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Show Of Hands July 2nd, 2013 1:42am

Have you ever seen a Cirque du Soleil performance?

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07/09/13 11:30 pm

I saw The Beatles Love four summers ago in Las Vegas and just saw Michael Jackson's ONE two weeks ago in Vegas as well. Both were fantastic!

07/06/13 6:02 pm

Mystere (my favorite), Quidam (several times), Le Nouba, Corteo, Allegria, and Kooza

mfiskratti1990 CA
07/06/13 3:15 pm

2, in fact. :) quidam and varekai

quinnefred Jefferson City
07/04/13 5:29 am

Did anyone see Kooza? That's was amazing!!!

07/03/13 3:17 pm

unfortunately but my wife is into gay shit and I get drug along for the ride.

07/03/13 8:26 am

yes and i will never think im strong again:/

stellamarie WA
07/03/13 4:25 am

Beatles LOVE in Vegas is my favorite! We saw the Michael Jackson one when it came to Seattle, pretty good too! I enjoy the ones set to popular music the best.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
07/02/13 7:40 pm

I never have. I would love to though. Amazingly talented homosexuals.

strawberryerrie soldier at heart
07/07/13 2:07 pm

That's a very ignorant thing to say.

07/02/13 3:50 pm

I'm really wanting to see O or Ka (assuming its back soon) next.

07/02/13 3:45 pm

I've seen Mystere & the Michael Jackson musical one. Mystere was AMAZING loved both shows. Tragic to hear about the Ka performer

rlc63 North Carolina
07/02/13 1:45 pm

You don't know what you are missing if you haven't seen one. Musical, theatrical, and stunning. I have seen several already and am planning to see Quidam in raleigh in about a week.

MoonFireDancer New Jersey
07/02/13 12:48 pm

At Downtown Disney if I remember correctly. I was also there when that lady fell in Vegas...

HereticPilot101 Arkadelphia, AR
07/02/13 12:39 pm

On the Internet. That sort of counts, right?

deliala919 hashtag nerdy
07/02/13 12:35 pm

Several months ago in Las Vegas. Huge creepy rainbow snail prop >_>

zofieart Earth
07/02/13 12:06 pm

I have seem about 6-8 over the years, including the Michael jackson piece. They do everything outstandingly and with top notch quality.

potatochip howdy
07/02/13 10:42 am

I saw Ka once with my family. Was great, so sad to hear that an actor recently died during a show from performing the acrobatics.

aquartistjames Norman, OK
07/02/13 10:12 am

Wonderful - I've seen them a few times at their traveling shows.

Loadmaster Sacto
07/02/13 10:02 am

On PBS when they were selling the dvds about 10 years back. Does that count?

Rotavele Alabama
07/02/13 9:57 am

What in the hell is that? We in alabama don't allow that anti-Mercian French dancing SHIT

Loadmaster Sacto
07/02/13 10:03 am

Even worse. It's french CANADIAN!

you guys better get into your bugout shelters.

cowboy Proud Father
07/02/13 9:46 am

I'm not gay, so no.

Rotavele Alabama
07/02/13 9:58 am

Said like a true 'Mercian. Son your gonna go far, you should come to big bama and come deer huntin with me. I'm gone make you squeal like a pig boy, REEEEKKKK.

cowboy Proud Father
07/02/13 10:05 am

No thanks queer.

Rotavele Alabama
07/02/13 11:09 am

Roll tide, I don't like them gays either. They're Satans minions... Damn them. Damn them all to hell with they're fashionable knowledge.

Rotavele Alabama
07/02/13 11:10 am

Also it's 2013, we dont care how people love. We only care who people hate. That's why people don't like you.

cowboy Proud Father
07/02/13 12:22 pm

Well it sounds like you have more hate than me right now. You're damning them to hell. And people love me. You're a very confusing individual.

Rotavele Alabama
07/03/13 4:33 pm

How did you name yourself cowboy and claim to be straight? Broke back moutain was in Illinois.

Carabella State of Bliss
07/02/13 7:37 am

Mystere (awesome!)
Quidam (meh...)

07/02/13 7:21 am

Very entertaining, worth the admission!

Allie72 coffee lover
07/02/13 6:55 am

I've seen La Nouba and Quidam. Both were astounding

Thorn Central Valley, CA
07/02/13 6:20 am

Watch Zumanity in Vegas with my wife. amazing show that led to some amazing sex afterwards. Moral of the story, take your wife/husband to see Zumanity

mat975 Boise,ID
07/02/13 4:50 am

O was awesome.

Pastafarian Planet Earth
07/02/13 4:19 am

There was just a performer that died on stage. The girls safety wire snapped and she fell 50 feet. That would be a terrible thing to witness at a live show.

freespirited Ohio
07/02/13 3:19 am

I'm waiting for them to tour so my husband & I can see them. We purchased tickets (very expensive) but w/my chronic illnesses, I ended up hospitalised. We lost a lot of money.. We tried to give them away but couple were skeptical. Shrug

albe Florida
07/02/13 3:14 am

Seen all the vegas ones, for free too ;)
Used to work for the company. Best ones are O and mystere here in town

deathvalley Chicago native
07/02/13 3:08 am

Always wanted to but when I look up tickets they're ridiculously expensive :(

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/02/13 7:41 am

I guess it is not my cup of tea
Noyhing wrong with it though.

Jayseph Wasatch Front
07/02/13 2:01 am

Yes, I saw the Beatles C.D.S. in Las Vegas, it was spectacular. If you ever get the chance, even if not a big fan, check it out.

blackphoenix New York
07/02/13 1:30 am

I saw Dralion when it came to a nearby city. :) It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen, right up there with Phantom of the Opera on broadway. :)

07/02/13 1:25 am

Does anyone truly believe a majority of North Dakotans have seen Cirque?

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
07/02/13 1:08 am

I saw "Quidam" this last December. It's the first show I've seen in person. (I've watched multiple on tv) It was absolutely amazing. I was absolutely awe-struck throughout the performance. I hope to see many more shows if possible.

Carabella State of Bliss
07/02/13 7:39 am

Quidam was just okay, but I had already seen Mystere. Quidam isn't Cirque's most colorful show, so I was a bit disappointed.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/01/13 11:51 pm

The dumbest question I ever heard in my life. My husband and son-in-law were watching sport show my daughter came in waving a CD and asked them if they would not rather watch Cirque du Soleil rather than the game. They both looked at her

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/01/13 11:52 pm

like she turned purple and sprouted glitter antlers.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/01/13 11:47 pm

On TV but not live I would love to see one.

07/01/13 9:55 pm

I 100% recommend them. Absolute delight.

07/01/13 9:53 pm

I don't even know what that is...

SomeDays Atlanta
07/01/13 9:47 pm

They are absolutely magical. If you can, you have to see one. But having been, it made me very sad to hear of the performer's death. :'\

XercesBlue ...
07/01/13 10:23 pm

Same here, it seems like such a closenit community, but I definitely feel for her children.