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QR codes: just a passing fad, or a permanent addition to a smart phone world? (UserQ)

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kandykane California
10/01/11 12:52 pm

Once the novelty wears off, it is basically just another advertising technique companies use to get money. and anyways, not everyone has unlimited Internet on their phone.

bfbdance Oklahoma
09/30/11 1:00 am

Qr codes I think will replace the barcodes eventually because it moves everything to one place (your phone) and please if you don't know what a question is asking don't answer it

09/29/11 12:15 am

I think they are here to stay. Will probably replace the barcodes.

09/27/11 7:39 pm

The answers here are slanted because most of these people don't know what a QR code is.

09/27/11 12:03 pm

Read a news article about QR codes getting engraved on monument markers in cemeteries. Scan the code with your smart phone and it will take you to a website with a biography about the deceased. I thought that was pretty interesting.

Fransipher USA
09/27/11 9:37 am

Have no idea what's this question is asking

09/27/11 5:31 am

I see a huge use for it, if it catches on. New easier way to advertise.

wickedgian Kansas
09/26/11 9:24 pm

I've nvr seen 1 or used 1 so I say fad

09/26/11 8:33 pm

Visual search will obviate the need for ugly QR codes

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
09/26/11 5:30 pm

I scanned a QR sign at a tourist railroad depot with my phone and it bagan a video of the train ride,amazing.

EnginE3r Texas
09/26/11 8:05 am

A qr code is basically a bar code that uses black and white pixels instead of thick or thin vertical lines

09/26/11 7:35 am

can you imagine looking for a new home, scan the QR from your car and keep a list and to look up more information on the go?

09/26/11 2:29 am

@turney Exactly. I bet 50% of those who answered fad do not know what a QR code is, and 95% of those answering do not have enough facts to have a logical opinion.

09/26/11 1:46 am

qr codes or something very simmilar will be around far to long to be a "fad". i dont use them but I see them everywhere

09/26/11 1:37 am

QR codes specifically will probably pass but I think the concept is here to stay.

09/26/11 12:57 am

Fad. Just like Jersey Shore.

turney Texas
09/26/11 12:20 am

I don't think most people know what one is and what it's capable of... So how can they judge it's staying power?

09/26/11 12:02 am

Unless they get smartphone plans including unlimited Internet up and everywhere, it will be a fad. Maybe a 50 year fad, but... All technology changes. They'll eventually replace it. I know ads in magazines use it a lot less.

09/25/11 11:25 pm

Best Buy has QR codes on every product in their store. I am *much* more likely to shop longer at Best Buy because I can get all the info about the products myself. I don't have to depend on a salesperson following me all over the store when I can read the QR codes myself. Not a fad, the future.

09/25/11 11:24 pm

Unless something about it improves, it'll just be a fad. I can never get it to work.

09/25/11 11:19 pm

Absolutely permanent, though I think folks who cannot afford a smart phone or the data plan required to maximize it's use are likely to use "sour grapes" logic until companies find a way to get advertising to pay a lot of the costs for technologies so few presently see as beneficial.

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
09/25/11 11:10 pm

They should use it for medical purposes. A doctor could get a patient's information by scanning a card instead of digging through files.

09/25/11 10:58 pm

By the time I can get a qr scanner app to actually read a barcode (a little more than half the time), I can type in a web address and find the info I need.

Diologos Florida
09/25/11 10:55 pm

they are a great way for advertisers to track ROI for print

redebbm 91709
09/25/11 9:20 pm

I think QR will stick around longer. I've seen apps that make it simple to scan and save. I've already found myself using them a lot.

BadBadger Georgia
09/25/11 9:13 pm

Now if you are some hip, young radical who wants to stick it to the man by circumventing local obscenity laws, you could put up a QR code directing you to a site that says something like, "The mayor does it with barn animals" or just "F**k You!"

BadBadger Georgia
09/25/11 9:08 pm

Better idea. Scan the barcode. Then you can choose the info you want: Reviews, specs, WHO HAS IT CHEAPER, etc. QR codes will only direct you to a specific site of someone else's choosing.

BadBadger Georgia
09/25/11 8:57 pm

Result? They used them for 1 week. Some at our agency are still enamored of them, but they won't last long, at least not in a significant way.

BadBadger Georgia
09/25/11 8:55 pm

I work for one of the largest ad agencies in the world. The client I work for is our largest, and one of the largest advertisers in the country. Months ago, at the client's request, we spent a lot of resources so they could run QR codes in their print ads.

BadBadger Georgia
09/25/11 8:55 pm

Total fad. Has little usefulness other than the "Oh, cool" factor.

Nortnarg Mo
09/25/11 8:32 pm

What are QR codes?
Right now in the US they are used mostly for ads and an Internet link to the website of a product or service for more info.
I think other uses will soon follow such as savable and detailed product info at stores, or special discounts on that item.

09/25/11 6:50 pm

they are very useful. they give you websites or info on products. I was in a Home Depot and used a QR on a plant and found out all it's specifics. the plant is in my yard thriving!

09/25/11 6:42 pm

I agree with @typpet.

09/25/11 6:40 pm

a useful tool with untapped potential

Thorn Central Valley, CA
09/25/11 6:39 pm

Without having to over explain what you want them to see

Thorn Central Valley, CA
09/25/11 6:38 pm

@cryskull: barcodes have been instrumental in sales and tracking for the past 40years, nothing has replaced them yet..
I think QR codes will be a hit once most people start to understand them more, just like barcodes..There're an awesome tool to convey information

09/25/11 6:30 pm

Don't answer polls if you don't know what the question is about. That skews the result.

09/25/11 6:28 pm

No technology like that is permanent. That's like say cassette tapes are permanent. What a dumb dumb question. I'm sure soon enough something better will replace it, just like everything with technology.

Jzz California
09/25/11 6:04 pm

i had to look it up to answer the q. perm

09/25/11 5:40 pm

They have been using them in Japan for a while now so I think they are here to stay.

cryskull Culpeper, VA
09/25/11 5:16 pm

Dumb question. LP's,Reel to Reel, 8track, cassettes, BETA, HD player, radio shack QCat. Just to name a few. All outdated, all have been replaced with something better. If QR codes were standard then the question should stand. Too many special readers trying to compete for the standard media.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
09/25/11 4:36 pm

There are several "encodings" available but most scanners only recognize a couple such as the one for a URL or phone number. There is also one for contact info that when scanned will create an entry in your phone's contacts which could be nice on business cards if more scanner apps supported it.

09/25/11 4:11 pm

Why would you vote if you have no idea what a QR code does? They're definitely here to stay.

LicensedNe North Carolina
09/25/11 4:10 pm

Not at all accurate and on some devices takes forever for your phone to register the sign

09/25/11 4:02 pm

I saw were Realtors are using them on there signs so you can look up the details from your phone, could work...