter. That would be really interesting

07/04/13 1:20 am

thank you Nebraska for not falling into the stereotypes... if I ever worked on a farm I would slowly cry myself to sleep each night

07/03/13 10:30 pm

Don't do it, it's a trap. There is no peace when you have to get up at 5 to feed all of the animals, drive thirty minutes to see your friends, and the mules and roosters don't sleep until like 4 A.M.

jae27 City of Angels
07/03/13 10:02 pm

As long as my crop is marijuna I'll be happy

07/03/13 8:46 pm

We have a registered black angus farm. It's peaceful living on a farm & I don't have rude neighbors.

cindy829 Alabama
07/03/13 3:51 pm

I have considered this. If I had a mate it would be a peaceful lifestyle.

rb928 Northern Kentucky
07/03/13 2:58 pm

I grew up on a farm. It is HARD work.

sims3man68 California
07/03/13 1:48 pm

I have been corrupted by the suburban lifestyle.

roundsquare round square
07/05/13 8:28 pm

Let me see a picture of you because then I will tell you if you are correct.

CaliBoy420 The Arms of My Boy
07/03/13 11:33 am

I'd have a VERY happy life as a Medical Marijuana farmer ^-^

Ikillgiants California
07/03/13 12:46 pm

Let me guess, you're 12?

07/03/13 11:05 am

Do you really want to know? I'm working on a farm right now and our machine broke down. So much for getting done early today! Farming ruins my summer!

minnema Minneapolis MN
07/03/13 6:27 am

I used to think I could be a farmer but its very isolated and no coffee shops..... although now you could have your own espresso machine! Maybe I could!

ZaQ777 Pittsburgh
07/03/13 5:31 am

I picked 'no' only because 'HELL NO' wasn't an option.

albe Florida
07/03/13 2:33 am

So if the majority of us would be happy. Why is it that farming is a dying career?It's going to become a problem in a few years I believe.

albe Florida
07/03/13 2:41 am

Oh that's right, most of us want easy money careers and don't give a rats ass where our food comes from, as long as is there every time on the same shelves at the groceries. Farmers have a respectable life we could all learn a thing or two from.

07/02/13 11:57 pm

Would love it but might be difficult since I'm not an early morning person

07/02/13 10:11 pm

I get claustrophilia panic like attacks isolated in the country

07/02/13 10:08 pm


Apex swimming in the sky
07/08/13 10:54 pm


jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/02/13 9:47 pm

Yep. We're working on building our mini-farm!! Love the life!!!!

NoRelation Arizona
07/02/13 9:36 pm

I cant handle animals being anything but my family pets. I could be a vegetable farmer, though

musiman28 Cotton country
07/02/13 9:31 pm

Actually, I'm pretty miserable cause I'm not living the farm life!

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
07/02/13 9:08 pm

Like Hank Jr. said, "A country boy will survive".

p3bowman Toledo
07/02/13 8:12 pm

I grew up in a farm community. No way, no how.

MissN The Experiment
07/02/13 7:35 pm

Any happy farmer want a wife?..

think4yourself Not a safe space
07/02/13 8:17 pm

I wouldn't marry a cartoon but you probably can now so you can get free healthcare and federal benefits.

Charence East Tennessee
07/03/13 1:46 am

Grew up on a farm, didnt realize how much I loved it til l grew up and moved away. Miss it greatly now. Was and is a big part of who I am.

MissN The Experiment
07/03/13 8:10 pm

@charence ..sounds lovely =)

coachgeorge95 Texas
07/02/13 5:50 pm

LOL, apparently all the city democrats voted 'no'.

think4yourself Not a safe space
07/02/13 8:18 pm

Liberals hate manual labor or any work for that matter.

coachgeorge95 Texas
07/02/13 11:49 pm


flyberg Northern Kentucky
07/02/13 5:49 pm

Me, yes. My allergy ridden husband wouldn't be so thrilled.

MrWalrus Undergrid
07/02/13 5:45 pm

Not only yes but most defiantly yes!

146787456777 .......
07/02/13 5:09 pm

hell no. Farming is an extremly hard job. Much respect to anyone who makes their living that way.

07/02/13 7:29 pm

I do. It's great!

cshuey1 Pennsylvania
07/02/13 4:37 pm

I would be a beef or vegetable farmer not a dairy farmer

07/02/13 4:35 pm

I would be happy about the house I lived in and being with all the animals and a farm party every Saturday night . But definitely not doing all the labor work only to have GMO companies take over it all.

wesman55 Tennessee
07/02/13 2:50 pm

Tony i need help i have 17 followers and it when I publish a question it says your 12 followers will see this can you help?

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/02/13 2:48 pm

I could be happy by choice. Farming isn't my first choice of professions though.

07/02/13 6:06 pm

Paris Hilton??? What are going to raise, giraffes?

rlc63 North Carolina
07/02/13 1:41 pm

Just had this conversation other day. Was speculating about what it would be like to be expected to follow in family business like many farm families do.