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corinnawells July 2nd, 2013 6:31am

Are you deeply passionate about many things or just a select few?

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BCKR Onward and upward
07/04/13 10:17 am

In my book, everything I care about boils down to two things: family and issues of (in)justice.

07/02/13 9:06 pm

Family, my relationship with Christ, loyalty, my health and friendship.

vbully Hawaii
07/02/13 12:54 am

I am not sure one can be deeply passionate about many things at the same time. Deep passion can be energizing and/or debilitating and it is certainly time-consuming.

corinnawells Hawaii
07/02/13 8:11 pm

Very good point! A friend and I seem to have this discussion a lot. I have a few things that I feel so strongly about that I'm almost reluctant to share them. She, on the other hand, is passionate about many things and loves to share each of them...

corinnawells Hawaii
07/02/13 8:11 pm

...with the world.
I do think that being so invested in so many things keeps her from really experiencing each one the way passions are meant to be, though.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/02/13 12:46 am

Civil rights I'm very passionate about and have been since I was a child.