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Should employers be legally allowed to require that job candidates take an IQ test?

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kywrite augusta, ga
07/19/12 10:11 pm

I am a conservative with a 160 IQ and I say no! Many other things are more important than an IQ number (work ethic, patience, experience, passion, etc) and I could see IQ being used to screen candidates out who are undesirable for other reasons.

dotnetdev Georgia
07/18/12 4:00 pm

Its their business. What right does the idiots who dont even own or run a business have telling me what I can or cant require. HolyBabble would be the first to go.

07/15/12 6:28 am

It's up to the employers discretion.

07/15/12 5:02 am

This would be aweful! I know so many brilliant people who completely lack commonsense despite their IQs and would make horrible employees. On the contrary, I know many average joes who have a fantastic work ethic and could probably do the job better and with more passion.

HolyBabble Mississippi
07/14/12 1:13 pm

The first person to be fired if IQ tests are implemented.

07/14/12 7:54 am

I'm all for it! I've interviewed several people over the past year who on paper seem qualified but once they got the job it became clear that they couldn't do half of what they claimed they could. It would definitely make my job easier if I could weed out the duds before wasting my time training

07/13/12 5:24 am

All potential candidates for elected office should be administered the MMPI to make sure they are SANE.

07/12/12 9:14 pm

Should it be legal for the government say who u should hire

latebird SOH Bunker
07/12/12 8:16 pm

If the person doesn't want to take the iq test they don't have to take the job

07/11/12 10:32 pm

Ive alse had finger prints taken and fbi bci and tb tests done. I wanted the job

07/11/12 10:31 pm

I just think that if you want a job, you need to jump through what ever loops the employer wants you to. Ive thrown out applications that were 11 pages long to be a waitress because i felt like it was too much info for a low level job. But ive filled out a lot more paperwork for better jobs.

BadBadger Georgia
07/11/12 10:28 pm

Abso-effing-lutely not. Ludicrous idea.

07/11/12 8:16 pm

Should anybody legally tell a business that they can't?

HolyBabble Mississippi
07/11/12 6:28 am

This would put Republicans out of work.
I don't know a single Republican with an IQ above 45.

07/11/12 4:51 am

I wish- cut down on the less than desirables at work

07/11/12 12:44 am

If you have to give iq tests to hire people, your doing it wrong.

07/11/12 12:10 am

I think it would be funny to see this applied to a blue collar setting.
Not that blue collar job don't need intelligence, but they definitely require more physical labor.

07/10/12 9:17 pm

@Greenly: Let the employer drop by the prospective employee's home unannounced and conduct the interview in their natural habitat.

Evaluate them as they mow the lawn, do the laundry, make dinner, take out the trash, and tend to their children.

07/10/12 7:49 pm

Yes, and also a work ethic test, a computer skills test, a customer service test, an organizational skills test, & a personal hygiene test. I would love to test the heck out of employees. Interviews can be so deceptive.

07/10/12 7:41 pm

Bright people with bad attitudes are just as usl

07/10/12 7:30 pm

I relish the thought of going head to head (pun intended) against candidates that spent tons of money (pronounced heavily in debt) on a BS degree.

Buy all the fancy book learnin' you can afford. It ain't gonna help you beat me in an IQ test.

hapiotter2 Utah
07/10/12 7:28 pm

The results of IQ tests are notoriously unreliable - so, no.

TideGal CFL
07/10/12 7:11 pm

Your IQ doesn't change over time. Either you have the ability to make good decisions or you don't.

DaKernal Colorado
07/10/12 6:52 pm

It isn't how "smart" a person is on paper. It's all about the decisions people make in everyday situations.

Nikki007 Pennsylvania
07/10/12 5:30 pm

If they can do a drug test, they should do an iq test

Nikki007 Pennsylvania
07/10/12 5:30 pm

If they can do a drug test, they should do an iq test

07/10/12 2:33 pm

In my office, we call it the "probationary period".

07/10/12 1:38 pm

Yes. This way you'll know how to place a dumb a$$.

FNBS Tennessee
07/10/12 12:12 pm

I think an aptitude test for the job should be fine.

07/10/12 11:06 am

No decision should be made based on a single data point, like a test score. However, provided that there is recognized correlation between the test and the job, it ought to be legal to administer the test.

NJConserve New Jersey
07/10/12 8:19 am

Not surprised dems don't want to take an IQ test

graciebug Kentucky
07/10/12 6:19 am

It's their company, they should've able to do whatever they want to get best employees.

adalla Virginia
07/10/12 5:42 am

A northern police dept actually declined to hire a candidate because he scored too high on an IQ test. They felt a smart candidate would become bored with the job and leave quickly. He sued and got the job, but I think they should be able to set the parameters they want for the job.

TheWatcher Ohio
07/10/12 5:40 am

IQ is not a consistent or accurate measure of intelligence. So no.

07/10/12 4:29 am

If an employer can't tell the intelligence of a potential employee while interviewing them then they themselves don't need to be conducting the interview.

indygirl Oregon
07/10/12 1:46 am

It can be useful in some cases, but I can't believe anyone would hire based solely on that. There are so many other important factors.

07/10/12 12:15 am

Not necessarily an IQ, but definitely an aptitude test of some kind.

yoggsaron Las Vegas
07/10/12 12:08 am

I want to say yes, however i didn't IQ test can show you the capacity of said person but on the field its very diffrent

leftocentr Oregon
07/09/12 11:33 pm

If it is a private company, they can hire whoever they want.

TheSkeptic Indiana
07/09/12 10:58 pm

IQ tests in and of themselves have the potential to be bias towards cultural background. Unless the job requires similar test-taking and problem-solving abilities at that level, no. For a fast food or basic office job, the skills needed could not be represented on the test.

bnnt Los Angeles
07/09/12 10:47 pm

Why not? Let the employer decide.

Mensa182 California
07/09/12 9:58 pm

It's their dime for the test, their dime for your check, so why not? They pay for drug tests so they can have drug free employees... So why not pay for IQ tests so they can have a dumbass-free workplace lol

because South Dakota
07/09/12 9:35 pm

the employer is the one writing the paycheck. they should be able to do anything they want to. if you don't like it don't apply for the job.

rangeman Lafayette IN.
07/09/12 8:22 pm

For 100K a year or better, Ya why not.

07/09/12 8:20 pm

GrandPrix, look into the SQPlus test system. The results are scary-accurate and theft is one of the factors it determines.

Aliggan China and Florida
07/09/12 8:18 pm

Due to the wording of the question, the employer should be able to do whatever they like as long as it isn't discriminatory to the employee. The mere requirement of the test shouldn't be harmful; however, whether they act upon it is a different question.

07/09/12 8:17 pm

If you can't determine a person's intelligence by reading their resume and cover letter, then having them come in for multiple in-person interviews, then you have no business hiring people in the first place. And far more effective personality tests are already common.