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Have you ever been fingerprinted? (UserQ)

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i.Annie Ohio
12/17/11 8:57 pm

Criminal background check for school's program xD

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
12/14/11 10:31 am

i had to to get my Ohio Concealed Handgun License.

12/10/11 8:59 pm

Sea world annual pass :) u need a fingerprint scan to make sure your using your own pass

12/09/11 5:24 pm

first was as "exclusion" when our family store was robbed. then unfortunately due to an identity fraud issue.

12/08/11 7:57 pm

Does having it done bc u might get lost count??

tytygirl79 Indiana
12/08/11 5:23 pm

For school lunch account and when I was little just so we would have records of my finger print. I think it was for if I got lost

12/08/11 1:41 pm

Yes, for school lunch account.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/08/11 11:37 am

@jamesjelly so, was building bridges in Vietnam your uncles idea of avoiding being told to fight in Vietnam? And out of curiosity, will you please tell me what in particular you know to be wrong with your eyes as I have a slight interest in optometry?


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/08/11 11:33 am

I forgot what exactly it's called, but I will need to get an official government security clearance for being an Air Traffic Controller.


denali983 Washington
12/06/11 6:16 pm

Military service = finger printing & DNA screen

Caspey Pennsylvania
12/06/11 1:54 pm

FBI background check. I am officially NOT a sex offender.

moosey Texas
12/05/11 9:40 pm

I was part of the "update-leave" wave of the 2010 census. All US census workers are finger printed. (update-leave: update maps, leave questionnaires)

hayley99 Iowa
12/05/11 8:43 pm

Yeah..... In preschool. The whole class had it done.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
12/05/11 7:46 pm

Yes, concealed carry permit...Utah non-resident version.

Lowkie Alabama
12/05/11 6:23 pm

Had a full FBI background done to be a in-home caregiver for disabled children.

12/05/11 11:18 am

Had to for my concealed weapons permit.

g2 Florida
12/05/11 9:32 am

Had to get it done for work

applestar Florida
12/05/11 8:59 am

yup, had to get a full FBI background check to be a teacher.

12/05/11 5:53 am

No Capplik, I did too. For a DWAI in 1989.

capplik Florida
12/05/11 5:43 am

... so i'm the only one who has been arrested?

12/05/11 5:02 am

I'm impressed by how many people have a concealed carriers permit!!

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/05/11 4:48 am

I don't know if I have officially been, but I do fingerprint myself often out if curiosity ;)


peacenskis Alaska
12/05/11 3:02 am

I think I did it to get my RN, but don't really remember. Had to jump through lots of hoops at that time. Kind of a vague memory now. If not, when I was born.

12/05/11 1:34 am

In a forensics science class but not for anything criminal

12/05/11 12:19 am

in elementary school...

BadBadger Georgia
12/04/11 11:09 pm

Footprinted for my birth certificate, lol, but never fingerprinted until recently for my weapons carry license.

9teufel Connecticut
12/04/11 10:55 pm

No. I do not want my prints on record. Non of the govt business in a free country.

alizesmom Pennsylvania
12/04/11 10:15 pm

they've tried several times (when I was in the military and as a foster and adoptive parent). I am one of those people who don't leave prints that are readable.

homeagain NWA
12/04/11 9:31 pm

To volunteer at the V.A. and for concealed carry

Kato Minnesota
12/04/11 8:06 pm

Yes but only thumbs well actually isn't pretty much everyone born in the us foot and hand printed at birth?

12/04/11 5:19 pm

Harry! I'm in the 73% then. I have 17 firearms in my possession

12/04/11 4:52 pm

Ct. Pistol permit.
27% of America are vaginas and don't own a gun

12/04/11 4:37 pm

it's America dude. we get finger printed at birth

12/04/11 4:33 pm

As a boy scout? It was probably just a way of giving you an ID. They push that a bit here in AZ for kids

14573 Scary Numbers
12/04/11 4:23 pm

Yeah for boy scouts which was weird

12/04/11 1:38 pm

Yep security clearance and to get my guard card