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Show Of Hands July 26th, 2012 12:00am

Would you ever vote for a candidate that had previously been in prison?

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ericssnders Nebraska
08/03/12 6:13 am

Only if they were a close relative.

08/02/12 11:39 am would depend. Prison...NO !

elpancho7 Mississippi
08/02/12 3:33 am

I think a lot of people aren't realizing the difference between "prison," and "jail." Going to jail is for misdemeanors and minor crime and going to prison is for violent crime. Prison=seriousbusiness

Baker07 Alabama
07/29/12 9:10 pm

Definitely depends on what it was that they went for

chrismisen atlanta
07/28/12 9:05 pm

if the facts were in order. meaning that they were falsely accused or incorrectly prosecuted. but i wouldn't if they had even committed something as small as a DUI or a minor theft when he/she was 19, because im not stupid enough to do that, and they should be too if they're gonna hold public office

striker59 Colorado
07/28/12 4:28 pm

That's why I didn't vote for obama

kris55 Alabama
07/27/12 10:14 pm

Depends what for.If they went to jail for protesting something they had strong feelings for i would def vote for them if i shared their values.

07/27/12 10:07 pm

If they did something minor like steal from a convenience store or get a DUI at a young age, as long as they can prove that they've changed, I'd have no problem voting for them..

07/27/12 7:14 pm

Ditto to Psu.labtech's comment

07/27/12 4:41 pm

Yes. I would vote for Nelson Mandela before anyone sitting on capital hill right now.

Lolnope Somewhere silly
07/27/12 3:31 pm

Depends what for. White collar? Absolutely not. Anything else? Eh, depends.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
07/27/12 2:33 pm

Who the hell voted yes??? Are........what this still America? You people scare me!

JackJewsburyFTW Oregon
07/27/12 1:36 pm

@Happy that's a perfect example. Political prisoners maybe but serial killers definitely not.

Happy Hong Kong
07/27/12 12:56 pm

It depends on what for. Nelson Mandela was in prison for a long time.

latebird SOH Bunker
07/27/12 11:11 am

Prison no but maybe jail because to go to prison you must have committed a felony

BriD Illinois
07/27/12 9:51 am

RightWay - ur SO beyond wrong, it's sad, actually ...!

BriD Illinois
07/27/12 9:50 am

Depends on what it was for. In our corrupt justice system, I'm sure there could be reasons...

07/27/12 6:15 am

(A determination Romney only wishes he possesses)

07/27/12 6:14 am

Being in prison doesn't necessarily make you a criminal. Mandela, Ghandi, MLK fought the law because they believed in something beyond it. That kind of determination is what we need in a president

hazhap1 Las Vegas
07/27/12 5:48 am

No wonder we have the politicians we do! People will happily vote for criminals.

07/27/12 4:57 am

Depends on the reason for going to prison - although most likely not :)

Colcat Kentucky
07/27/12 1:18 am

People already vote for people who "should be " in prison so why not

shawnt Hawaii
07/27/12 12:06 am

Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, yeah I think I would vote for those guys....

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/26/12 11:55 pm

Yes I believe in redemption. Forgiveness and starting fresh. Costco sells an awesome bread I think it's called felony. The founder did hard time learnt how to bake in prison

tidford My little piece of heaven
07/26/12 9:34 pm

Gandhi, Mandela, Havel, Sakharov were all in prison. If a politician were in prison for supporting convictions I agree with, it may well be a plus.

pretorian Florida
07/26/12 8:54 pm

It is the nature of the lawbreak that counts, not how harsh the sentence was.

pretorian Florida
07/26/12 8:52 pm

...a person down on their luck when young went homeless and slept on a construction site - this trespass is a felony in FL but wouldn't stop me from voting for this person since there was neither damage nor criminal intent.

pretorian Florida
07/26/12 8:50 pm

Violent crimes like robbery and what shows dishonesty or lack of integrity such as fraud, bribery or lying under oath would make a person ineligible for me BUT imagine...

MNchallenger Minneapolis
07/26/12 8:46 pm

Have people forgotten about Nelson mandela?

timeout Boston Strong
07/26/12 7:47 pm

Anyone who has served time in prison, a felon, can run for federal office including president.

krohns Earth
07/26/12 7:25 pm

Anyone can goto prison now days, so yes I would vote for any type of person. They just have to be the person that wants to uphold freedom and liberty

07/26/12 7:17 pm

Felons are ineligible to hold public office.

thebob Medford Oregon
07/26/12 6:58 pm

Prison is more serious than jail. Most people in prison are felons. Felons cannot run for office. So, depending on the could all be moot.

EarlyBird Portland
07/26/12 6:34 pm

The first person I thought of was Dr. Jack Kevorkien (sp?). Although he wasn't a politician, I believed in his cause and felt it a horrible thing that he went to prison.

because South Dakota
07/26/12 6:31 pm

criminals have more integrity than politicians

07/26/12 6:27 pm

Depends on the crime or infraction committed and whether he was found guilty.

swjboucher Just Run
07/26/12 6:02 pm

I said yes only because being in prison doesn't necessarily mean guilt. If he had been in prison but later found to be innocent I would have no issue voting for him

07/26/12 6:01 pm

in prison is better than formerly in govt. :)

pretorian Florida
07/26/12 5:44 pm

Probably the question was intended to mean somebody who did something most consider morally wrong but might have changed.
However, we found loopholes :)

spyman123 Virginia
07/26/12 5:20 pm

Depends on what were they in jail for if they just smoked weed I would still vote for them.

07/26/12 5:19 pm

They all belong there regardless of parties

pretorian Florida
07/26/12 5:06 pm

Yes if he has done time for a political issue I support or by breaking a law I don't like.