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adram July 2nd, 2013 3:47am

Do you have a negative opinion of a certain area of the US? For example, the north or south, either coast or however you categorize the area in your mind?

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adram Oklahoma City, OK
07/01/13 9:37 pm

I don't believe I've seen a question go six votes with all the same answer. Interesting.

monkees19 New Jersey
07/01/13 9:26 pm

People from New York are rude, entitled, classless people...the Deep South is..."special"...anyone south of Orlando might as well be a Cuban defector...people from MN or WI are too nice...hell even us from NJ aren't the nicest either...

monkees19 New Jersey
07/01/13 9:29 pm

These are all generalizations of course, but I work for an alarm dispatch company (think ADT...but not them) and I talk to people from everywhere in the country all night and these theories generally ring true.